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How Much Does It Cost To Install or Replace A Door?

$226 – $824 Interior Door
$505 – $1,898 Exterior Door

Interior door installation costs $226 to $824 on average while replacing an exterior door costs $505 to $1,898. Front door replacement costs $667 to $3,734 on average, while exterior double doors range from $1,124 to $5,560 installed. Door installation labor costs $100 to $800 on average. Get free estimates from door installers near you or view our cost guide below.

Door Installation & Replacement Costs

Door installation costs $749 on average, with most homeowners spending from $338 to $1,488. Basic closet, bedroom, and bathroom doors cost $155 to $688 to replace. The cost to replace a front door and frame is $800 to $4,000, and entry doors with sidelights cost $1,600 to $4,600.

Door Replacement Cost - Interior & Exterior - Chart

Door Installation & Replacement Costs
Type Average Cost Installed
Closet, Bedroom & Bathroom $155 – $688
Standard Exterior Door $505 – $1,898
Front Door $667 – $3,734
Exterior Double Doors $1,124 – $5,560
Entry Door w/ Sidelights $1,600 – $4,600

The cost of the door is the largest factor. Door prices depend on the material, type, size, location, whether its a pre-hung or slab, and if sidelights or transoms are added. Consult with a door installer to get free and accurate estimates near you.

Average Door Installation Cost Chart

Door Installation Cost
National Average Cost $749
Minimum Cost $100
Maximum Cost $5,000
Average Range $338 to $1,488

Replacing a door takes just a few hours and is a simple way to upgrade your home, refresh your decor, and add curb appeal.

Table of Contents

  1. Door Installation & Replacement Costs
  2. Average Door Installation Cost
  3. Door Prices By Material
  4. Cost To Hang A Door By Type
  5. Door Replacement Costs
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. DIY vs. Hiring a Professional
  8. Door Installation Near Me

Average Door Installation Cost

The average cost to install a new interior or exterior door is $338 to $1,488, which includes the door, labor, mounting hardware, threshold, and supplies. Door estimates fluctuate based on the type of door and whether framing is needed. Some doors are more difficult to install, which increases labor costs.

Cost Breakdown To Install A Door
Item Interior Exterior
Door Slab $30 – $350 $150 – $1,000
Hardware & Supplies $30 – $150 $50 – $150
Jamb & Stop $50 – $300 $50 – $300
Framing $110 – $220 $130 – $380
Labor $90 – $350 $230 – $800
Total Cost $200 – $1,150 $480 – $2,250
Total w/ Framing $310 – $1,370 $610 – $2,630

*Excluding doors with sidelights or transoms. Prices vary by door type and location.

The total costs to install a door depend on:

  1. The material and style of the door.
  2. The door’s size.
  3. The size of the existing opening or if a new one must be cut out.
  4. The condition of the existing frame.
  5. If the door needs to be refitted or reframed.
  6. If the old doorway has to be closed over.
  7. If the door is a slab or pre-hung.
  8. If the old door must be removed and disposed of.
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Interior vs. Exterior Doors

An average interior door costs $50 to $350 depending on if it's pre-hung or slab. Exterior doors cost from $150 to $1,000, with high-end custom doors costing $5,000 or more. Exterior doors require additional framing, flashing, and load-bearing headers, which increase your installation costs.

Interior vs. Exterior Doors
Interior Exterior
Door costs $50 to $350 on average. Door costs $150 to $1,000 on average.
Install labor costs $120 to $350 on average. Install labor costs $230 to $800 on average.
Are solid or hollow core. Solid and fire-rated. Requires weather resistance, insulation, and flashing.
Upgrades and insulation are rare. Sidelights add $400 to $2,000+. Adding a transom window adds $300 to $900.
Pre-hung doors installed in 1 to 2 hours. Front doors installed in 3 to 8 hours.

Door Installation Labor Cost

Door installation labor costs $30 to $80 per hour plus call-out fees depending on if you hire a handyman or a licensed contractor. The labor cost for interior door installation is $100 to $300 on average, while exterior or front door installation typically ranges from $230 to $800.

