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How Much Does An Exterminator Cost?

$135 – $200 per visit

A homeowner will generally pay between $135 to $200 to exterminate household pests and insects, depending on what kind of pest it is, the size of the home to be treated, and the depth of the infestation. A single inspection and treatment will cost about $150, but most pests need to be treated two to three times before they are eradicated. Get free estimates from exterminators near you.

Average Exterminator Cost

A homeowner will generally pay between $135 to $200 to exterminate common pests and insects, depending on what kind of pest it is, the size of the home to be treated, and the depth of the infestation. A single inspection and treatment will cost about $150, but most pests need to be treated two to three times before they are eradicated.

Average Exterminator Costs
National Average Cost $150
Minimum Cost $119
Maximum Cost $500
Average Range $135 to $200

Exterminators perform wonderful pest control services for citizens, ridding their homes and businesses of pests, insects, roaches, and even wild animals. While DIY sprays and tactics may temporarily work, exterminators know how to effectively kill and eliminate the pests that invade our kitchens, beds, attics, and basements. In the long run, the earlier you address the problem, the better off you’ll be. You’ll spend less money, avoid some potential health problems and live a cleaner and healthier life.

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  1. Average Exterminator Cost
  2. Pest Control Prices
  3. One-Time vs. Recurring
  4. Additional Exterminator Prices
  5. Tips To Prevent Pest Damage
  6. How Many Pests Do You Have?
  7. FAQ
  8. DIY or Hire a Pro?
  9. Selecting Your Exterminator
  10. Pest Control Near Me

Pest Control Prices

The national average cost for pest and insect control service is $135–$200 per visit. Some exterminator visits and treatments can cost from $175–$500 while some specialized treatments like fumigation will cost more. Many variables can increase or decrease the cost of pest control, including:

  1. What kind of pest has invaded your home or business?
  2. Where it’s entering the premises?
  3. Where it’s located—where the technician has to go to find the nest?
  4. How big is your home?
  5. How many treatments are necessary?

The first thing you need to find out is what kind of pest you have. Below is a list of the most (un)popular pests and prices from around the country.

Pest Control Prices List

Pest Control Prices List
Pest Control Prices List Average Cost
Ants $60–$215
Bed Bugs $145–$500
Bees and Wasps $95–$200
Cockroaches $120–$160
Dust Mites $145–$350
Fleas $140–$350
Scorpions $120–$215
Spiders $145–$200
Termites $1,000–$3,000+
Termite Inspection $150–$300
Mice or Rats $150–$200
Mosquitos $75–$145
Wildlife $400–$600

Exterminator Pest Control Worker Spraying Pesticides In Kitchen Using Flashlight

  • Ant exterminator costs $60–$215 – Ants love to eat our crumbs and spills. They crawl into open containers, contaminating our food with urine and feces. Ants can usually be avoided by cleaning counters and cupboards, especially in the warmer months.
  • Bed bug exterminator costs $145–$500 – They live on our mattresses, in cracks in trim, and in furniture. They bite, causing rashes and little red marks that itch. Bed bugs must be taken care of immediately, as they flourish in homes.
  • Bees and wasps exterminator costs $95–$200 – Their sting is painful and can cause dangerous allergic reactions. If you find bees’ or wasps’ nests in your home or yard, they should be eradicated.
  • Cockroaches exterminator costs $120–$160 – These large bugs carry bacteria-causing illnesses like typhoid and dysentery. They are hard to eliminate on your own and should be dealt with by a professional at once before they multiply. Some varieties are more difficult to get rid of than others.
  • Dust mites exterminator costs $145–$350 – Tiny little things live in and off the dust in your home. Keep things dusted, and they won’t have a food supply, but if it’s gotten out of hand, an exterminator can handle this problem.
  • Fleas exterminator costs $140–$350 – Fleas can invade your home after being brought in by used furniture, luggage, or pets. They can’t be brushed off and stepped on, and they have a hard shell that must be crushed. Since they are tiny and hard to catch, it’s best to let the professionals take care of a flea problem.
  • Scorpions exterminator costs $120–$215 – Most scorpions are not poisonous, but there are two varieties found in the southwestern states that are. When not poisonous, their stings are similar to those of bees and wasps.
  • Spiders exterminator costs $145–$200 – Some are poisonous. They also build webs, which collect dust.
  • Termites exterminator costs $1,000–$3,000+ – These can destroy the wood frame of a home if left to multiply. Termite inspection typically costs $145
  • Mice exterminator costs $150–$200 – They love to come into warm houses and feed on pantry food and chew up boxes for nesting material. They leave behind droppings, spread disease, and can cause allergic reactions. Rats are bigger than mice and sometimes very large. Rats and mice like to eat electrical wires which causes its own set of problems such as fire, loss of power in your home and expensive repair bills. They’ve been known to bite, and they carry dangerous diseases such as rabies, salmonella and the Hantavirus.
  • Bats, squirrels, birds, mosquitos, snakes removal costs $400–$600 – Prices may vary greatly depending on animal and situation.

