How Much Does A Termite Inspection Cost?
Ashburn, VA

How Much Does A Termite Inspection Cost?

Ashburn, VA

How Much Does A Termite Inspection Cost?

$75 – $150average annual inspection cost
$500 – $2,000termite bond cost

The average cost of termite inspection is $75 to $150, depending on the home's size. Some termite control companies offer a free inspection when it's not tied to a home purchase as a way to earn your business. Adding a termite inspection to a home inspection costs $50 to $100 more.

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$75 – $150 average annual inspection cost

$500 – $2,000 termite bond cost

The average cost of termite inspection is $75 to $150, depending on the home's size. Some termite control companies offer a free inspection when it's not tied to a home purchase as a way to earn your business. Adding a termite inspection to a home inspection costs $50 to $100 more.

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Termite Inspection Cost

A termite inspection costs $75 to $150 on average, while a termite clearance letter or inspection report costs $100 to $200. Many pest control companies offer a free termite inspection if it's not for real estate purchases. A termite bond costs $500 to $2,000 depending on the warranty details.

Termite inspection cost - chart
Termite inspection cost - chart
Termite Inspection Cost By Type
Type Average Cost*
Home Purchase $50 – $350
Termite Letter or Report $100 – $200
Termite Bond $500 – $2,000
CL-100 $70 – $225
VA or FHA Loan $50 – $150

*Prices depend on the home's size, accessibility points, and if additional buildings on the property need an inspection.

  • Professional services like Orkin or Terminix offer a free termite inspection if it's not tied to a real estate transaction.

  • For real estate transactions, the seller typically covers the inspection cost.

  • A termite inspection must be done within 30 to 90 days of closing, depending on the lender’s requirements.

  • Termites should be inspected yearly in termite-heavy areas, and every 2 years in other locations.

Average Termite Inspection Cost
National Average Cost $125
Minimum Cost $0
Maximum Cost $350
Average Range $75 to $150

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Termite Inspection Cost For Home Purchase

A termite inspection for a home purchase or pre-listing costs $100 to $200 but is typically free when not tied to a home sale. Most home inspection services cost $250 to $400 and will add a termite inspection for $50 to $100 more.

Termite inspection cost for home purchase - chart
Termite inspection cost for home purchase - chart

Some lenders also require a home termite inspection for refinancing. Costs vary depending on the home size, other structures on the property to be inspected, the state’s inspection requirements, and the need for a wood-destroying organisms (WDO) report.

Who Pays For Termite Inspection?

For real estate transactions, the seller typically covers the cost of a termite inspection. A termite inspection must be completed within 30 to 90 days of closing, depending on the lender’s requirements.

Who Pays For Termite Inspection?
Type Payer Details
Real Estate Transaction Seller
  • The seller usually pays, and the inspection must be done within 30 to 90 days of closing, depending on the lender’s requirements.
  • In some states, the inspection report is filed with the local pest control board as a public record.
VA Loan Seller
  • The seller often pays but has no obligation. Must be done within 90 days of closing.
  • Nine states allow a VA borrower to pay: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.
  • Sometimes the lender pays.
FHA Loan Buyer
  • The cost typically falls on the buyer.
  • Some sellers will pay for it to encourage a sale.

Termite Inspection Report or Clearance Letter

A termite inspection report or clearance letter costs $100 to $200. Pest control companies might waive the cost of the letter if termites are found and they're hired to perform the treatment.

Termite clearance letters are only good for 30 to 90 days, depending on the state.

What Is a Termite Clearance Letter?

A Termite Clearance Letter is a report provided by a licensed pest control service that certifies if the property is free of active termites after an inspection. The letter details any signs of damage from a previous termite infestation and includes a list of all repairs to termite-damaged areas.

  • Section 1 – Areas of current infestation, dead termites, or damage that require treatment or repairs

  • Section 2 – Recommended treatments if termites are found, and conditions that led to the infestation, such as damp or moist areas, leaks, or foundation cracks

A Termite Clearance Letter is typically required by the buyer’s lender, particularly FHA and VA lenders, in termite-heavy regions or older homes. The most common report is the NPMA-33, which covers termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and reinfesting wood-boring beetles.

