How much does roof repair cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does roof repair cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does roof repair cost?

$150 – $400minor leak, replace a few shingles, or caulking
$400 – $1,000fix leak & water damage, replace 10'x10' shingles, or replace flashing
$1,000 – $3,000major leaks & structural repair, replace decking, or sagging roof

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$150 – $400 minor leak, replace a few shingles, or caulking

$400 – $1,000 fix leak & water damage, replace 10'x10' shingles, or replace flashing

$1,000 – $3,000 major leaks & structural repair, replace decking, or sagging roof

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Roof repair cost

Minor roof repairs cost $150 to $400 to fix shingles, flashing, or patch small leaks. Moderate roof repairs cost $400 to $1,000 to replace flashing, valleys, shingles in a 10'x10' area, or leaks with water damage. Extensive damage costs $1,000 to $3,000 to fix a sagging roof or leaks with structure repair.

Roof repair cost - chart
Roof repair cost - chart
Roof repair cost
Damage Average cost Typical repairs
Minor $150 – $400
  • Minor leak or flashing repair
  • Replace missing shingles
  • Small caulking and sealing
  • Vent boot repair
Moderate $400 – $1,000
  • Replacing shingles in one 10'x10' area
  • Flashing or valley replacement
  • Felt or decking repair
  • Fix leaks with minor water damage
  • Truss or rafter repair
Extensive $1,000 – $3,000
  • Replacing shingles in multiple 10'x10' areas
  • Major leaks with structural repair and water damage
  • Major flashing replacement
  • Felt or decking replacement
  • Sagging roof

  • A roof inspection costs $150 to $350 and should be scheduled annually or at the first sign of a leak or cracked, curled, or missing shingles.

  • Most roofing contractors charge a $150 to $300 minimum service fee.

  • For repairs costing more than $3,000 or affecting more than 25% of the roof, replacing the entire roof is recommended. Roof replacement costs $5,000 to $11,000 on average.

  • Roof repairs are dangerous and are not DIY projects.

Average roof repair cost

Average roof repair costs $300 to $1,400. Roof leak repair costs $500 to $1,200 on average to seal the leak and replace shingles. Roof shingle repair costs $100 to $300 to fix missing shingles or $350 to $1,000 to replace shingles in a 10'x10' area. Roof flashing repair costs $200 to $500.

The following table shows the average cost to repair a roof.

Average roof repair cost - chart
Average roof repair cost - chart
Average Roof Repair Cost
National Average Cost $750
Minimum Cost $150
Maximum Cost $3,000
Average Range $300 to $1,400

Roof repair cost estimator

The cost to repair a roof depends on the age, type, size, height, pitch, materials, job complexity, and damage severity. A licensed roofer provides an accurate estimate after inspecting the roof.

Roof repair cost estimates
Repair Average cost
Leak repair $300 – $1,000
Blown off / missing shingles $100 – $300
Full tear-off and re-shingle (per 100 SF) $350 – $1,000
Flashing Repair $150 – $500
Roof cleaning $250 – $600
Drip Edge Flashing $325 – $1,200
Underlayment / Felt Repair (per 100 SF) $300 – $1,400
Water Damage or Structural Repair $500 – $3,000
Truss / Rafter Repair $500 – $1,000
Roof Deck Repair (per 100 SF) $300 – $600
Replacing Wet Insulation (per 100 SF) $200 – $300
Sagging Roof Repair $800 – $2,500
Valley Replacement $200 – $850
Vent Boot Repair $75 – $150
Vent Replacement $200 – $700
Vent Pipe Flashing $200 – $500
Ceiling Water Damage Repair $400 – $1,500
Chimney Cricket Repair $700 – $1,300

Roof leak repair cost

Roof leak repair costs $150 to $500 for minor sealing or $500 to $1,200 to fix the leak, replace shingles, and seal. Extensive roof leaks with structural damages cost $1,200 to $3,000 to fix and include repairing water-damaged rafters and roofing.

