How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?
Ashburn, VA

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

Ashburn, VA

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

$60 – $120open car or house
$75 – $130rekey locks
$75 – $200change locks

A locksmith charges $60 to $85 to open your car door or trunk and $65 to $120 to open your house. The cost to rekey a car door is $75 to $180, and $50 to $130 to rekey a house. The cost to change locks is $75 to $220 for a car and $80 to $200 to change locks on a house.

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$60 – $120 open car or house

$75 – $130 rekey locks

$75 – $200 change locks

A locksmith charges $60 to $85 to open your car door or trunk and $65 to $120 to open your house. The cost to rekey a car door is $75 to $180, and $50 to $130 to rekey a house. The cost to change locks is $75 to $220 for a car and $80 to $200 to change locks on a house.

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Average Locksmith Cost

The average cost to hire a locksmith is $85 to $175 with most spending $129. The minimum call out charge is $30 to $85. After-hours service costs $100 to $250. Typical rates to unlock a car are $60 to $85, and between $65 and $185 if you're locked out of the house.

Average locksmith cost - chart
Average locksmith cost - chart
Locksmith Cost
National Average Cost $129
Minimum Cost $50
Maximum Cost $350
Average Range $85 to $175

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Locksmith Prices

  • Locksmith prices range from $75 to $250 for a car.

  • A locksmith charges $75 to $200 for a house depending on if you need to open, re-key, or change door locks.

  • A lockout typically costs $80 to $100, whereas a re-key or lock change ranges from $100 to $200 on average.

Locksmith Charges

The minimum call-out charge for a locksmith is typically $75, which usually covers the first hour. Hourly rates are $75 during regular hours and $95 during after-hours or emergencies. On average, it takes 25 to 30 minutes to get the job done.

Locksmith Charges
Service Average Cost
Call Out Charge $30 – $85
Emergency or After Hours Charge $100 – $250
Hourly Rates $75 – $95

Locksmith Price Guide

The following table shows locksmith prices for a car:

Locksmith Prices Car
Service Average Cost
Car Lockout $60 – $85
Rekey Car $75 – $180
Change Locks on Car $75 – $220
Key Extraction $75 – $140
Car Key Replacement $70 – $250
Keyless Fob Replacement $150 – $250
Car Ignition Repair $120 – $225
Key Programming $90 – $160

If your car is high-end, then different types of tools and ways of unlocking the car will need to be utilized. All of the security enhancements on luxury cars will need to be worked around too, which could drive prices up.

Cost of Locksmith for House
Service Average Cost
House Lockout $65 – $185
Commercial Lockout $70 – $200
Rekey House $50 – $130 + $20/lock
Change Locks on House $80 – $200
Drilling Door for Lock Install $95 – $150
Key Extraction $75 – $140
Key Duplication $1 – $10
House Key Replacement $50 – $100

Safety Tips Before Hiring

When hiring a locksmith, consider these points for personal safety:

  • Stay in a well-lit area, especially if you're in a remote area. Call a friend or family member and stay on the phone until the locksmith arrives and you confirmed their identity.

  • Watch out for out-of-state numbers. Some locksmiths may not have professional training and try to intimidate you into paying more knowing you're locked out. A common scam is calling an ad that turns out to be an out-of-state-company and hikes up the fees as a middle-man. Always check reviews online first.

  • Always get at least three quotes from local locksmiths. Once the problem is described in detail, a professional locksmith will be able to give you an accurate bid to compare in addition to their credentials.

  • If you're locked out of your car, call your roadside assistance or insurance company first. They usually have a pre-approved list of certified and highly rated locksmiths.

  • If you're locked out of your home, picking the lock is always the first option on a front door. If your locksmith starts drilling first, you should fire them on the spot and call someone else. A good locksmith can pick almost any lock.

  • When hiring a locksmith, always look for recent and positive 4 or 5-star reviews. Properly trained locksmiths will also give you an invoice with the estimates you discussed over the phone before hiring them.

Cost to Unlock a Car

  • An auto lockout service costs about $60 to $85 for a locksmith to open a car.

  • Popping the trunk costs $85, whereas unlocking a car door averages $75.

  • Making a new car key runs from $65 to $145 and fixing an ignition is between $120 and $250.

An auto locksmith can even handle a key being jammed in the ignition. If the key is stuck and you try to turn it or remove it yourself, it could break inside. A professional will know how to retrieve it, even offer a new one cut on the spot, and fix any ignition switches that got damaged from the lodged key.

Auto lockout service locksmith unlocking a car
Auto lockout service locksmith unlocking a car

Key Broke In Door

Key removal costs $80 to $140. Otherwise, you’ll need a new key made for $90 to $145+. When a key breaks off in the door, don’t keep trying to remove the key yourself as it might make matters worse.

