A L T Painting & Graffiti Protection Services

A L T Painting & Graffiti Protection Services

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we work hard with educating our clients every step of the way, as well as when we meet for a consiltation you will not get someone showing up that you have'nt meet doing the job disrespecting your property. We go above and beyond with products and as well as the proper products to use and keeping the margins down as well.We work hard in giving quality craftsmanship.our website altpainting&gps.com can better assist you with setting up an apoinment.

What I enjoy is taking a situatution of distress and turning it into a product that my customers are ectatic and elated.Having comfort and journeymanship kowledge and the schooling to go with my 15 plus years in the field.being licensed bonded and insured allows our company to be seperate from those who are not.certified in lead abatment as well as sponsoring local chapters in our comunities.


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Norm W.

He was on time,very clean job, I will hire him again
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April 27, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Introducing who we are and what we are capable of doing as it relates to the projects.Leting our customers know that we are liscensed and bonded and insured so they know they are in good hands.Showing customers threw pamplets and color fandeck, as we show our customers the products we use as well the MSDS sheets for all products using.Walking them threw every step ftrom start to finish.

Journeyman painters by trade with card, have blue print reading, fall protection self rescue training, scafolding, lift certified sissor lift boom lift articulating lift,boom.Osha cert. card. Certified lead abatment.Also have over 15 plus years in the industry.Have a painting rep that works with me on all project interior or exterior.

Our standard for interior are diffrent then exterior.As our pricing includes labor and materials unless client is providing materials.

Went to school and found that I realy enjoyed painting.

We have worked with clients that are in the "I want to paint the exterior of my house and I don't know what color" or steps.

We worked with customers that know what they want to do in there project and all we do is provide the right products for there project.

We have worked with customers in the beginning stage to the clients that just don't have the time to finish.

all though the project was 3 months long every day we would mask the whole house floor and worked 8.5 hours and before the day ended we would demaskand clean up as if we were not there and when the project finaly came to an end. The customer sasid " I kow it must have been a pain to have to tare it up every day for the past 3 month.But I thank you for taking the extra step we felt like we were special".

Make sure they are licensed bonded and Insured. look them up on L&I to see if there are.Also if there are any compliant against them or positive coments.Ask questions till you are satisfied with the outcome.Educating yourself so you know what is going on and don't get taken advantage of.

Never feeling uneducated about what you want done.A pro should never make you feel that way.

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