How much does boat dock repair cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does boat dock repair cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does boat dock repair cost?

$100 – $800Minor boat dock repairs
$800 – $2,000Moderate dock repairs
$3,500 – $33,000Full dock removal and replacement

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$100 – $800 Minor boat dock repairs

$800 – $2,000 Moderate dock repairs

$3,500 – $33,000 Full dock removal and replacement

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Dock repair cost

Minor boat dock repairs cost $100 to $800 to replace decking boards, floats, or rusty nails. Moderate dock repairs cost $800 to $2,000 to level the dock, repair a boat lift, or replace pilings or large sections of decking. Full dock removal and replacement costs $3,500 to $33,000.

Dock repair costs
Damage Average repair cost Typical repairs
Minor $100 – $800
  • Pressure washing
  • Dock sealing and staining
  • Replacing rusty nails and splintered, cracked, or warped boards
  • Replacing bumpers or floats
  • Patching or filling a few cracks
Moderate $800 – $2,000
  • Replacing boat lift cables
  • Replacing multiple floats
  • Replacing decking
  • Dock leveling
  • Dock reinforcement
  • Replacing pile posts
  • Moderate rust repairs Complete dock restoration
Extensive or irreparable $3,500 – $33,000

Full dock removal/replacement is recommended for:

  • Foundation damage
  • Extensive rotting wood or rust
  • Hurricane damage with multiple missing sections
  • Repair costs exceed the cost of a new dock

*Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

Labor cost to repair a dock

Labor costs $40 to $110 per hour to repair a dock. Most dock repair professionals charge a $125 to $150 service fee that includes up to one hour of labor to diagnose the problem.

  • Electricians charge $50 to $130 per hour for electrical repairs of mooring or boat lifting mechanisms and dock lighting.

  • A full dock inspection costs $50 to $100 as part of a home inspection or up to $200 as a stand-alone service. A marine inspector conducts an in-depth examination, including checking the underwater foundation.

Cost to repair a dock by material

Replacing damaged decking boards costs $12 to $45 per square foot for materials and labor and is the most common dock repair needed. Constant exposure to the elements damages wood boards, leading to frequent replacement. Composite decking costs more but lasts longer than wood.

Dock repair costs by material
Type Cost per square foot*
Wood - cedar $12 – $38
Wood - redwood $15 – $38
Wood - pressure-treated $13 – $38
Wood - exotic $14 – $45
Aluminum $16 – $45
Composite $18 – $45
PVC / plastic $12 – $40

*For labor and materials

Boat dock repair cost by type

Boat dock repairs cost $100 to $2,000, depending on the dock type. Permanent docks cost more to repair since the supporting structures are fixed underwater. Removable dock repairs have lower labor costs since the docks can be moved onshore for easier repair access.

Repair costs by dock type
Type Average repair cost * Repair type
Permanent (fixed) docks
Piling (wood) $100 – $700 Remove algae buildup and replace damaged boards or posts
Suspension/Lift-up $140 – $1,800 Replace damaged cables and repair lifting mechanisms
Crib $200 – $2,000 Replace damaged boards or replace substructure cribs, often requiring special underwater gear and excavator equipment
Removable docks
Floating $170 – $2,000 Replace leaking floats or rusted anchor chains
Pipe dock (aluminum) $170 – $1,600 Repair small, rusted areas or add pipe feet for support
Wheel-in / roll-in $170 – $1,600 Replace the wheel axle or deck framing bolts

*For 200- to 500-square-foot docks

Dock repair prices by part

Installing dock replacement parts costs $100 ­to $800 on average. Replacing underwater parts like piling posts costs more and requires highly skilled labor and specialized equipment.

Easily accessible dock accessories, like bumpers and floats, are cheaper to install or replace.

Dock repair prices by part
Part Average installed price
Bumper $100 – $130
Floats $100 – $400
Frame $150 – $500
Roof $200 – $800
Boat lift $200 – $500
Piling posts $200 – $800
Decking $15 – $30 per square foot

  • Roof repairs cost $200 to $800 for minor boathouse roof repairs.

  • Replacing the decking costs $15 to $30 per square foot, depending on the material.

  • Repairing a boat lift costs $200 to $500, while replacing the lift costs $1,000 to $8,000, depending on the lift size and type.

Cost to fix a dock by problem

Removing algae buildup and replacing rusty nails costs $100 to $300 on average. Repairing rotten materials or rusted metal costs $150 to $2,000, depending on the extent of the damage. Foundation and hurricane damage repairs cost up to $33,000 if an unsafe structure requires full removal and replacement.

Dock repair costs by problem
Issue Average cost to fix
Algae buildup $100 – $300
Rusty nails $150 – $250
Cracking $150 – $600
Splintering $150 – $750
Sinking $150 – $800
Rust $150 – $1,000
Rot $200 – $2,000
Hurricane damage $1,000 – $33,000
Foundation damage $3,000 – $33,000

  • Professionals use green algae and moss removal products followed by a gentle pressure washing to remove algae buildup without damaging the boards.

  • Hurricane and foundation damage costs $1,000 to $33,000 on average, depending on the damage severity. If the structural integrity is compromised, a full dock replacement is required.

A boat next to a broken wooden dock with missing boards.
A boat next to a broken wooden dock with missing boards.

Water dock repair services & prices

Water dock maintenance costs $100 to $600 to pressure wash and seal a dock against water damage, prolonging the dock's lifespan. Complete dock restoration costs $500 to $3,200 to replace the decking and stabilize the supporting structures.

Water dock service costs
Service Average cost Purpose
Pressure washing $100 – $300 Removes algae buildup that is a slipping hazard and damages the decking over time
Dock sealing $150 – $600 Protect the wood from warping, mold, mildew, and rot
Dock leveling $180 – $900 Balances the dock using a winch system
Reinforcement $250 – $1,400 Installs wraps around the piling materials for added strength
Restoration $500 – $3,200 Full inspection and refurbishment of the dock decking and support structures.

Complete dock replacement cost

Complete boat dock replacement costs $3,500 to $33,000, including $500 to $3,000 to remove and dispose of the old structure. A dock with foundation damage or major cracks or erosion should be replaced.

Boat dock repair FAQs

When should I repair or replace my dock?

Repair minor cracks in a small area of the dock by replacing individual boards. Breaks in load-bearing areas that compromise the structural integrity require full dock replacement.

How long does a boat dock last?

A boat dock lasts 10 to 25 years on average when properly maintained. Annual cleaning and inspection prolong the dock's lifespan.

Tips for hiring a dock repair professional

When hiring a boat dock repair professional, be sure to:

  • Select insured and bonded contractors that have been in business for more than five years.

  • Browse their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Get at least three repair estimates to compare.

  • Avoid selecting the lowest quote as quality may suffer.

  • Get a detailed repair estimate, contract, and warranty in writing before the work begins.

  • Follow a payment plan and make the final payment when the repair is satisfactorily completed.

Questions to ask

  • What experience do you have with repairing boat docks?

  • How many boat docks have you worked on in the last year?

  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

  • What repairs do you recommend for my dock?

  • How long will the repairs take?

  • Will you repair my removable dock on-site?

  • Do you guarantee your work?

  • May I have a copy of your insurance policy for my records?

  • Will you provide a list of references for me to contact?

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