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Dave's Construction is where relationships and dreams are built. We strive in giving you the best quality in our craftsmanship and every job we encounter for you. The owner David Kuriakose has been in the construction field for 27 Plus years and will settle for no less than perfection in what he and his people do. So give us a call 913 999 4030 or message us at Homeguide or our Facebook page which is Dave's Construction out of Olathe Ks 66061.


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30 years in business
Serves Olathe , KS

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Frequently asked questions

Give them a estimate let them know what I can do for them and if they decide to go with me, I have them sign the contract and put a down payment down to cover my parts. Then when its work day we go in prep the house depending on what the job consists of and then complete the job. Have them sign the contract and get the rest of the money. 

I am a nationwide residential and commercial Inspector. I have been in this business for 25plus years along with my other business. 

No not really on somethings we do have standard pricing like patio door installs, entry doors, interior doors, storm doors, garage doors and openers, light fixtures, fans, cameras, hardwood or tile or laminate flooring, and re screens. But the other jobs are based on the level of work and time and also with parts sky rocketing due to the pandemic it's hard to keep that price quoted until the contract is signed for the job, so then we can buy all the parts without anymore price gouging on parts from our retailers. 

I have always tinkered with stuff or tried to build something when I was younger and eventually started helping my family fix things and eventually I became the go to person for my family and friends. I started my business when I was 14 and used my social to be my entity number and then later on I was an llc and then became a corporation. 

All types it doesnt matter what or who I am dealing with as long as there project is done and they pay me for my work completed.

Experience has no dollar amount to it it's the quality and pride of the work that has been performed that matters. Here at Dave's Construction you will get honest, quality and experience at its finest. Cheaper is not always better. 

Make sure you have decided couple of options for your project?

Test the contractor out for his experience on that particular job? Even if your not knowledgeable certain YouTube that is done by professional can help you with some basic knowledge. 

Ask for references? And look at his website or social media about his business.

Make sure you have a contract? 

Services offered

Switch And Outlet Repair
Landscaping Design
Switch And Outlet Installation
Exterior Painting
Fan Installation
Stair Installation
Cabinet Repair
Lighting Installation
Fence Painting
Floor Painting Or Coating
Fence Repair
Interior Painting
Window Installation
Pressure Washing
Fence Installation
Flooring Installation
Wiring Installation