Termite Bond Cost

A termite bond costs $500 to $2,000 depending on the property size and location, the initial inspection, and warranty details. A termite bond is an agreement with a termite company for annual inspections of termite infestations and damage, which provides treatment and control if termites are discovered.

  • The agreement should specify if the termite company will retreat and repair any damages from a subsequent infestation. A repair bond costs extra, and not all homes qualify.

  • If a home inspector discovers a termite problem, buyers and lenders will require the owners to purchase a termite bond first to continue the transaction.

  • A termite bond helps qualify for FHA and VA loans.

CL-100 Inspection Cost

A CL-100 inspection costs $70 to $225 and is officially called the South Carolina Wood Infestation Report. The CL-100 termite clearance letter is only valid for 30 days after the inspection. The report is also called a WDIIR or NPMA-33.

WDO Inspection Cost

A WDO inspection costs $50 to $225 and provides a wood-destroying insect report (WDIIR or WDOR). A WDO inspection looks for wood-destroying organisms such as subterranean, drywood, and dampwood termites, as well as wood infestation in general.

Types of Wood-Destroying Organisms (WDO)

There are three main types of termites in the United States in addition to other wood-destroying organisms that are inspected for in new home purchases:

  • Subterranean Termites – The damage begins at any wood-to-soil spot. They build mud tunnels and move on into the house.

  • Drywood Termites – Damage is usually confined to one small area of dry wood, but they can infest any dry area or climate.

  • Dampwood Termites – Dampwood termites are typically confined to a pile of firewood, a shed floor, a fence, or deadwood with high moisture content, or humid areas.

  • Powderpost or Wood-Boring Beetles – Powderpost beetles are common in high-moisture areas like crawl spaces and floor joists, subfloors, and wood piers.

  • Carpenter Ants– They damage moisture-prone areas like windows, decks, and porches.

  • Carpenter Bees– They produce boreholes in wood that’s usually dead, which is likely on your property rather than part of the house itself.

  • Wood Decay and Dry Rot – Repeatedly wet wood can grow fungi that feed on it and damage the home’s structure considerably.

Close up of termites damaging home wood structure
Close up of termites damaging home wood structure

Pest Inspection Cost for VA Loan

A pest inspection costs $50 to $150 for a VA loan and must be done within 90 days of closing.

Pest inspection requirements for your individual county may be different than your state. Ask your real estate agent for the local regulations. Even if you’re not in termite territory, you’ll need a pest inspection if the home inspector or property appraiser flags for termites.

Termite infestation probability map
Termite infestation probability map

Termite Inspection for FHA Loan

A termite inspection for an FHA loan is required if there's an active infestation or if it's mandated by the lender or state. If the FHA appraiser finds termites or other wood-destroying insects, the property must be professionally inspected. Before the FHA loan is approved, the pests must be exterminated and the home re-inspected.

Other Home Inspection Services

home inspection costs $250 to $400, which typically doesn't include checking for termites. Most home inspectors offer a termite inspection as an add-on at a discount, for $50 to $100 extra if they are licensed and trained.

Professional Pest Inspection Costs

Professional pest inspections and consultations from companies like Terminix and Orkin are free. If termites are found, termite treatment costs $300 to $800 for limited residential control.

Smaller companies often charge less, but may not offer a money-back or retreatment guarantee.

Professional Pest Inspection Cost
Company Free Inspection About
Aptive Environmental  
  • Residential and commercial termite inspection and treatment
  • Retreat guarantee
Arrow Exterminators
  • Covers the southern US
  • Offers pest, termite, and wildlife control
  • Provides nationwide home and business pest, termite, and bird control, as well as vegetation management, and bioremediation
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
HomeTeam Pest Defense
  • 3rd largest residential pest control company
  • Retreat guarantee
Massey Services
  • Offers pest and termite control/prevention, landscape care, irrigation maintenance, and mosquito control
  • Offers a money-back and return treatment guarantee
  • Top-rated national brand. Money-back and re-treatment guarantee
  • Typically more expensive than smaller companies.
Presto X
  • Mainly works with commercial clients covering the central US
  • Member of Rentokil
  • Treats most pests
  • Nationwide and top-rated pest control company
  • Offers free inspections
  • Has a money-back and return treatment guarantee
Truly Nolen
  • Less expensive than big brands
  • Offers a money-back guarantee with free estimates
Western Pest Services
  • Offers both residential and commercial protection in the mid and North Atlantic region
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee

Most pest control companies have exterminators nationwide that also inspect for ants, bed bugs, bees and wasps, cockroaches, dust mites, fleas, scorpions, and more.