Roof leak repair cost - chart
Roof leak repair cost - chart
Roof leak repair cost
Leak Size Average cost Repairs
Small $150 – $500
  • Sealant applied to small cracks or loose roofing
  • No water-damaged roofing
Average $500 – $1,200
  • Multiple leaks
  • Shingle replacements and sealing
  • Multiple roofer visits
Large $1,200 – $3,000
  • Multiple leaks with extensive damage
  • Repairing water-damaged rafters and roofing
  • Multiple roofer visits

*Repairing older roofs costs more.

Heavy condensation from water heater pipes or AC ductwork can also cause roof leaks. Unrepaired leaks eventually cause structural issues.

Contractor patching roof leak and replacing flashing
Contractor patching roof leak and replacing flashing
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Roof structure & water damage repair cost

Roof structure repair costs $500 to $3,000, depending on the severity. Repairing roof structure and water damage may require fixing trusses and replacing decking, underlayment, insulation, and shingles. A roof replacement is recommended if more than 25% of the roof is damaged.

Roof structure & water damage repair cost
Repair Average cost
Fix broken truss $500 – $1,000
Replace roof decking (per 100 SF) $300 – $600
Roof underlayment (per 100 SF) $50 – $200
Replacing wet insulation (per 100 SF) $200 – $300
Repair / rebuild roof cricket $700 – $1,300
Internal ceiling leak repair $400 – $1,500
Replace rafters, collar ties, decking, and roofing $7,000 – $10,000

*Asphalt shingle replacement adds $350 to $1,000 per 100 square feet when repairs require removal and replacement of roofing.

  • Structural issues occur from severe water damage, improper construction, extreme weather, termites, or aging.

  • Ceiling leak repair costs $400 to $1,500 to fix water damage from the roof internally.

Roof shingle repair cost

Roof shingle repair costs $200 to $600 on average for replacing a few missing or broken asphalt shingles or roofing over up to 100 SF. Fixing roof shingles costs $350 to $1,000 per square (100 SF) for a full tear-off and replacement.

Roof shingle repair cost - chart
Roof shingle repair cost - chart
Roof shingle repair cost
Repair Average cost
Broken or missing (3 to 25 shingles) $100 – $300
Roof-over (per 100 SF) $300 – $600
Full tear-off and re-shingle (per 100 SF) $350 – $1,000

*Minimum call-out fees are $150 to $300.

Contractor fixing blown off and missing roof shingles
Contractor fixing blown off and missing roof shingles

Roof flashing repair cost

Roof flashing repair costs $200 to $500 on average for skylights, chimneys, and vents. Completely replacing the flashing costs $400 to $1,000, including resealing and replacing the surrounding shingles. Flashing is often metal and repels water away from roof joints and fixtures.

Roof flashing repair cost
Type Average cost
Skylight $150 – $500
Chimney $200 – $500
Roof vent pipe $200 – $500
Roof valley $200 – $850
Drip edges $325 – $1,200

  • Skylight – Skylight flashing repair costs $150 to $500. Replacing the whole skylight costs $800 to $2,400.

  • Chimney Chimney repair costs $200 to $500 to repair flashing, while replacing flashing costs $300 to $1,500.

  • Vent pipe – Roof vent pipe flashing repairs cost $200 to $500, including re-sealing pipe caps. Pipe flashing prevents leaks at the joint where the pipe meets the roofing surface.

  • Drip edge – Replacing drip edge flashing costs $1 to $2 per linear foot and prevents water from going underneath the shingles at the roof's edge and rotting the fascia, soffit, or roof decking.

Roof vent repair cost

A roof vent boot repair costs $75 to $150 on a standard slope roof. A complete roof vent replacement costs $200 to $700 or between $7 and $15 per linear foot, depending on the size, type (eave, ridge, penetration, fan), and if it's exposed or covered by shingles.

Roof vent repair cost - chart
Roof vent repair cost - chart
Roof vent repair cost
Type Average cost
Vent boot repair $75 – $150
Vent replacement $150 – $750
Vent pipe flashing $200 – $500+

*Minimum fees are $150 to $300. Extra costs may apply for replacing damaged shingles around the vent.

A detachable plastic, metal, or rubber vent boot seals the vent pipe to prevent a leaking roof, water stains, moisture damage.

