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How Much Does It Cost To Install Or Replace An Interior Door?

$155 – $688 Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet
$383 – $1,711 Sliding, French, Double

The average cost to install an interior door is $226 to $824. Bathroom or bedroom door replacement costs $155 to $688, and sliding closets, French, or double doors range from $383 to $1,711 on average. Door prices alone are $50 to $500, and labor costs to hang a door are $100 to $300. Get free estimates from door installers near you or view our cost guide below.

Interior Door Installation Costs

Interior door installation costs $344 on average, with most homeowners spending between $155 and $2,800. Prices depend on the type, frame or trim replacements, fitting, and whether the door is hollow or solid-core, and pre-hung or slab. Removing and disposing of the old door adds $40 to $80.

Cost To Replace Interior Door Chart

Interior Door Replacement Cost By Room
Door Type Average Cost Installed
Bedroom $150 – $700
Bathroom $150 – $700
Basic Closet $150 – $400
Sliding Closet $300 – $1,700
Double Bedroom $300 – $1,000
Laundry $180 – $700
Garage $300 – $800

Door prices vary based on the style, whether French, bifold, pocket, sliding, barn, or more. To get an accurate quote for your project, consult with a door installer near you, or check out our guide below.

  • When buying your own door, labor costs $100 to $300 to install on average.
  • Labor discounts are typically offered for installing more than one door.
  • The average door replacement takes 1 to 4 hours, depending on the type.
  • Interior doors provide privacy, noise reduction, room division, and fire safety.

Average Interior Door Installation Cost Chart

Interior Door Installation Cost
National Average Cost $344
Minimum Cost $150
Maximum Cost $3,000
Average Range $226 to $824

Table of Contents

  1. Interior Door Installation Costs
  2. New Interior Door Prices
  3. Cost To Replace Interior Doors
  4. Interior Door Replacement Cost By Room
  5. Cost of Fitting & Hanging Internal Doors
  6. Interior Door Repair & Maintenance
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Hiring An Interior Door Installer
  9. Door Installation Near Me

New Interior Door Prices

An average interior door costs $50 to $500 depending on the type. Prices range from $30 for a hollow-core slab up to $5,000 for murphy or pocket doors. Most interior doors are made from composite or premium wood, and prices depend on whether they are hollow or solid-core, and pre-hung or slab.

Interior Door Prices
Type Average Cost
Hollow-core $30 – $240
Solid-core $60 – $330
Slab $30 – $300
Pre-hung $50 – $300
Double Pre-hung $140 – $600
Solid Wood $150 – $850
Aluminum $40 – $500
Mirrored Sliding $240 – $820
Glass & Accents $170 – $1,300

*Door material prices only. Does not include installation or hardware. See "Cost To Replace" section for complete installation costs.

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Solid Core vs. Hollow Core Doors Cost

Hollow-core doors cost $30 to $240 on average, while solid-core doors are slightly more expensive at $60 and $330. Labor costs for both doors range between $100 and $350 per installation. Prices depend on whether the door is made from composite or premium wood.

Solid-core vs. Hollow-core Doors Cost Chart

Solid Core vs. Hollow Core Doors
Solid-core Hollow-core
Door alone costs $60 to $330. Door alone costs $30 to $240.
Complete installation costs $150 to $680. Complete installation costs $120 to $380.
Ideal for bedroom and bathroom doors, high-trafficked rooms, or areas where privacy is preferred. Suitable for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, or areas with low traffic.
Stronger, heavier, resists wear and tear. Cheaper, lighter, less durable, and harder to repair.
Provides better insulation of noise and air, and offers more fire protection. Less protection from either noise or fire. Poor insulator.
Made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), engineered wood, or foam with a wood veneer. Made from wood or MDF shell which is filled with honeycomb cardboard, pieces of wood, or both.
Both come in a variety of materials, designs, and qualities.

Prices for the door alone can vary depending on the quality and type of wood or composite. Solid core doors are not the same as solid wood.

Hollow vs. Solid Core Door Cost By Wood Type
Wood Type Hollow-Core Solid-Core
Hardboard $52 – $170 $107 – $227
Lauan $69 – $188 $122 – $244
Birch $84 – $203 $133 – $255
Ash $220 – $236 $267 – $282

Cost To Install Pre-Hung Doors

The average cost to install a pre-hung door is $170 to $470, including the door, hardware, and labor. Prices depend on the material and style of door selected, and labor costs. A pre-hung door comes mounted onto a frame complete with casing that takes a contractor 1 to 2 hours to install.

