How much does roof repair cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does roof repair cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does roof repair cost?

$150 – $1,000 minor repair cost (minor leaks, replace a few shingles)
$1,000 – $3,000moderate repair cost (leak & water damage repair, replace 10'x10' shingles)
$3,000 – $6,000+major repair cost (extensive leaks & structural repairs)

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$150 – $1,000 minor repair cost (minor leaks, replace a few shingles)

$1,000 – $3,000 moderate repair cost (leak & water damage repair, replace 10'x10' shingles)

$3,000 – $6,000+ major repair cost (extensive leaks & structural repairs)

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Average cost of roof repair

Roof repair costs $150 to $1,000 on average for minor issues like replacing a few missing shingles or sealing a small leak before it leads to water damage. The cost of roof repair involving water damage ranges from $1,000 to $6,000+, depending on the severity. Emergency roof repair costs $200 to $300 extra.

Average roof repair cost
Damage level Average cost Typical repairs
Minor $150 – $1,000
  • Minor leak repair
  • Replace some missing shingles
  • Caulking and sealing
  • Vent boot repair
Moderate $1,000 – $3,000
  • Replacing larger sections of shingles
  • Soffit and fascia repair
  • Widespread felt or decking repair
  • Fix leaks with some water damage
Major $3,000 – $6,000+
  • Replacing shingles in multiple 10'x10' areas
  • Major leaks with structural repairs and significant water damage restoration
  • Skylight replacement
  • Felt or decking replacement

  • Most roofers have a $150 to $300 minimum call-out fee for repairs.

  • A roof inspection costs $100 to $400 on average. Inspecting the roof once per year and after a severe weather event can catch issues early and prevent more costly structural repairs.

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Roof repair cost estimator

Roof repair costs range from as little as $75 for a simple vent boot repair to as high as $6,000+ to repair a major roof leak that resulted in significant structural damage. Repair cost varies depending on the roof's age, type, height, steepness, materials, job complexity, and the damage severity.

The table below details the average cost for several common roof repairs.

Roof repair cost estimates
Repair Average repair cost*
Leak repair $150 – $1,000 (minor leaks)
$1,000 – $6,000+
(Leaks with water damage repairs)
Missing shingles $100 – $300 (up to 25 shingles)
$350 – $1,000
(per 100 SF)
Vent boot repair $75 – $150
Vent replacement $200 – $700
Valley replacement $200 – $850
Flashing repair $200 – $500
Drip edge flashing $150 – $1,800
Underlayment / felt repair
(per 100 SF)
$75 – $400
Roof gutter repair $200 – $600
Soffit & fascia repair $500 – $2,600+
Chimney repair $200 – $1,200+
Sagging roof repair $1,000 – $5,000
Roof deck repair (per 100 SF) $200 – $500
Replacing wet insulation (per 100 SF) $100 – $450
Roof truss or rafter repairs $500 – $5,000
Water damage restoration $150 – $500 (minimal damage)
$1,500 – $5,000+
(significant damage)

*Minimum fees are typically $150 to $300.

Roof leak repair

Roof leak repair costs $150 to $1,000 for minor leaks caught before any water damage occurs or $1,000 to $3,000 for larger leaks that involve additional repairs like replacing a small underlayment section and some shingles. Extensive roof leaks that require major structural repairs cost $3,000 to $6,000+ to fix, depending on the damage.

Contractor repairing a roof leak and replacing shingles after storm damage
Contractor repairing a roof leak and replacing shingles after storm damage

Roof vent repair cost

A roof vent boot repair costs $75 to $150 on a standard slope roof. A complete roof vent replacement costs $200 to $700 or between $7 and $15 per linear foot, depending on the size, type (eave, ridge, penetration, fan), and if it's exposed or covered by shingles.

Roof vent repair cost
Type Average cost*
Vent boot repair $75 – $150
Vent replacement $200 – $700
Vent pipe flashing $200 – $500+

*Minimum fees are typically $150 to $300. Extra costs may apply for replacing damaged shingles around the vent.

Roof felt repair cost

Roof felt repair costs $300 to $1,400 for replacing up to 100 SF of underlayment, including new flashing and removing and reinstalling roofing. Roof felt underlayment replacement costs $0.75 to $4.00 per square foot for materials and labor, plus removing the old roofing to access the underlayment.

Roof felt repair cost
Material Average cost per square (100 SF)*
Asphalt $300 – $1,200
Tiles $650 – $1,400

*Includes removing the old roofing and felt, installing underlayment, and installing new asphalt or the same tiles.

  • Underlayment is a water-resistant barrier that protects the roof when tiles or shingles blow off. Roofing felt lasts 15 to 30 years, and leaks occur when worn out.

  • Beware of contractors who say underlayment is unnecessary. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends underlayment for all roofs.

