Suburban Yard Specialists

Suburban Yard Specialists

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With more than 35 years of landscape and masonry experience, we are dedicated to providing a quality service with professional results. We provide a broad array of landscape maintenance services, landscape design and construction, and masonry services that include walls, walkways, patios, paver driveways, cobblestone work, veneers, fireplaces, fire pits, drainage systems, and more.


7 employees
38 years in business
Serves Winchester , MA

Payment methods

Check, Venmo


Water installation needed

I work with customers who don't need irrigation installation, I work with customers who need a sprinkler system installed, I work with customers who need a drip system installed, I work with customers who have other irrigation requirements

Additional services needed

No additional services, Mowing, Trimming and edging, Weeding, Weed prevention, Fertilizer application, Leaf cleanup, Seeding or overseeding, Mulching, Insect control, Aeration, Other additional services

Property type

Residential, Commercial

Gardening services needed

Create a new garden on bare dirt, Replace an existing garden, Maintain an existing garden, Other gardening services

Regular garden maintenance needed

Only offer one-time projects, Once a week maintenance, Every other week maintenance, Maintenance 2 – 3 times a month , Ongoing maintenance as needed

Square footage of garden

Extra small (less than 1,000 sq ft), Small (1,000 – 2,500 sq ft), Medium (2,500 – 5,000 sq ft), Large (5,000 – 10,000 sq ft), Very large (more than 10,000 sq ft), Customer is not sure about square footage

Plants purchased

I work with customers who provide plants, I will purchase plants for customers

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    Frequently asked questions

    I will visit the site, either alone or via a meeting set up directly with the customer.  While there, I will get measurements, pictures, and make any suggestions that apply to the work the customer is looking for.  The pictures will then be sent to the customer so that we have something to refer to.  If necessary, a plan will be drawn (at no cost), accompanied by an estimate.  This information is emailed over altogether.  Any changes to the plan and/or estimate can then be fine-tuned on my end and a final estimate submitted.  Upon acceptance, the customer job will be scheduled accordingly.  All work is taken in the order it is received.

    35 years of on the job training, including a foreman of 25 years and the remainder of the crews for 10 to 15 years.

    Yes, all cleanup work (spring and fall), mulch installation work, and trimming/pruning work is done on a per man hour basis and includes all disposal costs.  Hardscapes (walls, walkways, patios, cobblestone installations, etc...) are priced according to the materials used.  These rates vary depending upon the customer's material selection.  Maintenance services such as fertilization and lawn mowing are done at a fixed rate which is determined prior to the srart of work.

    As a source of income to get through college in the mid 80's.  It snowballed from there and is now my livlihood.



    Property Managers

    Landscape Architects

    Real Estate Agents

    Always ask for at least two referrals.

    Make sure the communication between the customer and the pro is always fluent.  

    Make sure communication between the foreman and the customer is always fluent.

    Always ask about hardscape work before landscaping.  Hardscapes are the foundation for the landscaping.  Grading work, plantings, lawn installations, and finish work are the last things that should be done.  

    Services offered

    Masonry Construction Services
    Masonry Repair And Maintenance
    Landscaping Design
    Patio Addition
    Shrub Removal
    Tree Stump Removal
    General Contracting
    Sod Installation
    Multi Service Lawn Care
    Fence Repair
    Sprinkler System Repair
    Pressure Washing
    Land Leveling And Grading
    Fence Installation
    Gutter Cleaning
    Snow Removal
    Tree Planting