Cost To Install Pre-Hung Doors
Item Standard Double
Size up to 36” × 80” 60” × 80” or wider
Materials $50 – $300 $140 – $600
Labor $120 – $170 $180 – $400
Total Cost $170 – $470 $320 – $1,000

Additional costs and upgrades may apply, such as:

Pre-Hung Door Add-ons
Add-on Average Cost
Lock Installation $40 and $330
Trim & Casing Installation $2 to $4 per linear foot
Old Door Removal & Disposal $40 to $80
Resizing The Opening $250 to $400
Reframing The Opening $110 to $220

Split-jamb pre-hung interior doors are adjusted to fit different wall thicknesses, and the frame is wider than traditional doors. This adds 30 to 60-minutes to the install time, which costs $30 to $60 more.

Cost To Install Interior Slab Door

The average cost to install an interior slab door is $120 to $400 depending on if the jamb is already in place, and if the slab needs holes cut out for the hardware. Slab doors alone cost $30 to $300 depending on the quality and the material.

A slab door is a rectangular slab of wood, steel, or fiberglass by itself without a frame, hinges, and hardware. Slab doors are typically half the cost of pre-hung doors, although installation costs more.

Solid Wood Interior Doors Cost

The average cost of solid wood interior doors is $250 to $600, with most homeowners spending between $150 and $850 or more. Installing a solid wood door costs $300 to $1,200, including materials and labor. Prices depend on the type of wood and whether it's a slab or pre-hung.

Solid-Wood Interior Doors Cost Chart

Cost of Solid Wood Interior Doors
Wood Type Average Cost
Alder $330 – $980
Cypress, Cherry, Mahogany, Birch, Cedar, & Walnut $380 – $1,200
Pine, Oak, & Ash $380 – $780

*Door material prices only. It does not include old door removal, installation labor, glass, or hardware.

Solid-Core vs. Solid-Wood Doors

Solid-wood doors are made out of real wood, whereas a solid-core door is made with an MDF or composite interior of wood byproducts glued and pressed together to form the exterior finish. Sometimes, a wood veneer is glued over the solid-core on all sides, giving the appearance of a solid-wood door.

Aluminum Interior Door Prices

Mirrored sliding doors with an aluminum frame cost $240 to $820, while aluminum folding or bifold doors cost $40 to $500 on average. Complete installation typically costs $490 to $1,200 for materials and labor and is generally used as closet and wardrobe doors.

Glass Doors & Other Accents

Glass doors and interior doors with custom accents cost $170 to $1,300 based on the amount of glass and whether the door is slab or pre-hung. Door glass is typically available in decorative, reed, ripple, or satin styles, with clear and frosted glass being the most common.

Interior Glass Doors
Type Slab Pre-hung
Clear Glass $170 – $600 $330 – $700
Frosted Glass $190 – $1,200 $390 – $1,300

Interior doors have other design options such as carved wood features, metal details, custom finishes, arched shapes, and various opening styles, such as folding, bypass, sliding, hidden, or wall-mounted. Interior doors are also available in various panel designs for instance:

  • Colonial – Colonial doors have recessed panels framed by muntins, rails, and stiles.
  • Plantation – Plantation doors have either a full or half door panels of louvers or slats that allow for more ventilation for closets and laundry rooms.
  • Shaker – Shaker doors feature square edges around a flat inset panel that are designed with a symmetrical look.
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Cost To Replace Interior Doors

The average cost to replace an interior door is $226 to $824, including materials and labor. Most homeowners spend $100 to $500 on a new interior door, and $120 to $300 in labor costs to replace. Prices depend on the type and quality of the door selected.

Low-cost interior doors include bifold, barn, louver, and saloon, whereas higher-priced doors are French, sliding glass, pocket, and murphy.

Cost To Replace Interior Doors
Door Type Average Cost Installed
Pocket $500 – $2,500
Single Bifold $45 – $180
Double Bifold $90 – $500
Single French $200 – $800
Double French $400 – $1,600
Sliding $300 – $1,600
Sliding Glass $400 – $2,500
Barn $160 – $1,800
Murphy $1,100 – $5,000
Louver $220 – $400
Saloon $190 – $700

Pocket Door Cost

Pocket door installation costs $500 to $2,500 including parts and labor. Cheap pocket door kits start at $80 and can be installed for about $450, while a high-end steel frame kit, wood door, and handles costs $1,800 to install. Prices depend on if it's installed during a remodel or new construction.

Double Pocket Doors Installed in Dining Room

Pocket doors slide into empty wall space rather than swinging out from a hinge and are typical for closets or other tight spaces. Installations can be complex and cost thousands. One side of the wall must be removed, along with any nonstructural studs, wiring, and pipes in the way, and then replaced once the door is installed.

