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Building, Remodeling, and Excellence in Metro Boston. Thirty+ years experience founded on hands-on field expertise helping to build and remodel customers' homes.

Transform your home... and transform your life!


5 employees
37 years in business
Serves Upton , MA

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    Frequently asked questions

    When considering building or remodeling, there are a number of challenges that confront our clients.  Your project is truely "one of a kind" and can initially seem a bit overwhelming. Add to the mix the horror stroies you've probably heard or seen on cable TV and it only adds to the anxiety. That's where we can help!  Thanks to our three plus decades of experience in the trades and the business of building, we use our knowledge and technology to streamline the process.  This creates a comfort level not typical in this industry and allows the customer to think about the creative aspect of their project.  We're building YOUR home, bathroom, kitchen, or deck... where also building our reputation.  What do you want to build today?

    We've been building and rebuilding for longer that thirty years.  From an apprentise position in 1981 to the present, our owner has been commited to the construction and remodeling trade.  We're a licensed CSL in MA and this experience funnels down to making our next project... your project, another brick in this foundation of excellence.  Check out for more information

    Pricing for our projects is based on an industry standard of wages, materials, subcontracting costs, waste management and indirect costs [the latter being about 25% of the overall cost of doing business].  Every project is unique but a baseline standard is applied and adhered to throughout each project.

    It's important to note that a business needs to ensure that a competent, knowledgeable, TRAINED team needs to be brought to bear when doing construction and remodeling.  There are no shortcuts in this process and we encourage our clients to be rigorous when vetting their selection of a contractor.  Ask us how.  It's easier than you think. 

    Our owner started as an apprentice in 1981.  Full details here:

    Some perspective:  Recently, we were asked to mop up after another contractor.  They completed a bathroom for this client and were supposed to do another one.  The first project [slated to take 6 weeks] took 6 months.  Upon inspecting the job, it is a waste of material.  Any price for what they got as a completed job was too much.  Coincidentally, this fired contractor in on HomeAdvisor with a 5 star rating.

    We completed the upstairs bathroom on 3 weeks and completed a number of other projects as well.  We are currently bidding a basement remodel for that same client.  Most of our work comes from repeat business - the highest accolade 

    Our clients are as varied as one would expect after thirty plus years of experience.  What we've learned as a business is some clients understand what value is and can attribute the appropiate pricing associated with excellence

    The construction industry is like many others but, these days, there is one area where it is different:  expertise.  A number of factors have significantly reduced the amount of people that truly know the trades and the business of building.  We did a project recently where the client had some previous work done.  They did not rehire them because even the layperson could tell the work was poor.  Without much probing, the client told me that the previous contractor [highly rated on websites] used to be a financial planner.  He decided to open a construction company.  No apprenticeship, no mentoring from a craftsman, no previous knowledge other than watching cable TV and tinkering at home.

    Whether you hire a doctor, a tailor, a dentist, or a contractor.... experience matters.  And practice does NOT make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Ask us how you can easily vet a contractor in 10 minutes and a little leg work.  It will pay HUGE dividends and make your project a success

    Questions potential clients should ask:

    - How did you start in the business?  Beware of self taught anything.  Would you hire a doctor that was self taught? The proper experience matters

    - Can I come to your current job site... now?  Can I talk with the client?  A simple impromptu visit will yield all you need to know about the contractor.  How is the site staged?  Is it orderly?  What is the feedback from the current client?  Use your eyes and this is what YOUR site will look like once you are committed.  Talk to the client without the contractor present.  Do this in person and you'll get the full, unmitigated story

    - When can you start?  This should never be immediately.  Occasionally, we will move indoor projects up in the winter months for obvious reasons.  Also, scheduling [waiting for permits, variances, weather] may allow an immediate start BUT a client should be willing to wait for the best contractors because there are not that many of us around.  Once your project begins, we give you a scedule to let you know what our commitments are as well as yours [i.e. - when you need to select products by, when we will need an additional payment installment, etc]

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