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Offers online services


I'm 43 yrears old and I've been in this trade for almost 30 years, im married to a nurse practitioner from U.K., and we have 4 kids. My new clients tell me that they feel like they have known me for years BBCafter meeting me. I enjoy meeting new clients and getting to know them! One major thing I enjoy of my work is when a new/existing client has bad electrical problems or an emergency call, makes me feel good when one says he appreciatets, and thanks me after saving their hot or business from a fire or a potential fire! I try my best to gain trust and let them know their are in good hands! Lets me know what I do,I can help people, such as emergency power/ generators for people on oxygen or on life support! Security lighting and video cameras to make people feel safe, to storm damage, loss of power help by having installed an emergency generator, or fixing a service that a tree limb fell and ripped overhead service down, to get power back on, from fixing a buzzing noise, upgrading dangerous panels and meters to installing ground rods to old systems and also lightning rods and surge protection! I know I can help in many ways including energy management money saving solutions! So I'm proud of what I do! I also later in my career was trained to due electrical inspections, so makes me happy to use this in many ways for the public!

The things I enjoy about my job is meeting new people everyday, having 6000 numbers plus on my phone and counting, I enjoy helping people and putting a smile on their face, I don't like being stuck at 1 place I like being on the go, I enjoy working with all different types of professions and different types of projects and engineering them it makes the job stay enjoyable!


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Offers online services

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To be myself, im not an actor just to get jobs! I'm here to help people and itscc BBC Shari do!

I am very seasoned and experienced in my work. I have 26 years experience in all fields of the electrical work.
I went to Kentucky Tech to the ABC program from 6 o'clock to 10:00 PM working during the day four hours a week for an electrical contractor under a master electrician mentor as an apprentice. Also, very hospital. I had three years of AutoCAD 12 in computer-aided drafting and Blueprints would you help me on this job also. Anyways, after that I decided to get my masters license studied a little harder for that on the code book, took the test passed it then I was out running work all over Lexington and surrounding areas. I got a call from somebody at South Kentucky, RECC the power company in Somerset morning to Hire me as a trainee in training to take the test to be a electrical inspector for all jobs for them, I took that job in a heartbeat, and I learned a lot more than most of the other electricians do because they teach you a lot and make you understand it and you get to go out and see all the jobs out there and how they're supposed to be done and what you're not allowed to do to the national electrical code. After this, I've got tired of just sitting there and eating donuts and I got fired so I decided to go and try to get my Electrical contractor license. So what did that and had to figure out everything you have to do after that to start a business and here I am today been doing this 26 years and is very season.

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