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One-Time vs. Recurring Pest Control Treatments

Most homes will need to be treated more than once before the pests are eradicated, hence the possible higher cost of $500–$1,200, so you might want to decide early on what you’re willing to pay for. Some can be taken care of in one visit, but others will need additional treatments as they reproduce and eggs hatch. The decision to schedule one visit vs. regular visits will depend on the extent of the problem. Each situation needs to be evaluated by a professional exterminator. In some climates, such as warm, moist ones, having regular visits from the exterminator may simply be a monthly cost you’ll need to add into your budget.

Pest Control Prices List Average Cost
One-time Visit $300–$500
Initial Visit Inspection $40–$150
Periodic Visits $40–$130 /month
$80–$215 /quarterly

Exterminator Cost Spraying Roaches Rats Mice Insects Pest Control

One-time Visit

A one-time visit may cost the most: $40 up to $500, or even $700 if you want a full exterior and interior sweep. The exterminator has more work to do in one visit, so it costs more. But the positive side of this is getting it all done and over with in one visit, rather than having to prepare for the exterminator every month. It will all depend on the variety and number of pests you need to get rid of.

Initial Visit Inspection

Most pros give free inspection and estimates, although the cost to hire some exterminators will be around $40–$150. Most exterminators are happy to prepare a free estimate of costs after they look at your home and see the problems you’re facing. Make sure you ask if there is a charge for giving an estimate before they come out to your home. While the answer is usually no, it is always best to know ahead of time and eliminate any unpleasant surprises. Once you make that initial call, an exterminator will come and visit your home to assess the situation.

Periodic Visits

If you and your exterminator have decided on monthly or quarterly visits, the first treatment will generally cost the most but expect to pay $40–$130/month, or $80 to $215 per quarter, on a yearly plan.

When deciding how many maintenance visits they’d recommend, they must make an assessment of your situation, find the entry point and/or the nest, and make determinations based on how big the nest is, the number of entry points, and the extent of the infestation. Some pests are more difficult to get rid of. They may also lay eggs which hatch later and need to be killed. Keeping them out of your home involves ongoing treatments.

The following pests usually require monthly or quarterly visits—ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, termites, rats, and mice.

Those pests reproduce very quickly. So while you may dispose of the rats, fleas, etc. that you see, there are still eggs to be hatched and larvae to develop.

Pest Control Monthly Cost

As mentioned earlier, variables include the pest involved, the size of your home, and how often they need to come.

  • Monthly or two-monthly visits will run from $40–$80 each.
  • Visits every three or four months can cost $80–$215 each.
  • Monthly pest management costs $80–130/month on a bi-annual plan.

Prices listed are generally based on a home under 2000 sq. ft. Each additional 1,000 sq. ft. will add approximately $25 to the bottom line. Additional charges are made to the basic price if new pest types need treatment as well.

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Additional Exterminator Prices

Cost for Wildlife Removal

Wildlife can be a huge problem for homeowners, depending on where you live—squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, groundhogs—they all like the warmth and food available in your home. They like to chew on electrical wires, which can cause fires. They carry disease, and if cornered or surprised, they may bite. Rabies is always a consideration, as well as other diseases. The damage they cause getting into your home also opens up entry points for other pests such as carpenter ants or mice. Costs to remove them start at $150 and can run as much as $1,000 with average costs ranging from $400 to $600.

Wildlife Removal Cost Factors

  1. The type and number of wildlife,
  2. Setting up traps,
  3. The degree of infestation,
  4. Closing up entry points,
  5. Returning the critter to the wild or disposing of it, and
  6. Checking for damages.

Bed Bug Exterminator Cost

On average, bed bug extermination costs $1,000 and $2,200. Depending on the level of infestation, you can expect to pay $200 to $400 per room for bed bug treatment. Costs depend on how big the house is, how widespread the infestation is, the treatment used, the number of treatments, and where you live. For a small isolated issued in a single bedroom might cost you $300, whereas home fumigation will cost about $4,800.

Termite Treatment Cost

The average cost for termite treatment is $2,500. Hiring an exterminator, you will likely spend between $800 – $3,300 on termite treatment and prevention depending on the extent.

