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How Much Does An iPhone Screen Repair Cost?


The average costs for iPhone screen repair, glass repair, and LCD replacement average between $80 and $130 when you take it to a 3rd party repair shop. The Apple repair center starts at $129 for the iPhone 5 and 6, all the way up to $329 for the new iPhone XS Max. Get free instant estimates from phone repair pros near you.

Average Cost to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

You’ve dropped your iPhone and the screen is cracked. Or it’s smashed into a spider’s web of sadness. Once you’ve stopped berating yourself for dropping it, because shame isn’t going to fix the screen, you’ll need to hand it over to someone who can replace it for you. It’s okay, you think, the warranty will cover it. Think again.

This pricing guide covers:

  1. iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  2. Apple iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  3. Third-party iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  4. DIY Kits iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  5. Computer & Phone Repair Technicians
Know your Apple ID and password and be sure to back up the phone before you bring it anywhere for repair.

iPhone Screen Repair Costs

The screen and LCD display are fused together, so it’s highly unlikely you can have the glass replaced without also replacing the LCD display as well. Below are costs from around the country for screen glass repairs and LCD replacement.

3rd Party Repair Company Costs

  • iPhone 8 Plus $90/ $140
  • iPhone 8 $90/ $130
  • iPhone 7 Plus $90/ $130
  • iPhone 7 $90/ $110
  • iPhone 6S Plus $90
  • iPhone 6S $70/ $90
  • iPhone 6 Plus $80
  • iPhone 6 $70/ $80
  • iPhone 5 5C 5S $60
  • iPhone 4 4S $50

Apple Repair Center Cost (Out of Warranty)

  • iPhone XS Max $329
  • iPhone XS, X $279
  • iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus $169
  • iPhone 8, 7 $149
  • iPhone 6s Plus $169
  • iPhone 6s $149
  • iPhone 6 Plus $149
  • iPhone 6 $129
  • iPhone SE, 5s, 5c, 5 $129
  • iPhone 4s $199

DIY Repair Kits

For iPhone 5–7 Plus

  • iCracked kit $50–$80
  • DIYMobileReliair Toolkit $35
  • Screen $15–140
  • IFIXIT $45–$80

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  1. Apple Center Repair Costs
  2. 3rd Party Repair Costs
  3. DIY Kit Repair Cost

Apple’s iPhone Warranty

Apple’s service is wonderful if you have a store near you and can book your appointment ahead of time, but it won’t cover dropping your phone. According to Apple, their “Limited Warranty for iPhone covers your iPhone for one year. Warranty service for eligible repairs is available at no charge for twelve months from the date of original retail purchase ("date of purchase").

However, if your phone isn’t working because of an accident (you dropped it/your girlfriend threw it at you/your puppy thought it looked tasty), the warranty won’t cover the cost to repair it.

“To determine your warranty coverage, enter the serial number of your iPhone in the Online Service Assistant section on the Apple Support site. Apple may need to examine your proof of purchase document to verify your iPhone's warranty status.” — Apple Support

Check your purchase date

Even if you believe your circumstances qualify you to use the warranty, if you bought your iPhone from anyone other than an authorized iPhone reseller or didn’t register your phone when you bought it, you may not be able to use the warranty on it, because Apple has no official record of the purchase date with your name in it.

Out of warranty repair

The Apple support page says you might still be able to have Apple fix it through their Out-Of-Warranty (OOW) service—for things like screen burn or “an iPhone that has failed due to damage or liquid damage. ... See Apple's Repair Terms and Conditions for further details. Refer to this article to check if the Liquid Contact indicator on your product has been triggered.” To find where to bring your phone for OOW service options, call your local carrier and they can direct you to iPhone repair shops near you.

If you’ve only just bought your phone, or are about to buy one, and you are historically talented at dropping your phone, your best option is to sign up for the AppleCare+ plan. “Both AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss extend that coverage1 up to two years and give you additional features such as 24/7 tech support and accidental damage coverage.” —

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Apple iPhone Screen Repair Costs

For Apple to repair your iPhone thats out of warranty, prices start at $129 for older phones, and go up to $329 for the brand new models. Before Apple repairs your screen, you’ll need to carry out their pre-service instructions so you can protect your information. It involves things like having your ID and proof of purchase ready and, if you’re mailing it in, erasing your device. Read more about that here.

In store - The best part of having Apple repair your screen is that they have genuine Apple parts and all repairs are backed by Apple. It will probably be a same-day repair.

Mail it - If it’s too much of an inconvenience to get to the store, mail it instead. Apple will send you a box to send it in. It will take 7–9 days before you get your fixed phone back.

Third Party iPhone Screen Repair Costs

Be aware that if anyone other than Apple or an Apple service provider opens up your phone, any warranty or partial warranty you have will no longer apply. But if all your warranties have run out, a third-party service can be extremely helpful with prices that average $80 to $140 for screen repair. Don’t just bring it to any store though. Check out places first on sites like HomeGuide and Yelp to make sure customers have been pleased with their repair work.

Free Estimates

Some will examine your phone for free to let you know exactly what’s broken and how much it will cost to repair. When you drop your phone, even though it might look like only the screen has cracked, there could be a lot more that’s damaged inside the phone—speakers, dock, batteries, screen, cameras, etc. Getting a thorough examination done before you fix the screen could save you the frustration of a second and third visit later at an additional cost.

Repair Time

Some shops will give you a same-day repair service while others will take a day or two. Obviously, it depends on how much work your iPhone needs to be fully functional again.

Mobile iPhone Repair Service

This can be one of the easiest ways of repairing your screen, and you don’t even have to leave your house or work to do it. Custom Computer Experts in Sheffield Lake, OH, say, “If you can't come to us, we can come to you for $99.99 plus parts or software. $25 travel fee will be included in the final invoice for travel of 25 miles or more.”


Most third-party repair shops give you a thirty-day warranty on their repair work.


Some repair shops are better than others because they focus exclusively on Apple products and are able to buy repair parts in bulk. iHospital Fowler say they don’t “only repair devices but also upgrade these devices and offers a full range of accessories for them. ... It has trained all of its iHospital Doctors to focus on one family of products, Apple.”

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DIY iPhone Screen Repair Kits Costs

There is also the option of repairing your screen yourself with kit repair prices ranging from $40 to $80. Considering the high price of an iPhone, we don’t recommend this if you have little experience installing phone screens. We’re not mentioning names, but one of our own at HomeGuide tried this and the phone exploded in his hands. He ran, kicking the flaming phone across the carpet and out the front door in time to prevent the whole place going up in smoke. Lithium batteries are not to be trifled with. The memory will remain with us until the carpet is replaced....

If you are still sure you can stay alive and not damage the iPhone further by fixing it yourself, here’s how to do it.

  1. Watch YouTube videos on the process until you feel like you know what you’re about to do.
  2. Order the DIY kit—a combo of the replacement screen, tiny tools, cables, and an instructional booklet. Here’s an article on how that turned out for one Consumer Reports reporter.

In summary, if your iPhone is in warranty and the screen needs to be repaired because of an internal problem, have Apple fix it. If it’s not in warranty, we recommend having a mobile iPhone repair technician meet you to do the work, as most of the repair options seem to cost about the same regardless of where you bring it, and the convenience of having them come to you is amazing.

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