The Handyman Can!!!® Inc

The Handyman Can!!!® Inc



- I love having a new 'Boss' every day.

- I carry a Residental Contractor's License, MN Department Of Labor And Industry #BC129693

- You will Never have to hire another Handyman Service to complete any job I start.

- If an office staff or I don't personally pick up the phone, please leave a message and I will return your call in 1 business day. (I am a 1 man operation.)

- A menber of Angie's List for over 10 years, I have over 260 reviews, 80% "A" rated.

- Accredited Member Of The BBB

- I am admittedly one of the higher priced Handyman Services.

My reviewers have written serveral times:

- "A delightful, hard-working man, he keeps on-task"

- "With Johnny, you get what you pay for".

- "Johnny accomplished in 4 hours what would have taken me 4 days, he is now on my speed dial"


All my life I have enjoyed repairing and building things for people. Once when I was five, I

was at my grandparent’s house and I starting taking apart grandpa’s watch and their

toaster. Mom came into the room and started to scold me, but Grandpa insisted that she

let me be. I fixed the toaster. And the watch, well, it didn’t work in the first place.

When I was a teenager, I completed my first major project. My Mom wanted the

basement finished and she hired my older cousin Jim. Being the ever-curious person

that I am, I started asking Jim questions. He put me to work alongside him. We worked

a couple nights a week for many weeks until Jim could no longer work on the basement.

He had become busy with his own work and raising his family. With my older sister’s

graduation coming up quick my mom was concerned it would not be done in time. After

talking with my cousin Jim he asserted that I could finish it by myself. He said he would

guide me along over the telephone. With the guidance of my cousin and my dedication, the

job was completed before graduation. Mom was delighted and proud.

1970-1973 I Graduated from St.Paul Technical Vocational Institute with Diplomas in

Electro/Mechanical Technology and Electronics Technology. I also, received my FCC

license with radar endorsement. During my studies I received awards for outstanding

student and perfect attendance.

In 1977, I bought my first duplex; A few years later a double bungalow. The ensuing years

of working on the properties, pulling permits and passing required inspections built an

excellent foundation to perform construction, installation and repairs properly. Without

knowing at the time this started my path to the creation of The Handyman Can!!!.

From 1972 to 1983, I worked for Gould Battery in engineering department as a product

and applications technologist. The title was fancy but the job and problem solving skills

gained contributed to becoming a handyman. While there, many home problems were

solved over lunch with some engineers who also owned duplexes. Many of the jobs I get

challenge me to solve a problem along the way to making the repair, installation.

In 1995, I began my handyman business. In 1997, I sold the duplexes. And

in 1998, I earned my contractor's license and incorporated The Handyman Can!!!. Many jobs along the

way have challenged me requiring new skills and methods to be learned for solutions to

repairs, installations and builds.

Every day I enjoy serving new people. I love what I do.

My Company Motto:

"Being Of Service - I Love It"



John C. Thomas


The Handyman Can!!!® Inc.

MN Department Of Labor License #BC129693

Registered Corporation With The MN Secretary Of State.


Current Top Pro
1 employee
28 years in business
Serves St Paul, MN

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Frequently asked questions

- Take the call and LISTEN to what they want / need.

- Discuss project WITH customer, can I produce their desired result?  If their approach may need tweaking / alternative recommendations, let them know what and why.

- Give an over-the-phone ball-park price is possible.  Ask for pictures to be emailed to me to aid in a "Pre-Estimate"

- Email my software Pre-Estimate on company business form.

The Emailed Pre-Estimate Contains These Customer Care Services:

1st Hour Of Repairs And Maintenance. (1 Hour Minimum) 

(Price is listed in the pre-estimate)

In some cases, the work will be completed in less than 1 hour.

If you wish, please have another item for me to do to fill your hour.

We want you to get your full 1 hour value.

Additional hours, same day, $___ per hour.

(Price is listed in Pre-Estimate) 

Additional hours are pro-rata every 5 minutes = $___ per 5 minutes.

Note, some jobs may be estimated on a "Bid Basis", Materials & Labor.

This will be determined during your appointment or over the phone.

During your appointment I will walk with you, listen, observe and take notes about all your items to fully understand your desired results.

I will give feed back and recommendations.

If your approach is not going to produce your intended result, I will say so.

An on-site estimate is given free of charge, no obligation. 

If you hire me, my intention is to begin the work that day.  

(In some cases, such as material procurement, the work may need to be re-scheduled for a later date).

If you hire me, time will have begun upon my arrival.

Time runs if I get materials.

You are welcome to furnish materials.

If you choose to do so, I will make a list for you and give you my cell # should you have questions while shopping.

Please note, there may be times when I need to do the shopping and will tell you so and why.

If you wish, I will accompany you to select materials.  The hourly charge is in effect.

You may prioritize your list and tell our me which order to do them.

You may add to or subtract from your list the day of service.

When you are ready to stop, tell me 'let's stop after this'.  YOU ARE THE BOSS.

Materials I purchase (if any) will be added.

Van supplies (if any) will be added.

Disposal / Recycle Fee (if any) will be added.

You are welcome to learn how to do the work by observing and asking questions.

Please keep in mind if this is an hourly job, you are being charged.

Time ends when tools are put back in the van and debris is cleaned up (unless you wish to do clean up).

In the event you will not be present during the repair, please give us:

-Locking instructions should we need to get materials.

-End of the job locking instructions.

-Instructions regarding not letting any pets out.  Please let us know your pet's name(s).

Once you are scheduled, call any changes directly to me: Cell 651-308-6011

Otherwise, please begin any new project by calling our office: 651-487-5606

I look forward to "Being Of Service" to you.


John C. Thomas (Please call me Johnny)


The Handyman Can®!!! Inc.

"Being Of Service - We Love It"

MN Department Of Labor Contractor License #BC129693

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