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Tips To Prevent Pest Damage

You’ll also need to set preventative measures in place to prevent pests from returning. A more expensive plan will include sealing holes in your home’s exterior, but prevention will always end up less costly than reactive measures when it comes to bugs. Pests can cause some expensive damage to your home, and waiting to treat it can increase your costs from hundreds to thousands.

  • Termites – Termites can literally eat your house. Left unchecked, the termites will reproduce, producing more home-eaters every minute. Repairing the damage they inflicted is another cost that insurance companies won’t pay for because it’s considered a preventable infestation. Every year homeowners will spend $5 billion to rid their homes of termites and repair damages.
  • Rats and mice – Rats and mice will chew on the insulation on your electrical wires causing fires. According to, rewiring your house could cost $4,000–$10,000, while repair could cost 30% of that—$1,250. An electrician will charge about $80/hour for their services.
  • Squirrels – Squirrels will find a tiny opening and make it big enough for them to get in. This is damage to your structure that must be repaired to keep any of their friends from joining them, at the cost of about $80/hour.

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How Many Pests Do You Have?

What you see is not related to what you have. It’s impossible to know how many critters have laid eggs, and those eggs are going to hatch, producing more pests. They may have laid eggs several times since you first noticed their presence, and they will hatch with disturbing regularity. Most pests multiply rapidly, so infestations are best eradicated and preventative measures taken immediately.


Cockroaches live for about 3 years, depending on what type of roach you’re dealing with—German, Oriental or American roach. When the females are 1 ½ years old, they start to lay eggs. In their prime, they can lay 32 eggs a week. The eggs take 6–8 weeks to hatch. Each female cockroach produces approximately 150 new cockroaches in her lifetime. This is an alarming increase in the population of roaches inhabiting your dark cupboards and crevasses.

Keeping roaches out of your home or building is an ongoing process, not a one-time treatment.

Rats & Mice

A female rat will start having babies when she is 4–5 weeks old. She will be pregnant for 22 days. After having her litter, she will come into heat every 4–5 days. Each litter will have from 7–12 pups, although the average is seven. Rats can take over before you know it. They will breed with each other without regard to title—mothers and sons, etc. Prevention includes recognizing the signs of a rat problem, sealing up any holes larger than 0.25” wide into the home, getting rid of outdoor water sources, and storing food in lid-tight containers.

“The method of rat control used can help you avoid having dead rats inside your walls. Some states have rules on the types of traps and baits that can be used, and placement with either method is key. Because of this, it is best to consult with a professional to determine the most effective methods for your home.” —

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How do exterminators get rid of mice?

The task of ridding your home of mice and rodents will depend on the size of your home and how severe the infestation has become. A mouse exterminator will set different types of baited traps and bait stations in the best spots around your home, and visit every week or so in the first month to remove trapped mice.

What’s a general bed bug exterminator cost?

On average, most homeowners spend between $1,000 and $2,200 to exterminate bed bugs. Depending on the level of infestation, you can expect to pay $200 to $400 per room for bed bug treatment.

What’s the average cost of exterminators?

A homeowner will generally pay between $175 to $500 to exterminate household pests, depending on the type of pest, the size of the home to be treated, and the depth of the infestation.

How do I find a licensed pest exterminator?

HomeGuide has hundreds of licensed and insured pest control companies available to bid on your pest control needs. Tell us your location, and instantly get matched with pros that you can call or message right away to help.

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DIY or Hire a Pro?

You may be tempted to remedy the situation yourself, with some store-bought or home remedies, to save money. This may work if you have a very light infestation that has just begun. Anything more is best left to the professionals. They have access to far more effective pesticides than we do, and they are trained in their use and application. Hiring someone to do it right the first time is usually a money-saver, not a frivolous expense. Controlling the pests in your home contribute to your health and happiness, but also to the well-being of the entire community.

Selecting Your Exterminator

To find your pest control specialists, look for as many of the following requirements as possible. Then ask for a detailed proposal from your top three and pick the one that appears best.

  • Licensed contractors – Licenses may be verified by calling the various state departments of agriculture.
  • Offer a warranty on their work to eradicate your pests—will they do whatever it takes to resolve your problem?
  • Are bonded and insured
  • Apply chemicals in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Have an A/A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Have excellent reviews on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Include set up and complete cleanup costs in the quote
  • Provide excellent communication from your first phone call or e-mail

Make sure your pest exterminator includes a warranty in the contract because it’s normal for him/her to have to treat your home 2 or 3 times to achieve full eradication. Most contractors will offer a 30-day warranty on labor.

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