Door Installation Labor Cost Chart

Door Installation Labor Cost
Door Type Average Cost
Interior Room $120 – $570
Interior Closet $91 – $510
Exterior $230 – $1,300
Screen or Storm $100 – $300
All Doors Average $140 – $800

Labor costs depend on whether the door is being installed in an existing frame or into a wall opening. Many contractors offer discounts for installing multiple doors during the same project. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive the door, the more it costs to install.

Interior door installation typically includes old door removal, installing new trim, new door installation, hinges, knobs, hardware, and old door disposal. Front door installation typically includes everything above and premium hinges, a lockset, a deadlock, weather stripping, and a doorbell.

New Door Frame Prices

Installing a new rough frame costs $7 to $20 per linear foot, with most homeowners spending $130 to $320 or more depending on if it's an internal or external door and on the materials used. Budget about $115 per wall side.

Cost of Custom Doors

Custom doors cost from $1,000 to $10,000 or more, while labor costs to install a high-end custom door starts at about $1,300. Custom door prices depend on the door size, degree of customization, material, wood engraving and carving, glass type, security systems, transoms, and sidelights.

Custom pivot doors and doors with custom carving and sidelights range between $4,800 to $10,000. Some manufacturers sell custom doors which are just basic doors with add-ons, with prices starting at $1,500.

Door Hardware Cost

Door hardware such as hinges costs $10 to $20 per door, knobs run $10 to $50, and deadbolt locks are $120 to $220. The cost to install door hardware is $30 to $60 per knob or lock, and $4 to $6 per hinge. Additional charges apply if a slab door needs holes cut out for the hardware.

Door Hardware Cost
Hardware Average Cost
Jambs $130 – $320
Handle Sets $160 – $320
Deadbolt Locks (Double Key) $120 – $220
Smart Locks $120 – $500
Exterior Key Knob $30 – $100
Interior Knobs - No Locks $10 – $50
Doorbell System $30 – $350
Bath or Bedroom locks $40 – $80
Kickplates $50 – $60
Passage Latches $30 – $60
Weather Stripping $20 – $50
Bell Button Only $20 – $30
Hinges $2 – $30

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Door Prices

Door prices range anywhere from $30 to $5,000 or more, with most homeowners spending $100 to $500 on interior doors, and $300 to $1,500 on exterior doors. Prices depend on the material type as well as the install location. The most popular materials are steel, wood, composite, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Each material comes in different types of doors, including slab, bifold, double, paneled, flush-mount, saloon, colonial, Murphy, French, sliding, louver, pocket, arched, glass, barn, and accordion to name a few.

Door Prices
Material Door Labor Total Installed
Wood Room Door $30 – $330 $120 – $170 $150 – $500
Wood Interior w/ Sidelights $140 – $2,000 $500 – $1,100 $640 – $3,100
Wood Closet Door $30 – $2,300 $120 – $170 $150 – $2,470
Engineered Wood Door $200 – $500 $200 – $500 $400 – $1,000
Wood Entry Door $380 – $2,400 $200 – $500 $580 – $2,900
Wood Entry w/ Sidelights $1,100 – $3,500 $500 – $1,100 $1,600 – $4,600
Fiberglass Entry Door $200 – $2,300 $200 – $500 $400 – $2,800
Fiberglass Entry w/ Sidelights $500 – $3,900 $500 – $1,100 $1,000 – $5,000
Steel Fire Door $175 – $350 $150 – $500 $325 – $850
Steel Entry Door $100 – $2,200 $200 – $500 $300 – $2,700
Steel Entry w/ Sidelights $680 – $2,900 $500 – $1,100 $1,180 – $4,000
Iron Entry Door $1,500 – $5,000 $250 – $750 $1,750 – $5,750
Iron Entry w/ Sidelights $2,600 – $9,500 $500 – $1,100 $3,100 – $10,600
Aluminum Door $100 – $2,000 $200 – $280 $300 – $2,280
Aluminum Sliding Door $500 – $4,400 $150 – $800 $650 – $5,200
Aluminum Screen Door $80 – $200 $200 – $280 $280 – $480
Aluminum Glass Storm Door $80 – $200 $220 – $280 $300 – $480

*Prices are representing average costs, labor and door prices vary by location.