Transponder Key Locked In Car

If a transponder key is the only key you have and it’s locked in your car, you’ll need to get a new key cut and programmed for about $145. Usually, the key and the car communicate via a computer chip so that it doesn’t become locked inside. However, if your key is malfunctioning, it might lock you out accidentally.

Locked Out of House Cost

If you’re locked out of the house, hiring a locksmith costs $65 to $185 to have it unlocked, which can include the cost of replacing the lock. Replacing a lost house key can cost $50 to $100 if the locks aren't replaced.

If a previous roommate or ex didn’t return a key, then having the locks replaced or re-keyed to avoid any future inconveniences. Old locks can easily be picked, and damaged ones may not unlock properly.

Closeup of locksmith hands using pick tools to open locked door
Closeup of locksmith hands using pick tools to open locked door

Average Cost to Unlock a Door

The average cost for a locksmith to unlock a door is $90 with after-hour calls costing about $20 to $50 extra. Replacing a standard lock costs about $60 to $200. Complications may also arise, which may drive up prices. The older or more antique a lock, the more it costs to fix or find a replica to install.

Emergency Locksmith Prices

If you’re calling during off hours, then expect to pay an extra $20 on top of the charges for the type of lockout service you need, although some locksmiths never charge extra. If your car is broken down in a bad spot, or you can't get into your home in the middle of the night, always call an emergency service that is available 24/7.

Cost to Rekey Locks

The average cost to rekey locks ranges from $75 to $180 for a car, and $50 to $130 to rekey a house. The pins in a lock cylinder need to be recalibrated so the old key will not unlock it. Kits are also available to rekey a door lock at hardware stores for a DIY install. This service will be much more inexpensive than changing the locks.

Cost to rekey locks - chart
Cost to rekey locks - chart
Cost to Rekey Locks
Service Average Cost
Rekey Car Door $75 – $180
Rekey House $50 – $130

Cost to Rekey a Car

The average cost to rekey a car door is $70 to $180, whereas the price to rekey a car ignition is $120 to $225. A good reason to rekey your lock is if you suspect someone to have a copy of your key. If your missing key has a chip, that key can be disabled by a locksmith from the car’s immobilizer memory.

  • Door not opening with the proper key – The key may be worn out and needs replacing. Other times, it’s a worn-out door lock that needs changing out. Sometimes you can find perfect working door locks for your make and model at junkyards, which will save you a ton of money.

  • Car door locks – To rekey a car door is to change the lock, so a new key is needed to unlock it. If you’re savvy enough, the car’s door lock can even be brought to an automotive locksmith’s shop to save time and money. They’ll be able to change the key combination to have the lock fit a new key.

  • Ignition – The car’s door lock can act as a prototype to make copies for the ignition. Then you can rekey or change out the door lock.

Cost to Rekey a House

The cost to rekey a house is $50 to $130, plus labor charges of $20 to $30 per lock. Prices vary depending on the existing type of lock. For example, Locksmith Ledger’s study of national average locksmith cost to rekey house locks per lock (pre-callout fee) are as follows:

Cost to Rekey a House
Type Per Lock
Key In Knob $19
Rim / Mortise Cylinder Lock $21
Adams Rite Dead Latch $25
Set To Masterkey System $23
High-Security Cylinder $32
Shim Open / No Key +$7
Best Type IC Cylinder $31
Safe Deposit Lock $37
Tubular Lock $34

If you’re the buyer or new renter of the home, you may want to rekey the locks in case a former owner still has keys for it. A highly skilled and experienced pro will always be equipped with the right type of rekeying tools for a main or garage door. Your entry and deadbolt locks will be rekeyed on the spot with no damage to your property.

Locksmith rekeying a front door lock on house
Locksmith rekeying a front door lock on house

Rekeying vs. Changing Locks

Most homeowners prefer to rekey rather than change the locks unless security is an issue.

Rekeying vs. Changing Locks
Rekeying Changing Locks
Rekeying costs less. Changing a lock is about four times more expensive.
Call-out service is $30 – $50. Call-out service is $30 – $50.
If you’ve lost a key, rekeying is the best option. If someone has moved out, changing the lock is the best option.
Costs $20 – $30 Costs $70 – $190, but it can also be a DIY job, or you can purchase the locks yourself first for as little as $5.25.
There are some instances where rekeying a lock is not an option. You have to change locks completely if your home has been broken into or if the lock is damaged in any way.
No additional costs If the door needs to be altered to accommodate a new lock, expect the price to go up.

Cost to Change Locks

The cost to change locks ranges from $75 to $220 for a car, and between $80 and $200 for a house. Smart locks and high-tech locking devices will cost more to replace. Prices depend on the type of technology selected, like a keypad entry or a key with a chip.