Roof flashing repair cost

Roof flashing repair costs $200 to $500 on average for skylights, chimneys, and vents. Completely replacing the flashing costs $400 to $1,000, including resealing and replacing the surrounding shingles. Flashing is often metal and repels water away from roof joints and fixtures.

Roof flashing repair cost
Type Average cost*
Chimney $200 – $500
Drip edge $150 – $1,800
Dormer $250 – $1,000
Roof vent pipe $200 – $500
Roof valley $200 – $850
Skylight $150 – $500

*Minimum fees are typically $150 to $300.

  • Skylight: Skylight flashing repair costs $150 to $500. Replacing the whole skylight costs $800 to $2,400.

  • Chimney: Chimney repair costs $200 to $500 to repair flashing, while replacing the flashing costs $300 to $1,500.

  • Vent pipe: Roof vent pipe flashing repairs cost $200 to $500, including re-sealing pipe caps. Pipe flashing prevents leaks at the joint where the pipe meets the roofing surface.

  • Drip edge: Replacing drip edge flashing costs $1.50 to $9.00 per linear foot and prevents water from going underneath the shingles at the roof's edge and rotting the fascia, soffit, or roof decking.

Contractor patching roof leak and replacing flashing
Contractor patching roof leak and replacing flashing

Roof valley repair cost

Roof valley repairs cost $300 to $1,500 on average for labor and materials, depending on the length and damage severity. Repair typically involves removing and reinstalling the valley flashing and the surrounding shingles. More extensive restoration that involves replacing damaged underlayment or sheathing can cost $6,000+.

Roof gutter repair cost

Gutter repair costs $200 to $600 on average. The repair cost depends on the gutter material and the length requiring repair. Gutters may get damaged from simple wear and tear over time or due to severe weather, lack of maintenance, or incorrect installation.

For damage beyond repair, a full gutter replacement costs $1,000 to $3,000 for 200 linear feet.

Roof soffit and fascia repair cost

Soffit and fascia repair costs $500 to $2,600+. Sealing or patching may work for small holes, but most professionals recommend replacing the damaged boards instead to avoid repeated repairs. Fascia and soffit boards protect the trusses, roof structure, and support the gutters, but often rot from water damage.

Cost to repair a sagging roof

Sagging roof repair costs $1,000 to $5,000+, depending on the severity. Fixing minor sagging may only require additional support like rafter ties. Severe cases may require major structural repairs, which add up quick and sometimes call for a full roof replacement instead.

Roof structure repair cost

Structural repairs may involve fixing broken roof trusses, rafters, and replacing roof decking, underlayment, insulation, and shingles. With this level of roof damage, you may also be dealing with interior water damage repairs.

Roof structure repair cost by type
Repair type Average cost
Broken roof truss repair cost $500 – $5,000
Roof decking replacement cost (per 100 SF) $200 – $500
Roof insulation replacement cost (per 100 SF) $100 – $450
Roof underlayment replacement cost (per 100 SF) $75 – $400
Interior ceiling repair cost $500 – $2,500
Water damage restoration cost $150 – $500 (minimal damage)
$1,500 – $15,000+
(significant damage)

*Asphalt shingle replacement adds $350 to $1,000 per square (100 SF) when repairs require removing and replacing the roof.

Roof repair cost by material

While labor makes up a large portion of roof repair cost, your roof material also plays a role. Asphalt is one of the most common roof types and one of the cheapest to repair. Metal, slate, and tile roof repairs often cost twice as much as asphalt, but they're more durable and typically need fewer repairs.

The table below details the average repair cost for several common roof types.

Roof repair cost by material
Roof material Minor repair cost* Cost to repair per square*
(100 SF)
Asphalt $100 – $300 $350 – $1,000
Composite / architectural shingles $200 – $300 $350 – $1,000
Flat / rolled / single ply $200 – $500 $250 – $1,000
Metal $200 – $600 $500 – $1,500
Slate $500 – $750 $1,000 – $3,000
Tile $200 – $500 $500 – $2,500
Wood shakes / cedar shingles $250 – $500 $500 – $1,500

*Some roofing companies charge $150 to $300 minimum job fee for roof repairs.

Roof shingle repair cost

Asphalt shingle repair costs $100 to $300 to replace and seal up to 25 shingles. Re-shingling an entire section costs $350 to $1,000 per square (100 SF). Expect to pay $3,000 or more if the repair involves underlying structural damage. Shingles can blow off in severe weather, exposing the roof and leaving it vulnerable to damage and leaks.

Contractor fixing blown off and missing roof shingles
Contractor fixing blown off and missing roof shingles

Tile roof repair cost

Tile roof repair costs $500 to $2,500 on average or $5 to $25 per square foot, but prices vary significantly depending on the material, location, and damage level. Replacing missing roof tiles or fixing broken ones costs $60 to $125 per tile if there is no underlying damage needing repair.

