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Sun-Lux Pressure Cleaning Solutions LLC

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My 15 years of consistently providing excellence in any and all services with superior quality results for all clients and services provided and expect. My business Philosophy and core values are aligned with my profeshional work ethic and respect and my business foundation for its success. The biggest factor that stands out is the my true joy of working with my hands and the satisfaction having a business opportunity of doing something I truely love. My #1 rule is " Always do things the right way, or don't do it at all!". A truely satisfied customer is at the utmost priority and goal that I work very hard to consistently provide in hopes of being personally recommended by referral to others for my services.

The value is always there when offering a competitively premium cost for a guaranteed premium service and final results.


- Full Residential and Commercial Pressure cleaning Services As well as Gutter cleaning and detailing

-Automotive / Motorcycle / Truck /Camper/ RV / and all heavy equipment exterior pressure cleaning and wash and wax as well as Full Detailing.

Pressure Cleaning:

-Driveways - Sidewalks - Siding - Roofs - Windows - Patios - Decks

-Windows - Gutters & Soffits - Large Concrete Slabs - Land scraping pathways -

-Landscaping Rocks cleaning - Screen rooms & enclosures - Full Pool and Hot-tub cleaning

- Basiclly Anything & Everything & much more ( For any questions or concerns please call )

Package Deal offers:

( 3 in 1 Deal ) -Gutters ,Soffits and Window cleaning /debris removal package deal.

Please visit my Facebook business page at:

or contact me directly at 772 307 2460

The value is always there when your offering a competitive premium cost for a guaranteed premium service and final results with a smile.


Serves Port St Lucie, FL


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Over all very professional and great experience ! Was available right away and didnt have to wait.
Did exactly what I needed and made it look better then expected! Worth every penny, Ill be keeping his business card on my refrigerator for any future Pressure cleaning!
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August 31, 2017

Frequently asked questions

It's all starts with a call and a verbal discription of service being requested and the details needed. These basic details include where , what, what needed to be done, sometimes pictures of desired service request are needed for a better estimate, cost and timeline and materials needed. Followed by my cost estimate and follow up scheduled appointment to start.

Jobs requiring more then one or more business day to complete , I request up too half of total cost in form of a down payment to flourish supplies to start appon service agreements and pricing.

15 years of working as a handyman and skilled carpenter, and all around problem solver. Often hired clean and reorganized of spaces such as garage is sheds living room basements, But as A handyman skilled carpenter and our own problem solver for hire ,my powerwasher was one of my favorite and commonly used tools of the trade.

All pricing is contingent to all the details of service requests.

However the traditional price per square ft pricing and hourly factor method is most common used. I supply all clients with a detailed breakdown of services memo containing the details of my services and costs and final payment receipt of services.

I started to get into this business just as the same as I did in all previous jobs rendered stemming from my personal enjoyment of working with my hands and all around enjoyment of staying busy personality. It Just made sense when I was being repeatedly refereed for hire by previous satisfied clientele and repeat clients. Lastly It's ironic how bussiess services always turn into a being invited to a picnic or cook out by home owner or become friends /acquaintances of those I have serviced because of the profeshionalism and scence of trust that comes along free of charge with my services I gladly offer. Because my clients know they can count on a honest , straight,forward easy going experience when hiring me. 

All kinds and everyone, I encourage and welcome all customers of all walks of life in need of my services.

I personally look out for the all the elderly give extra special additional treatment as well as all our veterans and emergency service persons.

Shopping by price is risky business,expect a competitively marketed price for standard quality results. Good service is in the details and the person behind the business.

Ask for references..

Should I even try this myself..if I do and I mess up? How long will it really take me verses how soon do I need it done? A profeshional should alawys be faster given the profeshional equipment, In most cases you really do need professional equipment to get professional results Can I afford that financially or the time it takes to repair. Profeshionals are insured and if they mess up there obligated.

Services offered

Mold Inspection And Removal
Solar Panel Cleaning Or Inspection
Floor Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Home Organizing
Pressure Washing
Window Cleaning
House Cleaning