Cost to change locks - chart
Cost to change locks - chart
Cost to Change Locks
Service Average Cost
Change Locks on Car $75 – $220
Change Locks on House $80 – $200

A locksmith will be able to help you find the right level of security with a new lock that is within your budget. Exterior locks have more features than interior locks do. Their prices will go up depending on the security features you choose.

Change Locks on a Car Cost

  • A car lock replacement by a locksmith costs $75 to $220 on average.

  • If you have it changed at the dealership, it will cost an average of $200 to $600.

  • If you replace it yourself, it will cost $15 to $350 depending on the type of lock you have.

A locksmith will be able to provide work that is just as good as the dealership’s. However, if the car is still under warranty, it’s a good idea to take it to the dealership to avail of that cost-saving deal. If the lock is damaged, then it needs to be replaced entirely.

Cost to Change Locks on a House

The cost to change locks on a house front door costs $50 to $130, or $20 to $30 per lock. Additional charges are expected if drilling is required, if a handle set needs to be installed, or if it's a garage door. It's a good idea to change locks when moving into a new home, or after a burglary.

Cost to Change Locks on House
Service Average Cost
Per Lock $20 – $30
Exterior Door Locks $70 – $170
Deadbolt Installation $90 – $190
Knob Lock Installation Installation $80 – $150
Drilling Holes For Lock Install $95 – $150
Install Pre-purchased Lock $40 – $150
Garage Door Lock Install $95 – $325
Handle Set Install $195 – $299
Key Duplication $1 – $5
Special Key Duplication $10 – $20

Locksmith changing out wood door house lock after drilling holes
Locksmith changing out wood door house lock after drilling holes

Cost To Change Door Locks

The average cost to change exterior door locks is $70 to $170 each. Security additions such as a deadbolt to new door locks can add $20 to your final price. Electronic or smart door locks typically cost $80 to $400 to install depending on the type of locking mechanism.

Cost to Change Door Locks
Door Lock Type Average Cost
Electronic door locks $35 – $400
Smart door locks $73 – $357
Deadbolts $4 – $300
Combo packs $15 – $350
Sliding door locks $4 – $95
Pocket door locks $6 – $25

  • Exterior doors or entry doors – Labor costs alone are $70 to $170 each on the more intricate locks. A locksmith can make security additions, like a deadbolt, which costs between $90 and $190 installed. Installation includes having to drill out a hole in the door for a fresh deadbolt install.

  • Interior door locks – Interior lock replacement takes a few minutes more to install than exterior locks. Consider upgrading to a more secure lock when replacing. Installing additional security features like a deadbolt doesn't cost much more.

High-Tech, Electric & Biometric Systems

Adding an electric system costs between $100 and $500 on average depending on the type of lock system installed. New high-security locks use Bluetooth, biometrics, or an electronic keypad, which means you don't need a physical key.

Get free estimates from locksmiths near you.
High-Tech & Electronic Locksmith Charges
Type Average Cost
Install Electric Strike $150 – $200
Install Exit Alarm $120 – $160
Install Electromagnetic Lock $220 – $350
Install Electrified Lock $150 – $175
Install Electrified Hinge $80 – $100
Install Keypad or Reader $70 – $100
Install Electric PowerBolt $50 – $70
Install Video Security System $250 – $500

Locksmith Key Replacement Prices

Locksmith key replacement prices for regular metal keys are about $65 for a house key and $100 for a car key. For the more advanced electronic keys, prices shoot up to $100 to $250. Smart homes and cars come with keys that have fobs, which make it more expensive to replace.

Key replacement prices - chart
Key replacement prices - chart
Locksmith Key Replacement Prices
Service Average Cost
Car Key Replacement $70 – $250
House Key Replacement $50 – $100

For cars, sometimes a replacement key can be made at a dealership, which generally is pricier than a locksmith. If you have a high-tech lock on your home or a standard lock, it is best to go through the locksmith who first installed them to get a replacement.

If that is not an option, then the next best thing is to hire a locksmith who is highly trained to figure out a replacement for you.

House Key Replacement Cost

Replacing a house key costs $50 to $100 depending on if it's electronic or not. If you lost your house key, most locksmiths suggest getting your locks replaced—just in case a stranger grabbed your lost or stolen key.

If you know you left the key inside your home or in a secure area and can retrieve it later, then having it replaced is perfectly fine.

Locksmith Car Key Replacement Cost

Replacing a car key costs a minimum of $50 with most paying between $125 and $250 for a transponder chip key. Car key replacement will largely depend on the type of car you have, with foreign car keys costing slightly more than the US makes. A highly skilled locksmith will have experience cutting a wide range of keys.