Slate roof repair cost

Repairing a slate roof costs $500 to $3,000 or $10 to $30+ per square foot to replace damaged or missing slate tiles. The total repair cost depends on the type of slate, damage level, and ease of access. Slate roofs are heavy and may require additional roof supports.

Metal roof repair cost

Metal roof repair costs $200 to $600 for a minor repair like resealing or patching small holes. A more extensive repair or partial replacement costs $500 to $1,500+ per square (100 SF)or $5 to $15+ per square foot, depending on the damage and the type of metal.

Typical metal roof repairs include removing rust, resealing loose seams or fasteners, and applying corrosion-resistant coating.

Roof repair cost factors

Many factors influence roof repair costs, including:

  • Damage level: The more damage there is to repair, the higher the repair cost. Fixing roof damage as soon as possible after it occurs can prevent more costly repairs later.

  • Roof age: As roofing materials degrade over time and from exposure to the elements, repair costs and frequency tend to increase.

  • Roof features: Repairs on complex roof structures, high pitches, or on multi-story homes cost more due to the additional time and safety precautions needed.

  • Roof material: Roofing materials prices range from $0.15 to $25.00+ per square foot, so repairs that require replacing part of the roof can vary significantly.

  • Location: Roofers in higher-cost-of-living regions typically charge more for repairs.

  • Time of year: Areas that experience frequent severe weather during certain times of the year may see higher repair costs during those times of increased demand. Roofing professionals also tend to charge more during their busier spring and summer months.

  • Permits: Roofing permits cost $70 to $250 when repairing more than 100 square feet or 25% of the total roof size.

  • Mold: Mold removal costs $1,500 to $6,000 on average but some jobs cost up to $15,000 if your entire attic requires remediation. A leaking roof can cause major mold damage if left unrepaired.

  • Warranty: Roof warranty lengths range from 25 to 50+ years depending on the material and may cover roof repair if the damage occurred due to a covered peril.

Emergency roof repair

Roofers often charge $200 to $300 more for unscheduled repairs and time-and-a-half for emergency 24-hour repair service. Still, paying more now to repair your roof before an approaching storm, or right away after a storm that caused damage, could save you money in the long run.

Alternatively, an emergency roof tarp costs $1.00 to $2.80 per square foot for after-hours service that typically includes roof damage evaluation, debris removal, photographs for insurance purposes, tarp installation, and a repair estimate.

Roof repair labor

Labor typically makes up 60% or more of the cost to repair a roof. Roofers charge $40 to $100 per hour for labor, depending on your location, the roofer's experience level, and the difficulty of the repair.

Get free estimates from roof repair companies near you.

You'll pay more up front hiring a reputable roofer with a several-year track record, but their expertise and the quality of their work may help you avoid additional future repairs.

Roof repair FAQs

Does homeowners insurance cover roof repairs?

You may be able to file a claim if a covered event caused the roof damage. If you leave roof damage unrepaired, insurance likely won't cover additional serious issues like wood rot and mold. Coverage varies by insurance company and policy, so contact your insurance provider to verify your coverage.

Should I repair or replace my roof?

Consider the age and condition of your entire roof system to decide whether you should repair or replace it. For a roof that is still in decent shape overall, repairing minor issues like corroded flashing, missing shingles, or small leaks is typically the best choice.

Replacement is often more cost-effective if:

  • Your roof is more than 20 years old.

  • Your repair estimate is more than $3,000.

  • The existing damage affects more than 25% of the roof.

A complete roof replacement costs $5,700 to $16,000 on average or $300 to $600 per square (100 SF), depending on the roof size, pitch, and material.

How long does it take to repair a roof?

Most roof repairs take 30 minutes to 1 day to complete. Significant damage that requires major structural repairs typically may take longer.

Getting roof repair estimates

Before hiring a roof repair company or new roofing contractor, be sure to:

  • Get 3 to 5 in-person estimates to compare. Beware of companies who recommend a full roof replacement when only minor repairs are needed.

  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Select a company that's been in business for 5+ years and is licensed, insured, and bonded.

  • Be careful with extremely low quotes, as they may indicate low-quality work or lack of experience.

  • Ask for a detailed, written estimate and warranty before the work begins.

  • Avoid large upfront payments, especially for large jobs. Instead, negotiate a payment schedule for work completed.

Questions to ask a roof repair professional

  • Asking the right questions can help you find a qualified, trustworthy roof repair professional:

  • Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

  • How long have you been doing roof repair?

  • Are you a member of any professional roofing organizations like the NRCA?

  • Can you provide some local references I can contact?

  • Can you provide an itemized quote?

  • Will you obtain a permit if it's required for this repair?

  • Does your quote include all labor, materials, permit fees, cleanup, and debris disposal?

  • Are there any other potential charges I should be prepared for?

  • Do you have experience with claiming roof repairs through insurance?

  • How long will this repair take?

  • How do you handle unexpected damage?

  • What does your warranty include?

  • What’s your payment schedule?

  • Do you offer financing?