French Doors Cost

French doors cost $200 to $2,000 each, depending on the intricacy of the glass panels and the quality of materials. The average cost to install French doors is $400 to $1,600 based on if their pre-hung or slab. French doors range from 1 to 15 glass panels and typically come in pairs.

Foyer With Interior French Doors and Wooden Front Door with Sidelights

French doors are suitable outside or inside the home, and often used as a transition to a formal dining room or for patio doors. Being mostly glass, they allow lots of light to fill the room but offer little privacy.

Interior Double Doors

Installing interior double doors without glass costs $300 to $700 on average, with door prices ranging from $170 and $1,200 depending on the material and quality. Double doors are commonly used for pantries, bedrooms, and closets.

Single & Double Bifold Doors Cost

Single bifold doors cost $40 to $180, while double bifold doors range from $80 to $500 depending on the style and material. A complete installation costs between $180 and $350. A single bifold is a set of two doors, while a double is a set of four.

Bifold doors are installed on a set of tracks with rollers embedded in the casing. When opened, they fold in half and are great for closets, tight areas, or laundry rooms.

Sliding Doors Cost

Basic or mirrored sliding doors cost $300 to $1,600 to install, while the cost to replace sliding glass doors ranges from $400 to $2,500 on average. Prices depend on the size of bypass doors and the material options, which are aluminum, golden oak, steel, or frameless.

Sliding Glass Barn Doors In Master Suite Showing off Bathroom

Barn Door Installation Cost

Barn door installation costs $160 to $1,800 on average, depending on the size, type, number of doors, mounting hardware, and labor costs. Wood is the most common type, but these doors are also available in colored glass or composite. Barn door kits are available if you choose to install it yourself.

Master Bedroom With Interior Barn Door Leading to Bathroom

Barn doors slide along rails on the exterior of the wall and enable more useable space in a room. A barn door doesn't insulate a room’s temperature level or noise level well, but tends to increase your home's value.

Murphy Doors Cost

Murphy doors cost $600 to $4,500 depending on the size and whether it's flush or surface-mount. Installation labor adds $550 to your final cost. Murphy, or hidden bookcase doors, are designed to look like a bookcase, but provide access to a hidden room. These are ideal for panic rooms or safes.

Murphy doors are available as a flush-mount door that pivots inside the wall, a surface-mounted door that is hinged in the middle—like a bifold door, or a French door that opens into the room rather than out.

Louver Doors Cost

Louver doors cost $80 to $250 on average, with most spending $220 to $400 for a complete installation depending on the size and material. Louver doors are made from composite, vinyl, PVC, steel, or wood, and may not come finished.

Louver doors have horizontal, angled slats of wood or glass inserted into a panel taking up either the upper or lower half of the door, or from top to bottom. They are typically used for closet or laundry room doors for airflow.

Saloon Doors

Basic slatted saloon doors cost $90 to $200, while solid, raised panels, carved designs, and iron or glass accent sets cost $400 or more. Installation labor costs $100 to $300, and door prices depend on the material, thickness, and design.

Saloon or swinging cafe doors use a pivot hinge to allow the door to open both ways and are prevalent in kitchens, closets, basements, entertainment rooms, or dining areas. These doors come in full louver, stile-and-rail, panel, and spindle-top designs.

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Interior Door Replacement Cost By Room

The type of door to install depends on the use of the room. Solid-core doors provide noise insulation and fire protection, while hollow-core doors are cheaper to replace but have less privacy and don't last as long. Bifold doors are common for laundry and pantry doors, while sliding doors are popular for closets.

Bedroom & Bathroom Doors Cost

Bedroom and bathroom doors cost $60 to $250 on average, with most homeowners spending $180 to $300 for a complete replacement. Using solid-core doors for bedrooms will reduce noise and provide extra privacy.

Closet Door Installation Cost

Closet door installation costs $120 to $380 on average, depending on the type. Wood or mirrored sliding doors range from $270 to $1,700 installed, while accordion closet doors cost $460 to $2,800 to replace. For the door alone, expect to spend $30 to $150 for a slab or pre-hung.

Closet Door Installation Cost Chart

Closet Doors Cost
Door Type Average Cost Installed
Hollow-core $120 – $380
Bi-fold $180 – $750
Wood Sliding $270 – $700
Mirrored Sliding $430 – $1,700
Accordion $460 – $2,800

Laundry Room Doors Cost

Basic hollow-core laundry room doors cost $120 to $250 installed. Fire-rated steel or wood doors range from $300 to $700 to install, while bifold doors typically run $180 to $750 to replace.