One-Time vs. Annual Termite Inspection Cost

A one-time termite inspection costs $50 to $350, though most termite control companies offer them for free annually as a way to earn your business. A termite inspection should be performed at least every 2 years or annually if the home has a history of infestation.

The average cost of pest control is $100 to $300 per quarter for ongoing treatment and inspections. Ask upfront if termites are included in their routine inspections before signing an annual contract. Some companies give up to $200 off termite treatment if active termites are found when under contract.

Orkin Termite Inspection Cost

Orkin provides free termite inspections using infrared thermometers, moisture meters, and detection systems. Their Termite Protection Plan costs $400 to $600, which includes an annual termite inspection and re-treatment if required. Orkin provides a thorough report with a recommended treatment plan, along with customized digital diagrams.

Terminix Pest Inspection Cost

Terminix offers a free pest inspection. Their Ultimate Protection Package costs $300 to $500 and includes annual termite inspections to ensure there are no signs of new infestations. Terminix termite treatment costs $450 to $2,000 and they will re-treat if needed for free.

Termite and Pest Inspection Costs by Location

Termite and pest inspection costs vary by location due to local labor, taxes, and fuel costs. Many pest inspectors charge up to $100 more for traveling long distances.

Termite Inspection Costs By Location
Location Average Cost
Atlanta, GA $60 – $160
Baltimore, MD $60 – $145
Charlotte, NC $60 – $145
Chicago, IL $50 – $135
Greenville, SC $60 – $140
Houston, TX $60 – $140
Los Angeles, CA $65 – $220
New Orleans, LA $70 – $180
Orlando, FL $70 – $180
Phoenix, AZ $65 – $175
San Diego, CA $65 – $195
San Francisco (Bay Area), CA $50 – $180
San Jose, CA $55 – $185
Trenton, NJ $65 – $170

Commercial Building Pest Inspection Prices

Commercial pest inspection costs $250 to $600, depending on the size of the building. The inspection includes a proposal for pest control services, which are recommended whether you are buying or leasing the commercial property.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Termite damage is preventable, but the longer you wait, the more expensive it can become. As soon as you spot possible signs of termite infestation, schedule an inspection.

Signs of Termite Damage

Early signs of termite presence and damage include:

  • Fallen-off wings in your home

  • Mud tubes or tunnels in wood that have a worm-like shape

  • Papery or hollow-sounding wood

  • Buckled wood in the floor or the furniture

  • Mud in construction joints

  • Light clicking sounds coming from the walls

  • Frass or termite droppings, which look like sawdust

  • Tight-fitting doors and hard-to-open windows

  • Bumpy, blistered, or bubbled paint usually hides damaged wood

  • Pinholes in drywall

  • Termites flying near the home

Termite inspector pointing at tunnels in wood plank from termites
Termite inspector pointing at tunnels in wood plank from termites

Where Do Termite Inspectors Look For Damage?

Termite inspectors look anywhere there's wood in your home with a particular interest in areas with dry rot, wood-to-soil contact, and water damage. The main areas inspected in detail include:

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  • House Siding & Base of Foundation

  • Decks, Fences, & Porches

  • Attic Structure & Roof Trusses

  • Basement & Crawl Spaces

  • Cabinets & Under Sinks

  • Light Fixtures & Vents

  • Windows & Doors

  • Framing & Baseboard Trim

  • Home & Garage Walls

  • Fixed Ceiling Covering

  • Around Wood of Sub-Floor

  • Wood Furniture

  • Outdoor Wood Piles & Mulch

  • Insects In Swarms Outdoors

What To Expect From A Termite Inspection

After a termite inspection, you can expect to get a detailed report of all past and present termite presence and damage, plus a suggested treatment plan if any active infestations have been found. It should also list the conditions that led to the infestation or damage.

