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Leaf Removal on HomeGuide costs
$50 - $80

The average cost for leaf removal is $50. Hiring lawn care pro to cleanup your leaves, you will likely spend between $50 and $80. The price of leaf removal can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local leaf removal pros or get free estimates from pros near you.

How much does leaf removal cost?

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Whether it's the result of a windy summer storm or the wilting trees during the onset of winter, it's not uncommon for yards to become overwhelmed with a pile of leaves. While these leaves may make great photos, they can easily damage grass and ruin the aesthetic of a backyard if left to pile up overtime.

Leaf Removal

The great news is that there are leaf cleaning services that homeowners and renters alike can use to clean up their yards. But not all leaf cleanup services are created equally. There are a number of factors that impact the price of leaf cleanup services potential buyers should consider.

Here is a quick guide to leaf cleanup prices.

Property Size

The size of the property can impact the final price of leaf cleanup services since many companies base their services on the size of the property that requires cleaning. Larger yards typically cost more than smaller yards thanks to higher square footage or acreage. It's important for patrons to get an estimate based on the size of their property before committing to a leaf cleanup service.

By knowing this information, patrons will know what to expect to pay based on the square footage they need serviced. This can be based on acreage or square footage. For example, Toon's Lawn Care Services charges per square foot and $5 per bag for a leaf removal.

Tree Type and Amount

The amount of trees that a leaf cleanup service company has to handle can also impact the price patrons pay for the service.


Patrons can typically expect prices to increase the more time a leaf cleanup crew needs to complete the service.

Blow, Mulch and Remove

Leaf cleanup services usually involve only blowing the leaves off of the property or piling the leaves up curbside. However, patrons can also expect to pay more if they require the removal of leaves from the property or if they need the leaves to be bagged.

Patrons can also expect to pay additional fees if they want to transform their leaves into mulch to be used in their gardens. Leaf cleanup companies can get this done by vacuuming the leaves and turning them into mulch.


While leaf cleanup crews often use their own equipment, patrons may be able to negotiate the price if they have equipment on hand that can be used by the company, such as yard bags, a leaf blower or a rake. This helps to save on operational costs while enabling patrons to save on costs for the leaf cleanup service.

Minimum Charge

It's important for patrons to inquire about minimal charges as some leaf cleanup companies only do a specific amount of work or may not do small yard work.

Compost Fee

For patrons who want to have their leaves turned into compost, it's vital to ask the company providing the service whether or not this is included in the cost. Compost fees may be extra and increase the final price of the leaf cleanup if they are not included.

How to Save

While there are several factors that impact the cost of leaf cleanup services, there are also many ways for patrons to save. Here are some cost-saving strategies for leaf cleanup prices:

  • Get an estimate before committing to the service to know what to expect
  • Opt for turning leaves into mulch to save on gardening mulch costs
  • Dry leaves take a shorter time than wet leaves when transforming into mulch, so it's ideal to wait for leaves to be completely dried to save on time and costs.
  • Negotiate on price if equipment is already available at the home.
  • Ask about discounts for providing referrals. Some leaf cleanup companies provide this as a way to garner more business, such as Houston, Texas-based Fermin Lawn Maintenance, which provides a $25 discount off of patron's next lawn service when providing a referral.
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