Apartment or Interior Garage Door

Apartment and garage doors cost $300 to $800 installed or between $100 and $400 for just the door. These doors are considered an exterior entry and are typically fire-rated steel or wood that doesn't need waterproofing. Consider adding self-closing hinges to the door for $30 to $80 installed.

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Cost of Fitting & Hanging Internal Doors

Hanging new internal doors costs $180 to $700 depending on the type. When installing interior doors, additional fees may arise for fitting, reframing, making repairs, installing casing, removing and disposing of the old door, or installing new hardware.

Cost of Fitting & Hanging Internal Doors
Door Type Average Cost
Hollow Core $180 – $460
Solid Core $220 – $760
Solid wood $240 – $700
Steel Fire Door $360 – $490

*Includes the labor cost to remove the existing door, transfer the hinges and handles or knobs, install the new door, and haul away the old door.

Labor Cost To Install Interior Door

The average labor cost to install an interior door is $100 to $300. Professionals charge $30 to $80 per hour plus call-out fees with the average door taking 1 to 3 hours to install. Budget at the high-end for repairing or replacing the framing, door jamb, hinges, or handles.

Labor Cost To Install Interior Door
Door Type Average Labor Cost
Pre-hung $120 – $260
Slab $200 – $570
Fire-rated $160 – $240
Bi-fold $90 – $230
Sliding / Bypass $190 – $440
Accordion $170 – $510

Professionals typically remove the old door for free, but may charge $40 to $80 for disposal. Consider donating your old door to avoid this cost and save on your taxes. Adding a door to an interior wall costs $675 to $1,100, depending on the size, type, and if the plumbing or electrical needs rerouting.

Cost of Fitting Internal Doors

The cost of fitting internal doors is $30 to $400, depending on the existing doorway. If the new door is the same size as the frame, trimming and fitting costs $30 to $70. Otherwise, cutting the wall opening wider and redoing the framing to fit a larger door costs $250 to $400.

Typically only flush solid-core doors are available for trimming. Trimming doors with inset panels or hollow-core doors damage their structural integrity, and instead, the doorway needs to be widened.

Cost To Replace Door Frame

Replacing an interior door frame costs $113 to $222 or between $7 to $14 per linear foot on average. Replacement takes a finish carpenter 2 to 3 hours. The cost to replace a knockdown steel door frame is $190 to $350 for materials and labor. Repairing a door frame costs $51 and $141 per damaged section.

Interior and Exterior Door Frame Replacement Cost Chart

Cost To Install Door Casing & Trim

Installing door casing or trim costs $90 to $155 per door or $2 to $4 per linear foot. Casing is a piece of trim nailed to the drywall that creates the appearance of a frame around the sides of the door. Casing comes in plain, ranch, or colonial styles, and made from metal or wood.

Cost to Replace Interior Door Hardware

The average cost to replace interior door hardware is $60 to $200 on average, depending on the quality of the hardware and the complexity of the installation. New slab doors that need holes drilled in for hardware cost $95 to $150 more to install.

Interior Door Hardware Cost
Hardware Average Cost Installed
Levers & Handles $50 – $360
Knobs $40 – $180
Knob & Locksets $80 – $360
Locks $40 – $330
Latches $30 – $60
Hinges $10 – $60

Cost To Replace Door Threshold

The average cost to replace a door threshold is $30 to $80 when hiring a professional, and between $5 to $30 when installing it yourself. Prices depend on the type of flooring on each side of the threshold and the material options.

Thresholds or saddles are available in plastic, wood, and metal. High-rug thresholds are suitable for use when there is a carpet. Pre-hung doors come with thresholds already in place.

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Interior Door Repair & Maintenance

Interior door repair costs $75 to $220 on average. Repairing a door frame ranges from $51 and $141 per damaged section, and replacing damaged sliding-track hardware costs $25 to $70. Costs go up significantly when repairing a large hole or replacing the glass in a door or sidelight.

Many door issues are from a damaged frame or improper installation, causing the door to stick or sag on its hinges. Ordinary maintenance and repairs include:

  1. Replacing or repairing a door frame.
  2. Replacing handles, knobs, door casing, or trim.
  3. Replacing the door slab.
  4. Filling holes or dents in the door.
  5. Painting over repairs or the entire door costs $75 to $150.
  6. Lubricating and tightening screws in hinges, knobs, and handles.