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Wooden Door Prices

Interior wooden doors cost $27 to $330, engineered solid wood doors are $200 to $500, and solid exterior entry doors are $400 to $3,500. Prices depend on whether it has sidelights, glass, a transom window, or if it's hollow or solid.

Wooden Door Prices
Type Average Cost
Interior Core $30 – $330
Interior Solid Wood $200 – $500
Exterior Solid Wood $400 – $3,500

Solid Wooden Front Door With Top-View Glass Panels

Solid-wood doors are dent and scratch resistant, are easy to repair, and hold up better than any other type. Wood occasionally requires painting or varnishing to provide a high-end look.

Steel Door Prices

Steel doors cost $100 to $400 for a basic entry, $700 to $2,900 for one with sidelights, and $500 to $1,000 when installing with glass accents. Steel doors are relatively inexpensive, energy-efficient, and offers security and weather resistance compared to the pricier fiberglass and wood doors.

Steel Door Prices
Type Average Cost
Basic Entry $100 – $400
Decorative & Glass $500 – $1,000
Entry w/ Sidelights $700 – $2,900

Steel requires little maintenance, but dents and scratches may rust if they are not painted over quickly. Steel doors are as strong as solid-core doors, and can be made more secure by installing a steel-enforced frame around the border.

Aluminum Door Cost

Aluminum doors cost between $250 and $800 on average, with prices ranging from $100 to $4,400 depending on the type. Aluminum doors are typically used for closet, sliding, entry, and screen doors. Aluminum sliding glass doors cost $500 to $2,000 on average.

Wrought Iron Door Cost

Wrought iron doors cost $1,500 to $5,000 on average, while double iron doors range from $3,300 to $8,000. Iron doors use a steel base with iron details covering the glass. They typically come pre-hung with the hinges in place and with the handles and locks. Iron doors don’t require paint or staining, so maintenance costs are minimal.

Custom Double Front Doors with Ornate Wrought Iron Details Covering Glass

Fiberglass Doors Cost

Single-entry fiberglass doors cost $200 to $2,300, and fiberglass doors with sidelights range from $700 to $3,900. Fiberglass doors are low maintenance, highly durable, won't rot or get termite damage, can be painted or stained, are dent-resistant, and most have a high energy-efficiency rating.

Fiberglass doors are moderately priced and are available with a smooth surface, or a wood-grain texture. However, these doors can crack under severe impact.

Composite Door Prices

Engineered and composite door prices range from $27 to $500 on average, while high-end French, barn, or sliding doors run $1,000 or more. Composite is an engineered wood product using wood particles.

Composite Door Prices
Type Average Cost
Bifold Door $38 – $430
Sliding Door $77 – $420
Slab Interior $27 – $500
Interior Pre-hung $65 – $700
French Door $170 – $1,000
Barn Door $120 – $1,500
Exterior Sliding $700 – $1,300

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Cost To Hang A Door By Type

The labor cost to hang a door averages $130 to $600 with discounts for installing two or more doors at once. Labor prices vary greatly depending on the type and size of the door, your location, and whether the frame or wall needs repairing. Specialized or custom doors increase your overall costs.

Cost To Install A Door By Type
Type Material Labor Total
Single Entry $200 – $2,000 $130 – $750 $330 – $2,750
Double Entry $400 – $8,000 $500 – $1,100 $900 – $9,100
Entry w/ Sidelights $1,100 – $3,500 $500 – $1,100 $1,600 – $4,600
Fire-Rated $300 – $600 $150 – $500 $450 – $1,100
French $450 – $4,500 $200 – $1,100 $650 – $5,600
Bifold & Folding $100 – $600 $100 – $250 $200 – $850
Bulkhead or Basement $400 – $1,100 $600 – $2,800 $1,000 – $3,900
Sliding Patio $300 – $2,700 $150 – $800 $450 – $3,500
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Cost To Install Pre-Hung vs. Slab Doors

The average cost to install a pre-hung door is $188 to $550, while a slab door costs between $325 and $1,150. Slab doors are around 50% cheaper than pre-hung doors of the same type, but you'll end up paying more for your installer to cut and fabricate the door frame, attache the hinges, etc.