Locksmith Car Key Replacement Cost
Service Average Cost
Non-Transponder Key Made (On-site) $70 – $220
Transponder Chip Key Made (On-site) $125 – $250
High-Security Laser-Cut Key Made & Programmed (On-site) $140 – $160
Keyless Entry Smart Key Remote $150 – $250
Remote-Entry Fob Clicker Alarm Transmitter $80 – $120
Program Pre-purchased Key or Car Remote $50 – $120
Car Key Duplication & Programming (At shop) $65 – $240
Laser Car Key Cutting (At shop) $50 – $85
Computer Re-flash (Toyota, Lexus & Acura) $250 – $350

Laser cutting key machine duplicating a car key fob
Laser cutting key machine duplicating a car key fob

Additional Locksmith Rates & Factors

Several verticals go into the final cost, like whether the key is missing or locked inside. If the key is missing, then a new key will have to be made, which can cost a lot if your car key is high-tech, or as little as $50 if you need a new house key.

Additional Locksmith Fees

Locksmiths charge a minimum service fee of $30 to $85, and additional travel fees of around $10 if you are located outside of their normal work zone. Most locksmiths charge an average hourly rate of $75 to $95 per hour.

Additional charges apply if any equipment is involved, like electric drills.

Additional Locksmith Fees
Lock Type Average Cost
Filing Cabinet Locks $65+
Mailbox Lock $65+
Safe Lock $70 – $160
Safe Lock By Drilling $225 – $375
Safe Moving $80 – $150
Safe Installation $150 – $200
Bicycle Lock $55+
Motorcycle Key $96
Suitcase Key $45+
Combination Change
Hand or Electric Lock
$50 – $60

Safe Locksmith Cost

The average cost for a locksmith to open a safe is $70 to $160, with prices going up to $225 to $375 if drilling into the safe is required.

Many locksmiths also offer safe installation services, which cost around $150 to $200.

Locksmith opening a safe lock with pick tools
Locksmith opening a safe lock with pick tools

Commercial Locksmith Cost

Get free estimates from locksmiths near you.

The following table shows commercial locksmith costs:

Commercial Locksmith Cost
Service Average Cost
Service Fee $30 – $85
Business Lockout $70 – $200
New Lock Installation $130 – $250
High-Security Lock Install $120 – $400
Key Extraction $75 – $150
Change Lock $100 – $250
Rekey Lock or Tumbler Change $70 – $130
Exit Device Trims w/ Install $250 – $450
Push Bar Devices w/ Install $250 – $750
Keyed Entry Door Levers $95 – $250
Drilling, Wood or Metal Door $95 – $150
Door Frame Repair $125 – $300
Commercial Door Closer w/ Install $150 – $350

Tips for Hiring a Locksmith

  1. Quotes – Don’t hire someone until they can give you an exact price in advance.

  2. Invoice – Never sign a blank invoice and always get a copy the minute you sign a detailed one.

  3. Reviews – Choosing the wrong locksmith could give way to various problems, such as price gouging. Locksmiths are only required to have a license in 15 states, so consumers need to do their research when choosing the right one.

  4. Be Prepared – You can also start calling around now to get estimates of services so you can decide which locksmith company to contact in case of emergencies. When you find a locksmith you like, keep their information stored on your phone.

  5. Registered – Not all locksmiths are registered, but look for an Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) logo on their site. A locksmith will be able to show you a current registration or license.

  6. Discounts – Some locksmiths offer special deals for move-ins, military, seniors, new customers, key extraction, or multiple lock installation. Ask about discounts when you call.

DIY Before You Call?

Whether you’re locked out of a house or a car, your DIY locksmithing options are limited. Also, DIY options may cause damage to your vehicle or door frame.

  1. Do you have a real estate agent, landlord, or neighbor you can call who might have a key copy to your home?

  2. Is there a window open at the back?

  3. Is there a friend or significant other who has a spare key to the car?

Think about your options before you call a locksmith to avoid the service call fee if a locksmith has to drive out to service you and you’ve thought of another solution too late.

DIY options are also dependent on the type of service you need. If you’re looking to replace the locks in the home, then that is a reasonably easy job on an interior door as long as drilling isn’t involved, as you’d need to do on an exterior door.

A car door lock is a different beast, which you’ll probably need professional help with. If you’re in doubt about whether you can DIY, it’s probably best to call a pro.

License and Identification

Not all states require locksmiths to have a license. However, if they want to become a certified member of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), then they will need the license.

ALOA also has voluntary certifications that help them master their craft—Certified Professional Locksmiths and Certified Master Locksmiths. Always watch out for scams, and be sure to verify the person.

  • Review the business or person in detail.

  • Ask for the locksmith's license, certifications, and registration card.

  • Call the business and verify the person does work for the company.

Hire A Locksmith

A locksmith’s services are usually also available 24 hours a day. From having a key break inside the lock to replacing the entire door, a locksmith will be able to help you out. Most locksmiths can even handle window locks.