How much does a water fountain or waterfall cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a water fountain or waterfall cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a water fountain or waterfall cost?

$1,500 – $8,800Average total cost

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$1,500 – $8,800 Average total cost

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Water fountain cost

A water fountain costs $1,500 to $8,800 installed on average. Water fountain prices are $40 to $6,000+, depending on the material, size, and type. Waterfall installation costs $2,000 to $8,800 for labor and materials for a pool waterfall or $3,000 to $11,000 for a pondless waterfall feature.

Water fountain cost by size
Type Size Average cost installed
Small rock fountain 3 square feet $200 – $700
Medium rock fountain 4 – 12 square feet $500 – $1,800 
Large rock fountain 12 – 20+ square feet $800 – $5,500 
Small concrete fountain 34” diameter or less $250 – $1,300
Medium concrete fountain 35” – 60” diameter $900 – $2,500
Large concrete fountain 60” – 100” diameter $2,700 – $11,000
Disappearing fountain / fountainscape 5 – 100+ square feet $2,800 – $9,700
Pondless waterfall 100+ square feet $3,000 – $11,000
Pool waterfall (sheet falls / faux rock / Rico Rock) 2 – 4 feet high Variable width $2,000 – $8,800
Pool grotto 3 – 6+ feet high 10 – 12+ feet long $7,500 – $40,000

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Average cost to install a water fountain or waterfall

The following table shows the average cost to install a water fountain or waterfall.

Average cost to install a fountain or waterfall.
National Average Cost $5,100
Minimum Cost $50
Maximum Cost $40,000
Average Range $1,500 to $8,800

Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

Water feature cost by type

Water features cost $40 to $6,000+, depending on the size and type. Smaller models are typically DIY-friendly, while larger, heavier fountains or waterfalls integrated into an outdoor feature may require professional installation.

Water feature cost by type
Type Average fountain cost* Details
Bird bath fountain $40 – $1,300
  • Freestanding
  • Circulating water attracts birds
  • Many size, style, and material options
Disappearing fountain kit $450 – $2,100
  • One or more basalt columns, urns, spheres, or bowls
  • Requires an in-ground water reservoir
Fire and water fountain $500 – $5,200
  • Combines fire with a water feature
  • Unique outdoor focal point
Floating fountain $150 – $1,700
  • Floats in the center of a pond or pool
  • Use year-round or for special occasions
  • Low maintenance
Freestanding wall fountain $600 – $2,400
  • Installs flush against a wall
  • Self-contained reservoir
  • Typically made from heavy materials
Hanging wall fountain $150 – $850
  • Space saving
  • Hangs from interior or exterior wall
Pedestal tier fountain $100 – $1,500
  • Freestanding
  • Water cascades from 2 or more tiers
  • Many size, style, and material options
Pondless waterfall kit $600 – $1,400
  • Smaller footprint than a pond
  • Typically requires an in-ground basin
Precast stone / concrete fountain $200 – $6,000 
  • Made from molds to resemble natural carved stone
  • Larger, heavier models may require installation assistance
Small sheet fall (up to 12") $50 – $250
  • Spillway creates a single sheet of water
  • Ideal for small backyard ponds or pondless waterfalls
Large sheet fall (30" – 120") $200 – $1,400
  • Spillway creates a single sheet of water
  • Common in pools, grottos, or larger custom fountains
Solar water fountain $100 – $600 
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Easier installation than tradition fountains
Spanish tier fountain $300 – $2,000
  • Often stone or concrete
  • 2 or more round tiers, with the widest bowl at the bottom.
  • Garden or courtyard focal point
Spouting water fountain $90 – $2,700
  • May be freestanding or wall mounted
  • Many style and design options

*Not including installation.

Pond or swimming pool waterfall cost

A pond or swimming pool waterfall costs $2,000 to $8,800 installed on average. Waterfall styles include natural-looking falls cascading from imperfectly shaped rocks or modern designs with sleek water sheets falling from straight-edged spillways.

A modern sheet water fountain flowing into a swimming pool.
A modern sheet water fountain flowing into a swimming pool.

Pool grotto cost

Installing a pool grotto costs $7,500 to $40,000 on average, including labor. Basic loveseat grottos fall at the low end of the price range. Large, elaborate grottos with extra features are the costliest.

A grotto is a cave-like structure with built-in seating and a waterfall or slide.

Faux rock or Rico Rock water feature cost

Faux rock or Rico Rock water features cost $1,000 to $8,400 for the material alone, depending on the size. Rico rock is fiber-reinforced concrete molded to look and feel like natural rock.

Small, modular faux rock structures are DIY-friendly. Hire a certified installer for large, complex designs.

Pre-made waterfall kit prices

Premade kit prices depend on the type:

  • Pre-made waterfall kit prices are $400 to $1,500+, depending on the size and features, and come with all the components to construct a pond-free waterfall.

  • Disappearing fountain kits cost $450 to $2,100 and include one or more fountains and all the parts needed for a "fountainscape" water feature.

