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Amazing Cleaning With Leslie is a small cleaning service made up of myself and 2 other girls.  I strive to give my clients quality cleaning at a fair price.
I feel the main way that Amazing Cleaning with Leslie stands out is that first off, we really care about our clients. We take the time to talk and to get to know each and every client we have. When a new client signs up for cleaning they are assigned a cleaning girl. The same young lady cleans for that client the entire time the client uses Amazing Cleaning with Leslie, of course unless the client request someone different. This allows the client the comfort of getting to know the young lady that is cleaning for them instead of having strangers in and out each time.  It also allows the young lady to get to know and become comfortable with the clients home. This has been proven to speeds up the cleaning process overtime without diminishing the quality of the cleaning
I have over 15 years residential cleaning experience both privately and with companies. 
I believe when I agree to clean someone's home I should treat their home with the same respect and care I do my own.  Home is where life, love, and family are. Where you should be at peace and where serenity should be found.  Everyone who works for Amazing Cleaning with Leslie is hand picked by myself, they (they includes myself) is required to take a training courses through OSHA Acadamey. 
Since COVID-19 we have also required training and informative courses through Academy of Cleaning Excellence. 
A few of those class are listed below:
° Infectious Viruses
° Infection Prevention
° The Fundamentals of healthcare saftry during and post COVID
° COVID-19 Stay Safe - frontline custodial knowledge
~ among others
One of our main goals is to ensure all of our client's safety along with ensuring but they are satisfied with our cleaning.
We stand by what we say, and know our actions speak the loudest.
After my personal experience working for both small and large Cleaning Company's it pushed me to want to create something special.

I have always enjoyed cleaning, as a little girl instead of playing dolls I organize my closet and my drawers. In boarding school and college I would clean the other students dorm rooms and apartments.  While cleaning I get a sense of peace and and it gives a sense of completion and self gratification and approval when a job is done and done well.

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  • Suzy Police

    I was sick/NOT Covid/had to put off appt! But I KNOW LESLIE WILL BE AMAZING!!! Will be back ASAP with a Fabulous review!!! Just waiting to find out when HOUSE is scheduled to be Appraised.Leslie and I are in close contact/then cell broke and could not find her #!!!! She is ALWAYS there for me and willing to come ANYTIME!!! 5***** already!!!

  • Heather

    Excellent attention to detail, punctuality, amazing prices, and she goes above and beyond

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

When I have a client contact me who is interested in cleaning I like to start out by finding out a little bit about the client, their home, and what they are looking for. For example if someone calls I start out by getting their contact information; name, phone number, address. Next I go to the county website to find the square footage of their home. This is how I set the base price. Next I ask what they are looking for, what type of flooring they have, if they have wood furniture, if it has a protective coating, how often they are looking for the service,  how many people live in the home, if they have any pets, would they like me to use their cleaning supplies and equipment or if they are alright with me bringing mine. If they have a preference on eco friendly,  natural, or regular cleaning products, if they have certain products they prefer. I am always willing to purchase special products at the clients request (the price of the products are never billed to client unless the client requests it be left at their home for solitary use)

After I get the basic information above, I explain what I offer and what is included. For example; in my basic cleaning package cleaning baseboards,  doorframes, and fans is included.  I also ask the condition of their home.  If it is the first time they have hired someone to clean,  if not how long it has been since they have had someone to their home to clean. 

Next I explain what my monthly special is. For example for July I am offering 25% off first 4 cleanings for any new client who schedules weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.  

Also I am giving free sanatizing with any cleaning.

Once I get all the needed information I calculate everything and give them a quote, letting them know the price may change once I see their home if the condition of their home is not accurate to what they told me.  99% of the time the price I give in the quote is the final price.