Pre-Hung vs. Slab Door
Pre-Hung Slab
Cost $188 to $550 installed. Cost $325 to $1,150 installed.
Installed in as little as 30 minutes. Take up to 4 hours to install.
Labor costs about $45 less for an exterior door. Labor costs about $153 more for an interior door.
Already in its frame. All materials required for the frame must be bought separately.
Sometimes comes with all necessary hardware. All hardware must be bought separately.

Cost to Install French Doors Into a Wall

French doors cost $650 to $5,600 to install into an existing frame. The additional labor cost to install French doors into an exterior wall and rough frame the opening is $600 to $1,200, while cutting into an interior wall adds between $400 and $600.

White Interior French Doors Installed Into A Wall For Home Office

Modifying a load-bearing wall may require a building permit and structural engineer’s plans costing $250 to $1,000. The rough opening needs to be 2–½” wider than the door, and the opening height measured from the finished floor needs to be 2–¼” more than the door height.

Entry Doors with Sidelights Prices

Entry doors with sidelights typically cost $1,600 to $4,600, although high-end installations cost $10,000 or more depending on the size and type of material. Sidelights come configured on either the left, right, or both sides of the door and are commonly made from steel or fiberglass.

Entry Doors with Sidelights Prices
Material Door Only Total Installed
Steel $650 – $2,900 $1,200 – $4,000
Fiberglass $500 – $3,900 $1,000 – $5,000
Wood $1,200 – $5,700 $1,700 – $6,800
Iron $2,600 – $9,600 $3,100 – $10,600

Wooden Front Door With Clear Glass Sidelights and Transom

Adding a top transom window will increase your overall cost. Sidelights, or "sidelites", made from Low-E glass allow light into the home while keeping thermal transfer at a minimum.

Fire-Rated Door Replacement Cost

Wood or steel fire-rated doors cost $450 to $1,100 to replace. Fire doors are rated from 20 minutes to 4 hours based on their fire resistance, and most building codes require fire doors between the house and the garage.

Bifold & Folding Doors Cost

Bifold and other closet door systems cost $200 to $850 installed, while accordion doors cost $400 to $2,800 installed. Door-only prices start as low as $50 for hollow-core lauan doors and up to $2,300 for heritage wood-grain accordion doors.

Bulkhead or Bilco Basement Doors Cost

Bilco or bulkhead basement doors cost $1,000 to $3,900 on average for materials and installation. Bulkhead doors provide external access to a basement and are installed at a 30° angle away from the home. Bilco doors require professional installation to avoid basement water damage. Bilco basement doors are a popular type made from both steel and polyethylene, ranging from $400 to $1,100 for just the doors.

Sliding Patio Door Cost

A sliding glass door costs $450 to $3,500 installed on average, depending on the size and quality. Basic glass sliding doors cost as little as $300, while high-end installation can cost $5,000 or more.

Cost For Service Door To Garage

The cost to replace a service door to a garage ranges from $350 to $1,500. Cutting a door opening in the garage wall and rough framing adds $600 to $1,200 depending on if it's a load-bearing wall. Pros recommended service doors to be fire-rated, but they only need to follow fire-separation requirements of the building code.

Cost To Add or Replace Back Door

Replacing a steel entry back door costs $350 to $800, while French or sliding patio doors cost $700 to $2,000 installed. Prices depend on the labor costs and size, style, and quality of the door.

Adding a new back door costs an additional $1,200 to $2,000 or more depending on if you're opening up a wall or installing to replace an existing window, and moving or replacing any existing pipes, wiring, and exterior treatments.

Condo & Apartment Door Replacement Cost

Replacing a condo or apartment door costs $285 to $800 depending on if it's a pre-hung or metal slab door. Prices include removing the original door, installing a new door, and disposing of the old door. Check with your HOA for restrictions on your door choices and paint colors.

New Construction & Commercial Door Cost

Commercial door installation costs $700 to $2,500 on average depending on if its steel, glass, aluminum, sliding, and the style. New construction door installation takes 30 minutes with rates from $80 to $300 per door depending on if it's a pre-hung or slab.

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Door Replacement Costs

Door replacement costs more than new construction and requires more work, such as removing the existing door, fixing any damage, reframing, and fitting the new door into place.

