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Average cost for Tree Trimming ranges from
$250 - $500

The average cost for a tree trimming starts at $250. Hiring a tree trimmer to prune your trees, you will likely spend between $250 and $500 with large trees costing up to $1,000. The price can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local tree trimmers or get free estimates from pros near you.

How much does tree trimming cost?

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One of the costs of homeownership involves trimming the oaks, maples, firs and other varieties of trees on your property. Certainly, trees add value to your home, but they also can be expensive to maintain.

Hiring someone to trim just one tree can cost up to $1,000, with $250 to $500 being the typical price range for trimming a tree. And keep in mind that those prices cover one-time service for just one tree. If you’ve got several trees around your house that need to be trimmed or trees must be trimmed several times a year, the bill will go up accordingly.

Tree Trimming

There’s no set cost for hiring someone to trim a tree at your home. However, there are some factors that can affect the price. Here's the complete guide:

Pricing Factors

  1. Size
    The bigger a tree, the more branches that need to be trimmed. That adds up to more labor and, therefore, more expense.
  2. Location
    Is your tree in a hard-to-reach spot? Is it near a power line? If that’s the case, you’ll likely be charged more because of the extra labor involved.
  3. Health
    Have diseases or pests caused the condition of the tree to deteriorate? If so, you’ll probably wind up paying more for tree-trimming service.

Get Price Quotes

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggests getting quotes from three different tree trimmers. HomeGuide makes this part easy by instantly connecting you to nearby pros with great reviews. This will allow you to compare prices quickly and make an educated decision.

Certified master arborist Rex Bastian, a technical adviser for The Davey Tree Expert Co., says many tree-trimming businesses provide free estimates for jobs, particularly during their slow seasons.

The BBB cautions that the quality of the work might be more important to you than the price. You should ensure the tree trimmer has the right equipment to get the job done, and you should not assume that an added service (such as removal of a tree stump) is included in a quote unless that’s in writing.

Bastian says you might be able to reduce the price of a tree-trimming project by doing some of the work yourself, such as hauling away debris.

“If you work with a well-respected, quality firm that has been in business for many years in your area, you should get a fair price for the proposed work,” Bastian says.

Tree Trimming

Check References & Reviews

A tree-trimming business should be able to provide references for three recent jobs, the BBB says. If the business hesitates, it’s probably wise not to hire that tree trimmer. HomeGuide has collected millions of reviews from hownowners which makes this process easy and free to use.

Check Licensing & Credentials

Ask for proof that a tree-trimming business is properly licensed to perform services in your area. Not all states require formal licensing, but city or county agencies might require it.

Bastian says you should find out whether the person doing the work is an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Bastian also recommends checking for membership in professional organizations such as the Tree Care Industry Association and American Society of Consulting Arborists.

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Verify Insurance Coverage

Inquire whether the company has the required insurance coverage, including a personal liability policy, a property damage liability and a workers’ compensation policy, the BBB recommends. If something goes wrong, a tree-trimming business that lacks insurance could lead to added expenses on your end.

Ask for a Contract

Never allow work to begin until you’ve got a signed contract that lists the start date, finish date, exact costs and work to be completed, the BBB warns. As always, read the fine print.

Payment Security

Will the work be done in stages? If so, you should stagger payments across those stages and not make a final payment until the work is finished, the BBB says. Also, don’t make a hefty deposit upfront.

Look out for red flags

According to the BBB, these are four of the warning signs that the tree-trimming business might be shady:

  • A discount is given, but only if you sign a contract on the spot.
  • Someone is going from door to door to offer tree-trimming services.
  • Someone is demanding a decision be made right away.
  • Cash is the only accepted method of payment.

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