Inspectors may find leaks or moisture-ridden areas you can seal off quickly to prevent future infestation. Also, most companies will try to sign you up for an annual service plan.

How to Prepare for Termite Inspection

To prepare for termite inspection:

  • Trim any landscaping obstructing the inspector’s view of the exterior walls.

  • Clear everything at least 2' away from walls, anything near the pipes under sinks, and anything obstructing entry to the attic and crawlspace.

  • Make sure the water system is turned on to check for leaks.

  • If you’re not at home, give the inspector access to the house with any codes or key locations.

  • List all buildings on the property to be inspected, such as a pool house or detached garage.

  • List the areas you suspect might have termite activity or damage.

Risks of Termite Treatment

If termites are found, there are risks involved with treatment that are important to understand.

  • Liquid Chemical Treatment – This treatment may only treat the current termites with no preventative measures for future infestations. Incomplete treatment can allow termites back into the home. Chemical barriers can lock untreated termite colonies inside the house.

  • Heat Treatment – Heat treatment can damage old furniture, wood instruments, and electronics. Improper treatment can drive termites to a cooler part of the home.

  • Fumigation Treatment – It only treats the house, not the subterranean termites in the soil outside the home. Fumigation releases toxic gas into the air that is hazardous to humans. The home needs to be carefully sealed, making sure all living things, including pets and plants, are out of the house for six hours after treatment.

Termite Inspection FAQs

How Long Does A Termite Inspection Take?

The average termite inspection takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size and conditions of the house and property. Larger properties or homes with lots of clutter or storage items will take about an hour.

Is a Termite Inspection Worth It?

An annual termite inspection is worth the cost because expensive structural damage can occur if left unchecked. Termite damage can devalue a home by up to 25% or around $50,000. Compare this to termite prevention and immediate treatment, starting at $300.

How Long Is a Termite Inspection Good For?

A termite inspection is good for 30 to 90 days, depending on the mortgage lender. A WIR or CL-100 termite inspection is only valid for 30 days. The mortgage lender or buyer requires a valid pest inspection before closing on your home.

How Often To Get A Termite Inspection

You should get a termite inspection at least every 2 years, or every year in a termite-heavy area. Look for signs of termite infestation such as swarming, mud tubes, pinholes in drywall, or damaged wood.

If you've had previous issues with termites, a professional should set up bait stations and cardboard traps and check every 1 to 3 months for six months after treatment.

What Is A Termite Inspection Waiver?

A termite inspection waiver states that the requirement for treatment and repairs mentioned in the main section of the termite report has been waived. This waiver can only be used when it’s not possible or practical to meet the minimum standard treatments required by the county or state.

  • The waiver can’t be used to bypass the treatment required, nor can it be used to pretend the work has been carried out.

  • In certain states, termite-infested structures that don’t pose a health hazard, don’t contribute to the value of the property, or are far enough away from the main house must either be removed or the buyer signs a statement acknowledging the purchase “as-is.”

Get free estimates from termite inspectors near you.

How Much Does a Termite Inspector Make?

The average termite inspector salary is $66,000, or $35 per hour, with entry-level positions starting at $35,000, and well-experienced workers making $100,000 annually.

Hiring A Cheap Termite Inspector In My Area

Local termite inspectors often offer cheap or free inspections with the hope you will sign up for their treatment service. Be sure to get at least 3 free estimates from licensed and insured professionals who meet the following criteria:

  • Are highly rated on HomeGuide on Google

  • Are licensed, insured, and bonded

  • Have their structural pest inspector (SPI) license

  • Have been in business for 5+ years

  • Preferably a member of the National Pest Management Association

  • Offer a multi-year guarantee on any treatment work completed

  • Offer discounts for ongoing treatment and monitoring

  • Provide excellent communication from your first phone call or e-mail

  • Provide written documentation detailing their initial assessment and treatment plans