Cost to Remove Interior & Exterior Doors

Removing an interior door costs $40 to $80 while removing an exterior door costs $70 to $200 on average. Hauling off and disposing of the door adds $25 to $50 depending on your location. Costs vary depending on the type of door, it's size, and whether its internal or external.

Cost to Remove A Door
Type Average Cost
Interior Door $40 – $80
Exterior Door $70 – $200
Disposal Fees $25 – $50

Cost of Fitting Doors in Existing Opening

Fitting a door into an existing opening costs $275 to $500 for installation. Prices depend on whether adjustments are made to the door or the frame and wall. Old or custom doors may need the hole re-cut wider, while solid wood doors are trimmed for $35 to $70 to fit into the existing opening.

Cost to Replace a Door Frame & Jamb

The average cost to replace a door frame is $113 to $382 or $7 to $20 per linear foot depending on the material, size, and whether it's interior or exterior. Pre-hung doors come with the jamb pre-installed, although the wall may need repairs or reframing before hanging a door.

Interior and Exterior Door Frame Replacement Cost Chart

Replacing a Door in an Existing Jamb or Frame

Replacing an interior door in an existing frame costs between $260 and $500 or $100 to $300 when doing the labor yourself. Hiring a professional to replace an exterior door in an existing jamb costs $500 to $1,000 on average.

Cost To Move A Door

The average cost to move an interior door is $700 to $1,400 and between $1,700 and $4,000 to move an exterior door depending on if it's a load-bearing wall. Pricing includes closing up the old opening, cut a new opening, framing, and hanging a new door.

Cost To Move A Door - Interior & Exterior Chart

Add $500 to $800 for permits and engineer’s plans when moving a door into a load-bearing wall. Additional costs could include adding steps up to the door.

Additional Cost Considerations

When replacing a door, creating a new door opening, or moving a door, other costs that could become part of your project include:

Additional Door Cost Considerations
Task Average Cost
Add Threshold $25 – $50
Rough Framing $7 – $20 per linear foot
Replace Door Glass $150 – $600
Hanging Drywall $1.60 – $2.35 per square foot
Painting Drywall $0.88 – $1.20 per square foot
Rerouting Plumbing $45 – $150 per hour
Rerouting Electrical $40 – $100 per hour
Interior Door Painting costs $75 – $150
Exterior Door Painting $100 – $225
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Install A Door?

Hanging a pre-hung interior door typically takes 1 to 2 hours, replacing a new front door takes 3 to 8 hours, and new construction exterior doors take 2 to 4 hours. Time depends on the type of door, and if repairs to the trim, caulking, painting, siding, lockset, or frame are required.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Door?

How Long Does It Take To Install A Door?
Type Average Time (Hours)
Pre-hung Interior Door 1 – 2
New Construction Exterior Door 2 – 4
Front Door Replacement 3 – 8

These times include removing the old door, making minor repairs, and installing a new one, and disposing of the old door. In extreme cases where there are surprises that need a lot of repairs, it could take a couple of days to install a door.

How Much Does a Commercial Steel Door Installation Cost?

Installing a commercial steel door costs $1,700 to $16,400 on average depending on the door's size, level of security, if the door jamb is a slab or knockdown, and if you're replacing an existing door.

How Much Does It Cost for an Entry Door Lock Installation?

The average cost to change locks on an entry door is $70 to $170, and between $90 to $190 to install a deadbolt. Locksmiths have a typical minimum call out charge of $30 to $85, and from $100 to $250 for after-hours service.

What's the Cost of Removing a Door & Replacing with a Wall?

Removing a door and replacing it with a wall costs $500 to $2,000 depending on the size of the door opening. This project requires reframing the hole, hanging and finishing drywall, and painting to match the surrounding area.

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Hiring A Door Installation Professional

Installing a door is difficult to do yourself correctly. If you get it wrong, you’ll have to pay a pro to redo it. Exterior doors need to be well insulated from the weather and provide proper security. Professionals can install a door in hours and ensure it's properly fitted and level with the floor.

Before hiring a pro, be sure to:

  • Ask friends, family, and neighbors for references or compare pros on HomeGuide.
  • Get at least 3 price estimates.
  • Verify reviews on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for their reputation.
  • Never pay upfront, and avoid paying in cash.

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