Finally I schedule a time to come see their home and to sit down and review the cleaning agreement I ask all clients to sign. I ask if they would like me to come prepared to clean.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I spent 10 years as a stay ar home wife and then mother. Part of being a housewife and mom is learning how to properly clean.   When my husband passed away I had to find work that I was qualified for,  that the hours worked with my kids school and after school schedule, allowed me to be home on the weekends.  House cleaning was perfect. I spent 5 years working for a couple different companies until I decided to start cleaning independently which allowed mebnb to set my own hours. 

I have taken on-line classes to help me with the business end of cleaning independently and have also participated in some on-line training and classes/courses. Some are listed below. 

Cleaning Business Owner Certificate Course through IAP Career College

Cleaning Certificate for Vacation Rental Housekeepers through Cleaning Advisor

Professional Cleaner through Maid Training Academy 

I believe in always showing the care and respect to my clients and their homes as I would want if the situation was reversed. 

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.

I price my jobs first by the square footage of the hom . I get this information from the county property appraiser website. It shows the actual square footage of the home, it separates the square footage of the home, patio, garage, and any other standing buildings. It is the most accurate way for me to get up to date information on the size of a home.  

Next I find out what service or services the client is seeking and how often. It is less expensive if the client is seeking weekly cleaning virus monthly. If the client has special requests,  for example laundry & ironing, I add this to the price already calculated. Once I have a final price, I deduct any specials that the client qualifies for. 

For example: if the price by square footage is $140 and the client request bedding and towels each week be washed (2 loads) I add $20 ($10 each load) and the client requests 5 work shirts and 3 slacks be ironed I add $34 ($5 per dress shirt $3 per pair of slacks) $140 + $20 + $34 = $194. Now the 25% off for July special. $194 × 0.25 = $48.50. Next I deduct the $48.50 from original price. $194 - $45.50 = $145.50. 

So in the cleaning agreement the pricing would appear as below:

Client:          Jane Doe

Address:     1234 Main Street

                     Freedom, Fl 33333

Phone:        (239)555-5555

Cleaning agreement to begin July 20, 2020 between Jane Doe and Amazing Cleaning with Leslie, owner Leslie Warner.  

                                                                                           Page 3


                                                   JD (client)                    _______

                                                   LW (Company owner) _______  

Base price:             $140

                 Basic cleaning


                3 bedroom 2 bath (sq ft xxxx)

Add ons:                 $54.00

                 Laundry (2 loads) $10 per load 

                 Ironing    (5 dress shirts $5 each)

                                 (3 pairs slacks $3 each)

Discount price:      $145.50  (7/20/2020 - 8/10/2020)

                  25% off first 4 cleanings 

                  7/20, 7/27, 8/3, 8/10

Regular price of $194 will begin 8/17/2020

What types of customers have you worked with?

For the most part I have been lucky and have had excellent clients. Understanding, caring, compassionate,  and honest.  I have had a couple who I have refunded and canceled their cleaning contract for different reasons. 

I had one whose house was unbearable. The. individual was single, on disability, had a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. They requested monthly cleaning. Because I was under the impression this individual was on a low income set income I gave them a discounted price. The first time I cleaned it took me from 9AM til 7PM. I had explained that they would need to have things picked up before I came, if not it would be extra for me to pick up and organize. They said they would have things picked up. I got to the job and nobody was home. I called and the individual gave me the code to get in and told me they should be home before i left but incase payment was in an envelope on the counter.  When I got inside they had not picked anything up, their were dishes in the sink, clothes and papers all over  the floor...ect. I called and the individual asked if I could go ahead and pick up and organize,  if I could do dishes and wash and change bed. To make a long story short by 7PM they were not home,  I took payment and left. Following week was a repeat, except the payment for the added work was not paid yet. Trying to give the person a chance I went ahead and cleaned. I attempted to call the person at 5PM with no answer so I sent a text message that I was done and leaving. I left an bbn invoice on counter documenting the work done, the payment amount received for both cleanings and what was still owed to date along with a copy of cleaning agreement highlighting the area pertaining this to situation. My 3rd time was a repeat of first 2 times. Once I finished I again tried calling and then sent a text. However this time I sat in my car to see if the person would be back soon. I had a feeling I was being avoided. Sure enough. 30 minutes later the client arrived home, dressed in a business suit with a briefcase.  I got out of my vehicle and approached the client.  I handed the client another invoice detailing the work that h as d been done, what was paid and what was owed.   As patiently as I was able to I explained that although the original price agreed to was XX, I had explained if X,Y, &Z had to be done it would be an extra XX. That we had gone over it in the cleaning agreement and that they had agreed to pay XX if for any reason X,Y, or/and Z needed to be done and I was requesting payment in full.  The client refused to compensate for the extra work and became loud and a little intimidating (the client was a rather large built man)  this was when a women dressed also in business attire came up and told my client to stop yelling and calm down. She introduced herself to me as a colleague of my clients from a law firm. I immediately handed my client his check back and told him I was giving verbal notice that I would no longer be cleaning for him anymore and that he would recieve a new invoice in the mail for the monies owed, and that the money discounted due to his claim that he was  low set income due to disability would be added to invoice.  In the end he did pay in full what he owed but it almost ended up in a lawsuit.  That was my worst experience by far. 

