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Our customer's journey is our hallmark. We aren't going to come running out to your house to "give" you a quote. We are going to take time to discuss your project over the phone to ensure we, meaning the company, is the right fit for you and that we earn your trust before we come out to get more detail about your project. Spending time up front can save a lot of time in the long run.

In the initial conversation we will discuss the scope of work, your timeline, finding out who else is excited about the project and yes, even talk about the elephant in the room, what a project like yours might cost to create. Talking about these components are important up front. It lays the ground work for a better experience all around. It also provides insight to our business and allows you time to evaluate us.

Yes, there are times when its obvious that we are not a fit for your project. Most often its actually the timeline that makes this obvious, meaning we can't get to it "next week" or sometimes next month as a customer may want. To determine this up front saves the customer time trying to be available for a site visit and meeting with a contractor that can't meet their expecations is important. Time is valuable.

There are two things we love most about the work we "get to do" is working directly with our customers and the finished product, especially when we are making drastic changes to the layout, floor plan, color or adding an element to the environment that wasn't there before.

It is always great to reach out to customers that have become friends through their projects to get an update on life or to hear about another project. The "new project" calls are the best because it reinforces that we did the job right the first time. Also, hearing from a friend or acquaintance of previous customer also reinforces we did the job the way we should have.

To see the customer get excited about their project from the first conversation and more so as we finish is very rewarding. Whether its something as simple as a color change or as dramatic as moving a wall or changing a floor plan bringing their vision to life is the goal.


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Framing for an existing building

I can work with customers who have a structure that has already been built, I can work with customers who want their current structure expanded, I can work with customers who have not yet built the structure, Other

Framing needed

Closet, Wall to an existing room, New room, Entire house, Roof, Reframe a wall to accommodate new door or window, Shed or standalone, Other

Existing plans

Customer has no existing plans, but has a good idea of what they want, Customer has no existing plans and needs design suggestions, Customer already has plans and just needs installation

Wall removal required

I can work with customers on a new structure, I can work with customers who just need installation, I can work with customers who need existing walls removed, Other

Plumbing or electrical lines needed

I can work with customers who need plumbing or electrical lines installed, I can work with customers who do not need plumbing or electrical lines installed, I can work with customers who need recommendations

Drywall installation

I can work with customers who need drywall applied, I can work with customers who do not need drywall applied, I can work with customers who need recommendations

Property type

Home, Multi-unit building, Office / business, Commercial

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    Barbie A.

    RC Clayton made my 6x6 laundry room become a beautiful and organized space by adding shiplap, cabinets and shelving. Love it and have so much storage now!
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    April 11, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    Step 1 - Introductory Meeting - this is done over the phone, Facebook or Zoom.  This is when we take time to understand the project, scope of work, budget, etc. and earn our clients confidence to complete their project

    Step 2 - Site Visit - this is when we gain further understanding of the vision, obstacles, execution plan, budget reality and provide an estimate.  Here we also look to gain a formal commitment from the client to hire us for their project.

    Step 3 - Quote, Scope of Work, Design - this is where we determine schedules, timelines and obtain a financial commitement from the client that puts them on the schedule.

    Step 4 - Prep and Execution - yep, this is where we "get after it" and start bringing the vision to life.  Prepaing a work area is essential.  This is where we create the work area and protect the house, as much as possible, from dust and wear and tear during the project, especially if its an interior project.   Communication is paramount during the phase as we understand how disruptive a project can be to their life.

    Step 5 - Punch List - as much as we think we are perfect and address every item or quality concern, we are human and can miss a detail here and there.  We take the time to review the product and also allow the client to identify and call out concerns so we can address them before the project is closed out.

    Step 6 - Closing - it's time to clean up completely and get onto the next project.  But, this doesn't happen until the customer is satisified and all of the financial obligations are taken care of consitent with the terms of our contract.  

    Step 7 - Repeat Client or Referral - either we get a call back from the client weeks, months or even years after our first project that they want us to bring their next project to life, or, we get a call that starts, (inject a lot of excitement) "I got your name and number from (fill in the blank).  They said you did an amazing job on their (fill in the blank) and we WANT you to do ours! ...and here we go again!!!

    I've been ratcheting things, building things informally and connected to the trades all of my life.  I was blessed to have a father that had only two rules when it came to his tools - don't lose them and don't break them.  As you can imagine both of those "suggestions" were not upheld. 

    Some of my earliest memories are tearing bikes apart on our patio and rebuilding and maintaining them for me and my buddies.  If there was a house under construction I explored every phase, grabbing cut-offs and nails left on the ground for my own projects. I spent summers and school breaks roofing, laboring for bricklayers, building decks, pouring concrete and almost anything else that would give me experience.  After college it was comfortable to transition into the trades until I found job in my degree field.  Five years later after working for big construction outfits and a general contractor I started my corporate career, but my blue collar roots never left and were a constant tug as we remodeled our own homes, did side work for family and friends and I stayed connected to the trades and the ever changing trends, diving into online training, magazines and talking to business owners.  Fast forward through a 25 year corporate career I said enough is enough and, well, here I am.  

    Services offered

    Home Modification For Disabled Persons
    Custom Cabinet Making
    General Carpentry
    Patio Addition
    Railing Installation Or Remodel
    Demolition Services
    Framing Carpentry
    Concrete Installation
    General Contracting
    Deck Or Porch Repair
    Construction Services
    Finish Carpentry - Trim - Crown Molding
    Deck Or Porch Addition
    Home Remodeling
    Kitchen Remodel
    Bathroom Remodel
    Closet Addition
    Garage Addition
    Cabinet Installation
    Cabinet Painting
    Sport Court Builders