How Much Does Leaf Removal & Yard Clean Up Cost?

$125 – $253 ($400 Per Acre)

Leaf removal costs $100 to $300 on average with the typical yard clean up costing about $181. Leaf clean up and tree debris removal costs depend on the size of your yard, the frequency of service, and the type of removal. Get free estimates from lawn care services near you.

Leaf Removal Cost

Leaf removal services charge a minimum of $70 with average prices ranging from $125 to $253 to rake leaves. Yard clean up costs in the fall and spring are between $400 and $700 per acre which includes tree debris removal, garden, landscaping, and leaf clean up.

Leaf Removal Cost Chart

Leaf Removal Cost
National Average Cost $181
Minimum Cost $50
Maximum Cost $413
Average Range $125 to $253

Table of Contents

  1. Leaf Removal Cost
  2. Yard Clean Up Costs
  3. Leaf Clean Up Cost Factors
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. DIY or Hire a Leaf Removal Service
  6. Leaf Removal Near Me

Yard Clean Up Costs

Fall Cleanup Prices

Waiting until the end of fall after leaves have built up will end up costing more. Fall cleanup prices are $300 or more for the average property. Landscapers are usually busy during this season as well and charge $5 to 10 per bag of leaves.

Landscaper Cleaning Up and Blowing Leaves Into a Pile

Spring Clean Up Cost

Spring clean up costs an average of $200 depending on if you hired a lawn service during any of the winter months. If the leaves were not removed during the fall, and have been building up all winter, expect to pay much more.

Leaf Removal From Gutters Cost

Leaves don’t fall only on the lawn, but they also make it into the gutters of your house. Gutter cleaning costs about $150, with most homeowners spending between $110 and $185 or from $0.50 to $1.50 per linear foot.

Landscaper Cleaning Leaves Out of a Gutter

Leaves can clog your gutters and can affect your roof and house with other issues. Leaf removal services will also clean your gutters. When you are speaking to your local leaf removal company, be sure to ask if leaf removal from the gutters is included in their price.

Leaf Removal Cost Per Acre

Leaf removal costs $400 to $700 per acre depending on the amount of leaves that need to be raked, the volume of tree debris, and the type of trees on your property. For a typical 0.2 acre property, yard clean up costs $70 if you schedule regular maintenance.

Landscaping Clean Up Costs

Landscaping clean up costs for lawn care, gardening, flower beds, mulching, and pruning costs $100 to $200 per month for regular maintenance. Hiring a landscaper typically costs $40 to $45 per worker per hour.

Leaf Removal Service Placing Bagged Leaves By The Curb

Garden Clean Up Cost

Garden clean up costs range from $60 to $200 depending on how much gardening is required and what type of plants are being grown. For trimming hedges, and cleaning path and walkway areas, gardeners will usually charge an hourly rate that starts at around $25.

Tree Debris Removal Cost

Tree debris removal and trimming costs $250 to $500 on average. Prices range from $80 for a small tree under 25 feet tall, to $175 for a medium-sized tree 25 to 50 feet, and $300 or more for a tree over 50 feet.

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Leaf Clean Up Cost Factors

How To Estimate Leaf Removal Costs

There are many different factors that professional leaf removal services consider to estimate their prices, including:

  1. Property Size
  2. Number and Types of Trees
  3. Experience of Yard Clean Up Service
  4. Leaf Blowing or Bagging
  5. Vacuuming or Mulching
  6. Frequency of Service
  7. Minimum Charges
  8. Time
  9. Leaf Pick Up Machine & Equipment

Size of Property

The larger the property, the more it will cost to have leaves removed because there are likely more trees on the property, which creates more labor. Some companies charge per square foot or acre to rake leaves. Other companies base their prices off general property size by categories.

How Many Trees? What Kind of Trees?

The more trees that are on your property, the more leaves you’ll need to have removed and the higher the cost. The type of trees on your property can also affect the price. Some trees shed more leaves than others, and at a faster frequency which means more regular maintenance from a leaf removal service.

Leaf Removal Service Experience

More experienced leaf removal companies have the experience to ensure they are efficient and fast each time. Other leaf removal companies that are starting out may take more time, as they have fewer workers and less experience. They may cost less, but the quality of the work or the length of time it takes them can affect the work being done.

Leaf Blowing or Bagging

If you live in a neighborhood association which handles the removal of leaves blown into the road, leaf blowing may be a better option for you and can cost about $30 per worker per hour or $70 for a minimum service charge. If you choose this service, make sure that the company is not blowing your leaves into a neighbor’s property.

Fall Yard Clean Up Service Blowing Leaves

If you want your leaves bagged, some lawn companies will clean up and bag your leaves for $40 to $45 per worker per hour or $5 to $10 per bag. Check with the company to see if they remove the bagged leaves from your property or if they leave them on the curb for your trash collection. Due to the extra supplies and work required to bag the leaves, the cost of bagging leaves is higher than blowing them.