  • Self-contained fountain kits cost $90 to $600+ and have a built-in reservoir, providing easier DIY install with no digging or extra plumbing required.

Pondless waterfall costs

A pondless waterfall costs $3,000 to $11,000 on average installed, depending on the size and design complexity. Pondless waterfalls recirculate water from an underground basin—typically covered with gravel and rocks—up and through a spillway at the top.

Disappearing fountains or fountainscapes cost $2,800 to $9,700 installed. Disappearing fountains use the same in-ground reservoir setup as pondless waterfalls, but water flows out of one or more stone spheres, urns, spillway bowls, or basalt columns.

Pondless waterfall and disappearing fountain benefits include:

  • Safe for children and pets

  • Requires less space than a pond

  • Low maintenance

  • Energy-efficient

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A water fountain in a landscaped residential backyard.
A water fountain in a landscaped residential backyard.

Water fountain installation cost factors

Water fountain installation cost factors
Item Average cost
Fountain $40 – $6,000 
Excavation / grading $250 – $1,600
Labor cost $300 – $1,300+ 

Factors affecting the installation cost include:

  • Size / type – Installing a waterfall or fountain feature requiring an in-ground basin requires more labor than a freestanding, self-contained water fountain. Small, indoor, tabletop fountains cost less than large, elaborate, outdoor fountains and require no professional installation.

  • Custom vs pre-made – Pre-made fountains costs less than custom designs of the same size.

  • Material – Plastic, fiberglass, and ceramic fountains fall at the low end of the price range. Glass, marble, and copper fountains cost the most.

  • Weight – Heavy materials like concrete, stone, and marble may require additional transportation and labor fees.

  • Number of fountains / pumps – Multiple fountain water features may require more than one pump, increasing material and installation costs.

  • Add-ons – LED or extra spotlighting adds $400 to $1,400 when professionally installed. An auto-fill valve adds $300 to $600+ to the installation cost.

  • Solar power – A solar-powered water fountain pump requires less installation labor and reduces the fountain's operating costs.

  • Geographical location – Labor rates are typically higher in major metropolitan areas than in small towns.

  • Labor – Installers charge $50 to $150 per hour on average. The amount of labor required depends on the water feature size and type.

  • Location in yard – The fountain's distance from the house or water and power source affects the level of plumbing or electrical work required.

  • Prep workLand leveling costs $500 to $1,000 for a small yard or patio. Excavation costs $2.50 to $15.00 per cubic yard.

  • Water sourcePlumbers charge $45 to $150 per hour to run a water line for a fountain. Self-contained fountains and pondless waterfalls do not require a continuous water source unless installed with an auto-fill valve.

  • Power sourceElectricians charge $50 to $130 per hour plus a $75 call-out fee to run an electrical line to a fountain. Most fountains require a 110V or 120V electrical outlet.

  • LandscapingLandscaping contractors charge $4 to $12 per square foot to install landscaping around an outdoor fountain.

Water fountain material prices

Water fountain prices by material
Material Average price*
Ceramic $60 – $1,900
Concrete $250 – $2,400 
Copper $700 – $10,000
Fiberglass $90 – $1,600
Glass $450 – $8,800 
Marble $750 – $5,100 
Plastic / resin $50 – $1,800 
Rock / stone $150 – $2,900 

*Not including installation.

Indoor vs. outdoor water fountain costs

Outdoor water fountains typically cost more to install and maintain than indoor fountains. Indoor fountains are typically smaller and plug-and-play. Installing an outdoor fountain may require digging, leveling, plumbing, and electrical work.

Water fountain FAQs

How long does it take to install a water fountain?

Installing a water fountain takes 2 hours to 5+ days, depending on the crew size, fountain size, and design complexity.

  • A freestanding fountain takes 2 to 4 hours to install on average.

  • Installing a pool grotto or a multiple-fountain water feature takes 1 to 5+ days.

Does adding a water fountain increase the value of my home?

Adding a water fountain may increase a home's value if correctly installed and well-maintained. However, water features add maintenance needs, which may turn off some buyers. Fountains are most likely to increase home value in upscale areas where high-maintenance landscaping is common.

Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

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Yes, leaving your water fountain on all the time is best in most cases. Running the fountain continuously extends the pump's life, prevents algae growth, and reduces mineral buildup. Turn off the fountain when cleaning it or going out of town.

Experts recommend turning off concrete fountains in winter, even if the concrete is sealed.

Getting quotes for water fountain installation

Before hiring a fountain installer, be sure to:

  • Get referrals from friends or neighbors.

  • Confirm the contractor or installation company is licensed and insured.

  • Check their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Get at least 3 to 4 quotes to compare.

  • Ask for references with contact information.

  • Beware of selecting the lowest quote as it may indicate poor quality.

Questions to ask

  • Do you charge a design consultation fee?

  • Are you license and insured?

  • What experience do you have installing fountains or waterfalls?

  • Who will supervise the installation?

  • How much maintenance is required after installation?

  • How much sound will the fountain or waterfall produce?

  • Should I leave the fountain on year-round?

  • Is the fountain self-contained or does it require an external water source?

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