Roof valley replacement cost

Roof valley replacement costs $200 to $850, depending on the length, roof slope, type (open or closed), and the number of shingles replaced. Repairing roof valleys requires removing nearby shingles, replacing flashing, install new shingles, and re-sealing.

Roof valley replacement cost - chart
Roof valley replacement cost - chart
Roof valley replacement cost
Type Average cost
Closed valley with asphalt shingles $200 – $600
Open valley with metal flashing $200 – $850

*Costs based on an average 10 to 12 square foot valley. Prices increase for more expensive roofing materials or two layers of underlayment.

  • Roof valleys are angled intersections that channel water down to the gutters, which are prone to leaks.

  • Closed valleys have a continuous layer of shingles with an ice and water shield lining below.

  • Open valleys have a stronger, metal strip lining that requires additional sealant.

Roof felt repair cost

Roof felt repair costs $300 to $1,400 for replacing up to 100 SF of underlayment, including new flashing and removing and reinstalling roofing. Roof felt underlayment replacement costs $0.75 to $4.00 per square foot for materials and labor, plus removing the old roofing to access the underlayment.

Roof felt repair cost - chart
Roof felt repair cost - chart
Roof felt repair cost
Material Average cost per square (100 SF)
Asphalt $300 – $1,200
Tiles $650 – $1,400

*Includes removing the old roofing and felt, installing underlayment, and installing new asphalt or the same tiles.

  • Underlayment is a water-resistant barrier that protects the roof when tiles or shingles blow off. Roofing felt lasts 15 to 30 years, and leaks occur when worn out.

  • Beware of contractors who say underlayment is unnecessary. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends underlayment for all roofs.

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Sagging roof repair cost

Sagging roof repair costs $800 to $2,500 to replace sections of roof decking and shingles up to 100 square feet. Fixing minor sagging roofs may only require additional support like rafter ties. Severe cases may require a full roof replacement and replacing rotted rafters.

Sagging roof repair cost
Sagging roof repair cost
Cost to fix sagging roof
Condition Average cost Includes
Minor $250 – $800
  • Replacing small sections of roof decking and shingles
  • Installing rafter ties
  • Removing pests
Average $800 – $2,500
  • Replacing sections of roof decking and shingles (up to 100 SF)
  • Installing additional rafter support
Extensive $3,000 – $8,000+
  • Replacing rotted rafters
  • Adding a new structural ridge beam or rafter ties
  • Installing a new roof

Sagging roofs are dangerous and require an inspection and design plan from a structural engineer costing $300 to $1,000. Higher costs apply for sizing a beam replacement.

Common causes for sagging roofs:

  • Excess weight – Snow, ice, debris, or multiple layers of shingles stress the roof structure.

  • Water damage – Moisture weakens the roof and causes beams to rot.

  • Pests – Termites in the roof deck, rafters, or sheathing weaken the supports.

  • Old age – Wear and tear of the roof sheathing or rafters have shifted out of place.

  • Improper installation – Wrong-sized rafters and beams or improper installation cause structural failures.

  • Improper ductwork – Contractors who remove too much of a home’s framing structure when installing ductwork can cause rafter damages and sagging.

  • Structure damage – Load-bearing walls with structural problems cause sagging in the area above the wall. Houses that have simply settled may only need a few shingles to hide the minor sag.

Average cost of roof repair by material

Roof repairs, roof-overs, and partial replacements cost $250 to $3,000 per square (100 SF), depending on the material.

Average roof repair costs by material
Material Small repairs cost Cost to fix per square (100 SF)
Metal $200 – $600 $500 – $1,000
Asphalt shingles $100 – $300 $350 – $1,000
Composite / architectural shingles $200 – $300 $350 – $1,000
Clay / concrete tiles $200 – $400 $400 – $1,500
Flat, rolled, single-ply $200 – $500 $250 – $1,000
Wood shakes / cedar shingles $250 – $500 $500 – $1,500
Slate $500 – $750 $1,000 – $3,000

*Minimum call-out fees are $150 to $300.