Bagging Leaves For Removal Service

Vacuuming or Mulching Leaves

The leaves can be vacuumed off the lawn and then bagged. Ask the company if they remove the bags from the property or leave them on the curb for trash pickup. Some services charge a recycling fee of $30 or 15%–25% more to dispose of the leaves for you. For about $75, others will vacuum the piles of leaves you have raked to the curb yourself. Cleanup and disposal of all your leaves can cost about $180.

Another option is to have your leaves saved for mulching. The leaves are vacuumed and chopped by the service company, then placed in your garden beds. Dry leaves take a shorter time than wet leaves when transforming into mulch, so it's ideal to wait for leaves to be dried entirely before mulching them to save on time and costs. Water the chopped leaves, and soon they will decompose, leaving fresh mulch for your garden. Mulching costs can be an additional $70 to $100, but it may save you money on purchasing and applying mulch.

Lawn Maintenance Frequency of Service

Your property may require a more frequent service depending on the size of your lot and the number of trees you have. The more frequent the service, the lower the cost per visit. A once-off visit can cost about $70 (for a small yard), while a bi-weekly service can cost about $45 per visit. Leaf removal companies love repeat business and will often work with you on the price to have the regular business. A yearly collection service can cost $100 to $300.

Minimum Charges for Leaf Removal

Each company has a minimum service fee. This fee is to ensure that they can cover the cost of gas, supplies, and labor for smaller lots less than 500 square feet. Make sure to ask your local company for its minimum fees, which averages at $70, although this price can vary by region and company.


The amount of time required to complete the leaf removal service will affect your cost. Other fees to consider that need more time are the slope of the land and whether the leaves are wet or dry. Prices per hour vary and can depend upon each company and your location. The average hourly rate is between $45 to $70. Keep in mind that some landscaping companies have a $45 per hour per man fee, while others have a flat per hour fee of approximately $70.

Leaf Pick Up Machine

Most leaf removal companies have their own leaf pick up machine and equipment. Some companies will offer a small discount for using your equipment, like leaf blowers and leaf bags, instead of using their own.

Compost Fee

Some services charge an additional fee for composting the leaves. Compost is an excellent service for your lawn, as it creates a nutrient-rich soil. Be sure to ask if this is included in your estimate. Composting is a more specialized service, and not all companies offer this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Dispose of Leaves?

Leaf clean up companies can either bag or mulch the leaves for you. Your options are to leave the bagged leaves on the curb for trash pickup or let the leaf removal company dispose of them for you for a small recycling fee of about $30.

What Is The Best Time of Year for Leaf Removal?

The most common time of year to have your leaves removed is the fall. If you are looking for a single leaf removal service, it will usually need to be added to a larger project for the company. These packages are sometimes referred to as “fall cleanup” or “spring cleanup” services. These packages usually have additional services like cleaning garden beds or winterizing and cost about $350.

In the spring season, many people are looking for a leaf removal service for all the delayed winter leaves that fell after the fall season. This one-time per season project is usually cheaper than the one time per season fall service.

How Much To Charge For Leaf Clean Up?

Leaf clean up services charge $5 to $10 per bag of leaves or about $125 to $253 for the average residential lawn. On large properties, leaf removal costs $400 to $700 per acre depending on how many trees and fallen leaves.

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Leaf Removal Service Near Me

Hiring a leaf removal service will save you time, energy, and may relieve your seasonal allergies. Here are the advantages of getting cost estimates from clean up services near you:

  • Leaf removal companies are specialized and efficient in their work, completing their service more quickly.
  • The company provides all the equipment and supplies for cleaning up leaves.
  • Wet or dry leaves do not matter. The company knows how to remove them either way.
  • The company can safely and efficiently clean your gutters. This may be especially helpful with hard to reach gutters!
  • If you use the mulching service, the company will handle your mulching too!

Questions To Ask Your Yard Cleanup Service

How do you know if your local leaf removal company is a good one? Don’t only ask about the price, but remember to ask these questions too. It will help you understand who the company is, how dependable they are, and what they can offer you.

  1. What kind of equipment do you use?
  2. Do you remove leaves from the gutters? What is the additional cost or is it included in the initial estimate?
  3. What is the cost of leaf removal per square foot?
  4. Have you worked with anyone in my neighborhood that I could speak with?
  5. How long have you been in business?
  6. Do you have a leaf removal minimum fee?
  7. Do I have to be home when you complete the service?
  8. What forms of payment do you accept? Are there any discounts for using one form over another or for referrals?

How To Save Money on Yard Clean Up

As you consider a lawn care company, be sure to include potential savings from it. If you have your fall leaves mulched, this will save you money and time in the garden.

  • Dry leaves are easier and cheaper to remove than wet ones.
  • If you have your own equipment and supplies, the company may use yours for a lower price.
  • Many companies have a referral program. Ask if your local leaf removal company offers incentives and discounts for referrals.

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