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

I strive to create a close relationship with all my clients, remembering birthdays,  anniversaries,  special date . I feel its important.   When Covid-19 first came to Florida many people were scared to let anyone close or in their homes. Then Florida closed except for essential workers and residential cleaning was not an essential job. I am a single mom with 2 teenagers and at the time the virus hit Florida I had 2 other teenagers living with us (one still is and I just brought a 7 year old in)  so being out of work was not a financial option. My regular clients were amazing during this time.  Some continued to pay me even though they couldn't have me come clean, one of my first clients gifted me enough to pay what I was short on for rent. 

Although I love cleaning,  and the majority of my client's are amazing it surprises me still how compassionate and caring they were to my  family and me.  I have paid back the majority of them, some refused to allow me to, and some still slip extra in my envelope each time.  

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a pro in your area of expertise?

1. Always meet the individual you are thinking of hiring,  the impression you get in person that counts

2.  A cleaning agreement is very much important. It leaves no room for the person you hire to manipulate or change original agreement

3.  Keep in mind when reading reviews that people sometime leave false reviews both negative and positive.   I worked for a women who created her own reviews to keep her ratings up.

4. We are people also... we have emergencies,  we get sick,  we make mistakes. However we should always handle things professionally. I am blessed, the majority of my clients I have built a close relationship with, but I still have to keep business separate from that relationship. I have had clients that have offered financial help during this pandemic. I made the mistake of excepting a large amount of help from one of my first clients a couple months back and I had to insist on them accepting the money back because I felt indebted to them. I learned that there is a difference in a bonus earned through quality work which is business and a client giving me a large amount of money because of financial hardship which is personal. I was and am very appreciative of their help but when it was time to re-sign the cleaning agreement I felt as though I couldn't raising the price even though alot of extra work was added to the agreement.   Once I paid them back the money (it was a gift not a loan) I was able to sit back down and go back over the cleaning agreement and explain the price changes and not feel as though I was being unfair (once explained to client my feelings they wanted to give back the money, explaining they never meant for me to feel indebted to them, but like I said we are people also, providing a service,  we make mistakes)  I am grateful they understood this and were not offended. 🙂

What questions should customers think through before talking to pros about their needs?

Are packages available if so what is included 

Are there any specials if so what are they and what do they include

Are bundles or gift cards offered (I offer upfront by bundles. We will use the $140 weekly basic cost again.  

If paid weekly for 4 weeks would equal $560

If paid 4  weeks in advance 10% off = $504. That's a $56 savinga

If paid weekly for 6 weeks would equal $840

If paid 6 weeks in advance 15% off = $714 . That's a $126 saving

If paid weekly for 8 weeks would equal $1120

If paid 8 weeks in advance 20% off = $896    That's a $224

Although 4 weeks in advance is not a big savings at 6 weeks you get a free cleaning in savings and at 8 weeks you almost get 2 free cleanings.