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Metal roof repair

Metal roof repair costs $200 to $600 for patching small holes and resealing. Repairing improper installation and loose seams costs $500 to $1,500. Metal-over-metal roof overlays or a partial replacement costs $500 to $1,000 per square (100 SF).

Metal roof repair cost
Repair Average cost
Minor repairs (fasteners, holes, resealing) $200 – $600
PVC membrane (per 100 SF) $400 – $1,000
Repair improper installation, loose seems, damaged fasteners $500 – $1,500
Metal-over-metal roof overlay (per 100 SF) $700 – $1,100
Full replacement (per 100 SF)
(Corrugated aluminum, galvanized steel, granular-coated metal tiles)
$400 – $1,000
Full replacement - specialty (per 100 SF)
(Standing seam, stainless-steel, copper, lead, terne/tin, plated metals)
$1,200 – $2,300

  • Leaks come from aging, poor installation, loose seams and fasteners, sealant failure, ice dams, and weathered coating.

  • Metal-over-metal roof overlays cover the existing roof with aluminum or steel standing seam metal.

  • Typical repairs include applying a corrosion-resistant coating, removing minor rust, and checking for open seams and missing or loose fasteners.

  • Metal roof painting costs $1,450 to $3,250.

Asphalt shingles repair

Repairing an asphalt shingle roof costs $200 to $600 for replacing a few missing shingles, re-sealing loose shingles, or roofing-over up to 100 SF. A full tear-off and asphalt roof replacement costs $350 to $1,000 per square (100 SF).

Asphalt shingle roof repair cost
Repair Average cost
Replace or re-attach 3 to 25 shingles $100 – $300
Roof-over (per 100 SF) $300 – $600
Full tear-off and re-shingle (per 100 SF) $350 – $1,000

*Minimum call-out fees are $150 to $300.

  • Roof-overs can only be done once per building codes due to the weight.

  • High winds can lift the deck, causing broken seals and loose fasteners.

  • Shingles that are missing, brittle, buckle, curled on the edge, and shed loose granules need replacing to prevent leaks and water damage.

  • Uncleared snow causes ice dams, wood rot, leaks, and can block water and weaken shingles.

  • Excessive temperatures, UV rays, and trapped moisture cause cracks and curls.

  • A total replacement allows for inspecting the roof deck and sheathing.

Contractor Repairing Roof Leaking and Replacing Shingles From Storm Damage
Contractor Repairing Roof Leaking and Replacing Shingles From Storm Damage

Composite, laminate, and architectural shingles repair

Minor composite roofing repairs cost $200 to $300 per square (100 SF) for roof-over installations or replacing some shingles. Composite, laminated, or architectural shingle replacement costs $350 to $1,000 per square, depending on the material quality.

Composite roofing repair cost
Type Average cost
Minor repairs (up to 100 SF) $200 – $300
Replacement (per 100 SF) $350 – $1,000

  • Shingles are easy to replace individually.

  • Requires replacement when the stone granules begin to come off.

  • Prone to damage from high winds and can lose entire sections.

  • Lightweight shingles can lift, allowing water underneath.

  • Composite or synthetic shingles are suitable patching materials when other roofing is unavailable.

Tile roof repair

Clay or concrete tile roof repair costs $200 to $400 for fixing a few broken or loose roof tiles. Tile roof replacement costs $400 to $1,100 per square (100 SF) for concrete or $550 to $1,500 per square for clay roofing. Steep roofs increase prices by 10%.

Clay and concrete roof tiles repair
Repair Clay tiles Concrete tiles
Replacing a few broken or loose tiles $250 – $400 $200 – $400
Replacing up to 100 SF $550 – $1,500 $400 – $1,100

  • Signs of leaks, moss growth, white stains, loose or cracked mortar, cracked tiles, or sliding tiles indicate damage.

  • The underlayment lifespan tends to be less than the tiles.

Flat & rolled roofing - modified bitumen or rubber single-ply roofs repair

Flat roof repair costs $200 to $500 for patching minor leaks and cracks or roofing over rubber or modified bitumen up to 100 square feet. A partial flat or low-slope roof replacement costs $250 to $1,000 to remove the old materials and replace sections up to 100 square feet.

