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All-Time-Painters is a full-service residential and commercial painting company in Hawthorne, NJ built on the premise of providing world-class painting services at reasonable prices. We specialize in painting a wide range of properties including residences, town houses, rental property and offices. We’ve built our positive reputation on honest pricing, exceptional communication, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our highly qualified painters in Hawthorne, NJ, adhere to a meticulous approach that involves the highest attention-to-detail.  When you hire our painting services Hawthorne, NJ, our highly skilled painters will take you through the entire process from proposal examination to color options to paint planning to finish. Besides, we value your time, and we will always work around your schedule.

Why Choose All-Time-Painters for paint job in Hawthorne, NJ

We are well-equipped

Residential and commercial painting involves more than paint, brushes, and tape rollers. At All-Time Painters, we are equipped with state-of-the-art painting tools including spraying tools, patching tools, calk gun, extension poles, and safety gear to handle any kind of painting job entrusted to us. No matter how complicated your paint job seems, we can handle any kind of job entrusted to us. At All-Time Painters, no job is too small or too complicated for our specialists. We will provide you a uniform texture and tone that will bring back the shine of your property.

Guaranteed quality work

There is more to painting than getting paint and applying it to your surfaces. One big reason to hire All-Time Painters is that we are professionals and experts in painting Hawthorne, NJ. We have assembled a team of highly trained professionals who specialize specifically in painting and prepping. Our specialists have the expertise and experience to deliver a beautifully finished job with a focus on detail. Along with using high-quality paint best suited for your property, we know how to tape edges to ensure clean lines as well as the best brushes to use on various surfaces for a perfect finish. Our specialists will protect your space to ensure no paint splatters.

We help you save money

The main reason some property owners in Hawthorne, NJ, choose to DIY their paint job is to save money. This is just but a misconception. The truth is, the final cost of painting your home or commercial property by yourself will end up being more than what you had planned on spending. Normally, you may underestimate all the equipment and tools to be bought for the job. Considering the many things you’ll have to buy including brushes, tape, rollers, drop cloths, paint, tool rental and many other items, you’ll end up paying more than you thought. And let’s not forget the many hours you’ll take to prepare the surfaces for the paint job. When you choose to paint your property by yourself, you are more likely to make mistakes of which you’ll have to hire a professional painter Hawthorne, NJ, to fix. Hiring a professional painting company Hawthorne, NJ saves you money in the sense that you don’t have to buy any supplies and the job will be done right the first time. When you hire All-Time Painters, our specialists will show up at your property with everything needed for the paint job. Hiring an experienced painting company in Hawthorne, NJ may seem like a lot upfront, but might actually not be that much more than trying the DIY approach.

Timely completion

Painting is a very time-consuming task that requires to be handled by an experienced professional. With all the tasks involved from moving bulky furniture, taking down wall art & décor, taping the wall edges, to finding top quality supplies, you can unnecessarily take a lot of time to accomplish these tasks if you choose the DIY approach. Hiring a professional painting company Hawthorne, NJ, will save you a lot of time. At All-Time Painters, we have a team of professionals who work as a team to wrap up your project with the set time frame.  You don’t have to keep your house disorganized for weeks when you can hire a professional painting company in Hawthorne, NJ, to do the job for you.

We are licensed and insured

At All-Time Painters, we are a licensed and insured painting company in Hawthorne, NJ. We ensure you are protected from liability in case any of our painting specialists gets hurt in the course of the job, though this rarely happens. Hiring our painting company Hawthorne, NJ, gives you peace of mind knowing you’re protected should anything go wrong.

New interior and exterior painting ideas

Our professional painters Hawthorne, NJ, are updated on the latest trends and technologies in the world of residential and commercial painting Hawthorne, NJ.  We can provide our clients with the best painting ideas that match the design of their property, as well as their unique needs to create the desired look and function.

No clean-up required

If you go the DIY way, you will have a lot of cleanup to do after many hours of trial and error. At All-Time Painters, we will save you the trouble of cleaning up as we know the best way to dispose of painting materials.  Besides, we will ensure no paint splatters on your floors.


Depending on the type of property involved, painting can have an element of risk especially when you have to climb ladders to reach higher surfaces. Falling off ladders is the last thing you want to happen considering the high medical bills associated with fractured bones and head injuries At All-Time-Painters, we save you the trouble of having to engage in a dangerous painting job. We have all the necessary safety gear to take on the job.

Overall, the importance of finding a professional painter in Hawthorne, NJ, should not be underestimated. For residents looking for a professional interior and exterior painter in the greater Hawthorne, NJ, your search is over. All-Time-Painters is the best choice for residential and commercial painting in Hawthorne, NJ. When you hire our painting services Hawthorne, NJ, you don’t have to worry about your paint peeling off ahead of its time and neither will you have to spend more money later on fixing mistakes. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate for both residential and commercial painting projects.

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