Haire's Computer Repair, LLC

Haire's Computer Repair, LLC

Gabriel Haire

Telford, PA


Responds within hours
4 years in business
1 employees

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We provide top notch service and repair.  Our customer care is by far the best around.  We take the time necessary to work with our customers so we can fix all the issues that may arise. Our number one goal is to get you back up as fast as we can with minimal down time.


Computer Repair


Telford, PA 18969

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  • Virginia L.

    Haires PC repair was very prompt and arrived at the specified time. He did an excellent job setting up my new printer and wireless. He explained the setup process to me. He then explained how to use my new printer and copier. We ran a test and everything worked beautifully. I will recommend this service to my friends and business contacts.

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