Flat roof repair
Repair Average cost
Cement flashing / waterproof patching sealants $10 – $25 per square foot
Roof-over (per 100 SF) $200 – $400
Partial replacement (per 100 SF)
Modified bitumen (peel & stick, torch down, rolled roofing)
$250 – $500
Partial replacement (per 100 SF)
Rubber membranes (TPO, EPDM)
$350 – $1,000

  • Unclogging gutters and drains often eliminates pooling and ponding water.

  • Increasing the slope of low spots with plaster or tapered insulation helps water flow.

  • Roofing-over is possible if there are no leaking or structural problems. Old layers severely deformed and cracked need removing before attaching new roof membranes or sealants.

Wood shake or cedar shingles repair

Wood shingles and cedar shake roofs cost $250 to $500 for minor repairs up to 10 square feet and $500 to $1,500+ for repairing more significant damages up to 100 square feet.

Wood shake or cedar shingles repair cost
Repair Average cost
Minor repairs up to 10 SF $250 – $500
Replacing up to 100 SF $500 – $1,500

*Thatch, serrated, Dutch weave, or pyramid shingle/shake layouts with weather-proof coatings cost 15% to 45% more to repair.

  • Missing or broken shingles create leaks and pest problems.

  • Sun exposure drys out the wood and causes UV damage.

  • Improper installation, clogged gutters, and poor roof ventilation cause deterioration and wood rot.

  • Attracts algae growth in humid climates.

  • Cupping or curling shingles occur when exposed to excessive amounts of water.

  • Moss and mildew buildup causes leaks and shingles to rot and fall off, often in shaded areas.

  • Areas with high winds require extra adhesives.

  • Fire-retardant coatings should be applied every few years.

Slate roof repair

Slate roof repair costs a minimum of $500 to $750 for replacing 6 to 8 slates and basic maintenance. Replacing larger damaged areas of slate roofing costs $1,000 to $3,000 per square (100 SF).

  • Prone to ice-damming.

  • Edges can stick out and cause leaks when nailed too tightly.

  • May require additional roof supports due to its weight.

Costs to fix other roofs

The average cost to fix a garage or mobile home roof is $150 to $800, depending on the size, material, and extent of the damage.

Costs to fix other roofs
Type Average cost
Garage roof $250 – $850
Mobile home roof $250 – $850

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Garage roof repair cost

Garage roof repair costs $10 to $25 per square foot for flashing and sealing work or $250 to $850 for replacing up to 100 SF of asphalt shingles, roll roofing, or metal. Additional fees apply for specialty materials and structural work. Garage roof replacement costs $1,000 to $2,500.

Garage roof repair cost
Repair Average cost
Cement flashing / waterproof patching sealants $10 – $25 per square foot
Repair asphalt shingles (up to 100 SF) $240 – $625
Repair roll roofing (up to 100 SF) $250 – $550
Repair metal / standing seam (up to 100 SF) $265 – $850
Full roof replacement $1,000 – $2,500

*Minimum call-out fees are $150 to $300.

Mobile home roof repair cost

Mobile home roof repair costs $5 to $15 per square foot or between $250 and $650 on average. Extensive damage may require a roof-over or complete replacement for $1,000 to $5,000.

Mobile home roof repair cost
Repair Average cost
Repair flashing $150 – $500
Waterproof sealants $400 – $1,200
Repair asphalt shingles $5 – $8 per square foot
Repair metal / standing seam $10 – $15 per square foot
Repair rubber (EPDM, PVC, TPO, rolled roofing) $4 – $9 per square foot
Roof-over (Single-wide) $1,000 – $2,000
Full roof replacement (single-wide) $1,500 – $5,000

*Minimum call-out fees are $150 to $300.

Cost factors to patch a roof

The total cost to patch a roof depends on the roof size, type, accessibility, permits, inspections, and the job's complexity.