Replace vs. Repair an Interior Door

For standard bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors, replacement is preferred over repairing as pricing can be similar depending on the extent of the damage. For cosmetic repairs or damage to expensive French double doors, or doors with glass accents, trying to repair first may be the optimal route. When replacing your door, try using the old hinges and handles to save money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Move an Interior Door?

Moving an interior door costs $600 to $1,400. It includes opening up a wall, framing the opening, removing the old door, installing the door in the new location, and framing and adding drywall to close up the old opening. Painting the new drywall where the old door was located adds to your cost.

How Much Clearance Does an Interior Door Need?

An interior door needs 1/8” of clearance to account for the handle, and a 1/8” gap between the top of the door and the head jamb. The gap between the bottom of the door and the floor depends on the type of flooring. Technical requirements to allow for air circulation may require a 1” clearance to the floor.

What Are the Standard Interior Door Sizes?

Standard bedroom and bathroom door sizes are 28” to 36” wide by 80” to 96” tall.

Standard Interior Door Sizes
Door Type Width Height
Bathroom 28” to 30” 80” to 96”
Bedroom 32” to 36” 80” to 96”
Closet 24” to 30” 80” to 96”

How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Door and Frame?

It costs an average of $575 to install a new door and frame with additional costs for installing the hardware.

How Long Does It Take to Install an Interior Door?

Installing an interior door takes a professional 1 to 2 hours for a pre-hung door and 2 to 4 hours for a new slab door. Door installations that require painting, staining, finish treatments, or extra carpentry work take 3 to 8 hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Widen An Interior Doorway?

The average cost to widen a doorway is $500 to $2,500, depending on if it's a load-bearing wall. Widening a doorway requires pulling off the wall covering, installing a new wider header, and making sure it's structurally sound.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Doors to the Outside?

Exterior door installation costs $500 to $1,900 on average, while front door installation costs between $650 and $3,300.

Where To Buy Interior Doors?

You can buy new interior doors at home improvement stores, local hardware stores, showrooms, or selected dealers depending on the brand. Most retail stores carry popular manufacturers such as:

  • Masonite – Premiere dealers, authorized dealers, Home Depot. Offer a wide range of door types.
  • Mastercraft – Menards
  • Jeld Wen – Elite Dealers, authorized dealers, Home Depot, Lowe’s
  • Pella – Pella showrooms, authorized dealers, certified contractors, Lowe’s. Known for patio and entry doors.
  • Marvin - Authorized dealers
  • Andersen – Andersen showrooms, authorized dealers, Home Depot
  • Sarto – Elite dealers
Manufacturers sometimes offer special deals when buying a certain number of doors. Some offer to sand and paint them before delivery, and usually includes all labor and hardware.
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Hiring An Interior Door Installer

Unless you have prior experience, it's a good idea to hire a handyman as installing a door has many pitfalls, can be tricky, and requires a high level of skill and patience. Professionals will install a door in 1 to 4 hours, but plan on it taking much longer when attempting it yourself.

DIY Tips & Considerations

If you are unsure where to start, learning from a professional is the best way to prepare yourself for future DIY installations. Take time to learn about all the various door styles, and consider the following advice:

  • Find DIY installation videos directly from the manufacturer or ones with the highest number of positive reviews.
  • Gather all the tools and materials needed, including screwdrivers, hammer, sledgehammer, jamb level, square, drill and bits, utility knife, a four-foot ladder, level, handsaw, miter saw, tape measure, wood shims, and a box of 3” screws.

Common DIY issues when an installation doesn’t go to plan include:

  1. Unable to latch – Not leveling the door before installation may cause the latch bolt to not line up with the strike plate. This prevents the door from locking, and it may open on its own. A professional will have to relevel the framing or redrill the holes.
  2. Door doesn't close or stay open – Uneven framing prevents the door from closing correctly or staying open, which requires a complete reinstall.
  3. Incorrect measurements – If the door is too large for the opening, it may drag the floor or sit unevenly at the top.
  4. Trim and casing damage – Sometimes, the trim and casing don’t line up with the door, or it has been damaged from installation. New trim costs $2 to $4 to install.
  5. Screws don't hold – Too many attempts to repair any mistakes causes the strike plate or hinge screw holes not to hold screws anymore.

Benefits of Hiring A Pro

In most cases, it makes more sense to hire a door installer for an average cost of $100 to $300 with discounts offered for installing multiple doors during the same project. Professionals ensure your door is level, latches, and opens and closes properly.

Before hiring a pro, be sure to:

  • Ask friends, family, and neighbors for references or compare pros on HomeGuide.
  • Get at least 3 price estimates.
  • Verify reviews on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for their reputation.
  • Never pay upfront, and avoid paying in cash.

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