How Much Does Apartment & Move Out Cleaning Cost?

$75 – $135 ($50 per hour)

The average cost for a small 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment cleaning is $75 for standard cleaning and $110 for a move out clean. For a large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, prices start at $135 for standard cleaning, and go up to $180 or more for a deep or move out clean. Get free estimates from apartment cleaners near you.

Apartment Cleaning Prices

The average cost for a small 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment cleaning is $75 for standard cleaning and $110 for a move out clean. For a large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, prices start at $135 for standard cleaning, and go up to $180 or more for a deep or move out clean. The average hourly rates for apartment cleaning are $50 per hour for routine cleaning with a typical range of $25 to $70 per hour.

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Apartment Cleaning Prices List

Apartment cleaning prices also change based on one-time cleans like a vacant apartment or move-out cleaning. The two most intensive areas for cleaning in an apartment are the kitchen and bathrooms, and the time and effort to clean a bathroom is significantly more than it is to clean a bedroom or a living room, and you’ll see that reflected in our apartment cleaning pricing list.

Apartment Cleaning Prices List
Bedrooms Bathrooms Price
4 2 $140 to $200
3 2 $135 to $180
2 2 $95 to $130
2 1 $90 to $120
1 2 $80 to $110
1 1 $60 to $90

Cleaning Service Add-Ons

Look for a cleaning service’s a-la-carte list of services to see what you can add to a regular clean. Expect to pay:

  • Indoor pets – $5
  • Doing the laundry – $10 to $50
  • Window cleaning – $50
  • Cleaning the insides of the windows – $10
  • Cleaning the fridge – $12
  • Cleaning the interior of the oven – $15
  • Cabinet organization - $50

Apartment Cleaning - Happy Young Maid Mopping Floors

Apartment Cleaning Rates Per Hour

In general, average hourly rates for apartment cleaning services are $30 to $50 per worker per hour, with many jobs totaling between $90 and $195. Prices depend on the number of rooms and bathrooms, and the extent of the cleaning needed. Some cleaning companies advertising a specific dollar amount for the first three hours and then a different rate for each subsequent hour.

One-Time Cleaning Fees
One-Time Clean Standard Clean Deep Clean Move Out Clean
Small 1-bedroom one-bathroom apartment cleaning, average cost $75 $107 $110
Large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, starts at $135 $180 $180

Apartment Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Most cleaning services will not quote you based on the square footage of your apartment because the number of bathrooms in your apartment impacts your cleaning cost the most.

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Cost of an Apartment Standard Clean

The national average cost of a standard apartment cleaning is between $75 to $110 depending on the size of the apartment, the extent of cleanup, and how often. A standard clean is a perfect choice if you have been keeping your apartment pretty clean already and most cleaning services offer a discount for recurring jobs.

Standard Apartment Cleaning Prices
Bedrooms Bathrooms Price Price Every 2 Weeks
4 2 $140 to $200 $100 to $180
3 2 $135 to $180 $115 to $160
2 2 $95 to $130 $90 to $125
2 1 $90 to $120 $80 to $110
1 2 $80 to $110 $78 to $105
1 1 $60 to $90 $55 to $85

What Does Standard Cleaning Cover?

For most professional cleaning services, a standard apartment cleaning checklist will include dusting; washing bathroom and kitchen showers, baths, sinks, and countertops; vacuuming; mopping; emptying trash, and cleaning mirrors. The average cleaning will also include making a bed or two and scrubbing the microwave.

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Cost of an Apartment Deep Clean

On average, a deep apartment cleaning costs between $107 and $165. A deep clean may be necessary to take care of items that are typically overlooked or are too time-consuming, or you have an upcoming party or event.

Deep Apartment Cleaning Prices
Bedrooms Bathrooms Price
4 2 $200 to $400
3 2 $180 to $280
2 2 $135 to $195
2 1 $120 to $175
1 2 $98 to $160
1 1 $90 to $125

What Does Deep Cleaning Cover?

On top of a standard clean, the deep cleaning goes beyond to include some services like washing trim, blinds, ceiling fan blades, and window sills; vacuuming curtains; making all beds; washing trashcans; and cleaning stove drip pans.

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Move-Out Cleaning Cost

The average cost of move-out cleaning in an empty apartment is between $110 and $173. Vacant apartment cleaning or move-out cleaning, as it is also known, is a deep clean of an empty apartment, and that time is spent doing the best work possible to help renters ensure they get as much of their deposit back as possible.

Move-Out Cleaning Cost
Bedrooms Bathrooms Price
4 2 $200 to $390
3 2 $180 to $300
2 2 $135 to $210
2 1 $120 to $180
1 2 $100 to $170
1 1 $90 to $130

What Does Move-Out Cleaning Cover?

Apartment turnover cleaning companies specialize in offering apartment move-out cleaning services so it could be worth hiring them rather than one that mostly offers basic cleaning. On top of a deep clean, the move-out cleaning includes some services like cleaning out kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, and polishing floors.

Move Out Apartment Cleaning Turnover

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Some apartments may have a checklist for what they expect to be covered. It is likely you will be furnished with one when you terminate your lease, but if not, ask at the front office for a copy to make sure your cleaners address everything your apartment complex expects to be done.

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Apartment Cleaning Cost Factors

When pricing out a cleaning job, in addition to the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the type of cleaning job needed (standard, deep, move out, recurring), the other factors that affect the price include optional services like oven cleaning, fridge interior cleaning, and interior window cleaning. The price also goes up slightly if the apartment has indoor pets.

  • Cleaning Supplies – While most people have cleaning supplies in their apartment, professional cleaning services will bring all necessary supplies to carry out the work rather than get there and find they need to run to the store to get something you may have run out of.
  • Length of Time – Some cleaning companies prefer to send over 2–4 workers for a shorter period, while others might only send one worker who stays for half a day. Most cleaning companies have workers available six days a week, and they are willing to work their schedules around yours.
  • Add-Ons – As we mentioned above, there are extra costs if you have pets ($5), need the laundry done ($10 to $50), require the fridge to be cleaned ($12), or need window cleaning ($50).

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How to Save on Apartment Cleaning

Setting up a recurring cleaning appointment weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, is an excellent way to save some money over the price of a few one-off cleaning appointments since these service providers charge less to keep you on a regular schedule.

It’s cheaper for them this way because they don’t need to spend money courting new business all the time. Another reason recurring visits are more affordable is that there won’t be as much work required to get it back in shape, especially if your apartment was cleaned 1 or 2 weeks or even a month ago.

Ask about discounts for single mothers, veterans, disabilities, etc. or seasonal offers.

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How to Hire the Right Cleaners for Your Apartment

When looking for online reviews and ratings of cleaning companies in your area, be sure to scroll to the end of each page. Some review services tend to hide the poor reviews at the end and keep the favorable ones at the top. Word of mouth is also helpful, as is asking for recommendations from family and friends. Most cleaning quotes come with a free in-home estimate to establish the amount of work and regularity of work needed.

  • Would you rather have a flat rate given than a quote that needs a visit first?
  • Would you prefer that the workers speak English?
  • Is there a money-back guarantee?
  • Are they OSHA trained and insured?
  • Are their cleaning products child and pet safe or organic?
  • Are they background checked?

A clean apartment clears the mind, but many people don’t have the time or the inclination to keep it that way. A professional apartment cleaning service will send workers who show up on time and clean everything you want in the amount of time you agree to. Workers bring all their own equipment and cleaning supplies too.

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