Cost factors to patch a roof
Service Average cost
Labor per hour $30 – $80
Minimum service fee $150 – $300
Inspection / light maintenance $150 – $650
Permit $70 – $250
Emergency roof repairs + $200 – $300
Soffit and fascia $400 – $5,000
Roof tarp $200 – $1,000
Gutter cleaning $100 – $250
Gutter repair $150 – $500
Gutter replacement $1,000 – $3,000
Solar panel removal $400 – $1,500
Asbestos removal $800 – $2,850

  • Roof height and pitch – Roofers charge 30% to 50% more for scaffolding, steep roofs with a 6-12 to 8-12+ slope, or roofs with 4+ intersecting rooflines.

  • Building codes – A complete roof replacement may be necessary to bring an old or damaged roof up to code.

  • Significant roof damages require more materials, labor, and machinery.

  • Water damage may require removing mold and mildew, replacing insulation and flashing, sealing, or structural repairs.

  • Roof type – Repair prices depend on the roofing materials used.

  • Emergency roof repair costs $200 to $300 more. Emergency roofers charge a time and a half for 24-hour service and respond within a few hours after storms.

  • Debris removal Dumpster rental costs $220 to $780 per week for extensive roof repairs with debris removal.

  • Solar panel removal costs $400 to $1,500 and up.

  • Asbestos roof removal costs $20 to $75 per square foot. Older roofs may have asbestos in their insulation boards or roof shingles.

  • Warranty – Contractors only provide a warranty on their roof repairs; all previous work will no longer be under warranty.

Roof work labor cost

General roof work costs $30 to $80 per hour, plus $100 to $230 per square (100 SF) in labor and material fees. Roofers charge $150 to $300 minimum for labor on most one-story homes.

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Roof inspection

A roof inspection costs $150 to $350 on average or up to $650 for large homes or multiple floors. Roofs need inspecting annually or after a heavy storm to find and repair minor issues before they become major problems.

Roof repair permit cost

roof repair permit costs $70 to $250, depending on the inspection fees, location, and the project's value. Permits are needed for repairing a roof section beyond one square (100 SF) or 25% of the total roof size.

Roof tarp cost

An emergency roof tarp costs $175 to $700 on average, depending on the roof type and condition, tarp size, and accessibility. Most insurance policies cover the cost to tarp a roof. Some roofing companies tarp a roof for free when hiring them for permanent repairs.

Roof tarp cost - chart
Roof tarp cost - chart
Roof tarp cost
Size Average cost
10' x 10' $200 – $500
20' x 20' $300 – $800
30' x 30' $500 – $1,000

Roof soffit and fascia repairs

Soffit and fascia repairs cost $10 to $50 per linear foot to replace. Replacement is required as sealing work rarely fixes them. Fascia and soffit boards protect the trusses, roof structure, and supports the gutters, but often rot from water damage.

Roof soffit and fascia repairs
Type Cost per linear foot
Soffit $4 – $30
Fascia $5 – $25

Roof gutter repair cost

Roof gutter repair costs $150 to $500 to patch or replace a section. Broken gutters can trap water and deteriorate the fascia, trusses, and roof underlayment.

Roof gutter repair cost
Repair Cost per linear foot Average cost
Cleaning / unclogging $0.50 – $2.00 $100 – $250
Patch or repair section $10 – $30 $150 – $500
Full replacement $5 – $15 $1,000 – $3,000

Roof maintenance program costs

A residential roof maintenance program costs $150 to $250 per year, depending on the roof's age, condition, size, slope, and material. Maintenance plans include annual or semi-annual inspections to catch and fix repairs before they become costly issues.

Roof maintenance plan costs
Roof size (square feet) Average cost per year
1,200 – 2,500 $150
2,600 – 4,500 $250
4,600 – 7,500 $350

Roof repair problems & signs

The following table shows signs you need a roof repair:

Roof repair problems & signs
Signs Causes
Chimney, vent, skylight, or roof leaks
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Corroded or cracking flashing and sealing
  • Exposed nails in shingles that rusted out
  • Blocked roof drains
  • Pooling water
Ceiling & wall stains
  • Underlayment letting in moisture
  • Ice damming
  • Low-quality metal flashing
  • Poor flashing installation
  • Clogged gutters
Peeling or blistering paint
  • Poor attic ventilation
  • Moisture buildup near the roofline
Cracked, curled, blown off, or missing shingles
  • Decay due to age
  • Wind damage or extreme weather exposure
  • Incorrect installation
Seeing daylight through roof
  • Missing or worn shingles
  • Cracked flashing
  • Fallen tree branches
Dark, dirty, or wet shingles
  • Trapped moisture
Shingle granules missing or in gutters
  • Shingles worn out over time
  • Heavy rain and wind exposure
Sagging roof deck
  • Old roof
  • Pooling water or snow
  • Wet rafters from a leak
  • Structural support issue
Increased energy bills
  • Air leaking through the roof
  • Attic ventilation issue
Algae or moss build up
  • Old roof
  • Overexposed to water and debris
  • Not getting enough sun
Cracked, loose, or rusted chimney flashing/vents
  • Damaged roof valleys
  • Improper flashing
  • Extreme weather

Should I repair or replace my roof?

Minor roof damages such as missing shingles, corroded flashing, or small leaks should be repaired. Roofs older than 20 years, repairs costing more than $3,000, or damage affecting more than 25% of the roof requires a full replacement.

Roof repair vs. replacement
Type Average cost Recommendation
Roof repair $500 – $1,500
  • Roofs less than 5 years old
  • No extensive leaks or deck damage
Partial roof replacement $2,250 – $5,000
  • Damage only on one side of the roof
  • Strong structure overall
  • Roof is around 5 years old, or warranty is shorter than the expected roof lifespan
Roof-overlay $4,800 – $9,600
  • Reduces lifespan 10% to 20%
  • Adds extra weight
  • Not ideal for high-wind areas
  • Most building codes only allow two layers
  • More work to remove later
  • Harder to find leaks
  • Can void roof's warranty
Full roof replacement $5,000 – $11,000
  • Roofs older than 20 years
  • Extensive damage > 25% of roof
  • Shingles are curling
  • Roof sagging or structural issues
  • Leaks, moisture, or mold on the ceiling
  • If repairs cost more than $3,000
  • Best for roofs prone to ice dams
  • 66% ROI if selling the home

How long does it take to repair a roof?

Most roof repairs take 30 minutes to a full day to fix. In comparison, replacing a roof takes 1 to 3 days on average.

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DIY roof repair materials cost

DIY roof repairs are dangerous and requires experience. Always hire a professional to inspect and fix roof damage.

Roof repair material costs
Material Average cost
Asphalt shingles $25 – $35 per bundle
Flashing $10 – $20 per 10' piece
Vent / pipe flashing $5 – $30 each
Silicone sealant $5 – $10 per tube
Roofing tape and fabric $15 – $45 per roll
Roof cement / wet patch $20 – $50 per bucket
Underlayment $0.07 – $0.40 per square foot
Snow rake for ice dams $30 – $160
Roofing nail gun rental $20 – $40 per day
Air compressor rental for nail gun $15 – $30 per day

Getting roof repair estimates

Before hiring a roof repair company or new roofing contractor, follow these tips and ask the right questions.

  • Get three or more in-person estimates to compare. Beware of companies who recommend a full roof replacement when only repairs are needed.

  • Ask for recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors.

  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • Select a company that's been in business for five years or more.

  • Be careful with extremely low or high price quotes.

  • Ask for a clear written estimate and warranty.

  • Avoid large upfront payments. Instead, negotiate a payment schedule for large jobs.

Questions to ask

  • Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

  • How long have you been repairing roofs?

  • Are you part of professional roofing organizations like the NRCA?

  • Can you provide references of past work?

  • Can you provide a detailed quote by line item?

  • Does your quote include waste disposal or taxes?

  • What’s your payment schedule?

  • What does your warranty include?

  • What additional fees may be required?

  • Will you obtain permits when required?

  • Do you have experience claiming repairs through insurance? (if required)

  • How long will the roof repair take?

  • Does the plywood roof deck need replacing?

  • How do you handle damages on the job?

  • Will you be present for the inspections?

  • Do you offer financing?