How much does outdoor & landscape lighting cost to install?
Ashburn, VA

How much does outdoor & landscape lighting cost to install?

Ashburn, VA

How much does outdoor & landscape lighting cost to install?

$80 – $300cost per fixture
$800 – $6,000average total cost (10 to 20 lights)

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$80 – $300 cost per fixture

$800 – $6,000 average total cost (10 to 20 lights)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Average outdoor lighting installation cost

Landscape lighting costs $80 to $300 per fixture or $800 to $6,000 total on average, including labor. Outdoor lighting is installed by a handyman or electrician and is commonly used to illuminate a porch, garage, yard, or home exterior. Low voltage landscape lighting costs $100 to $150 per fixture installed.

Outdoor lighting installation cost
Number of lights Average cost installed
1 $80 – $300
5 $400 – $1,500
10 $800 – $3,000
20 $1,600 – $6,000
30 $2,400 – $9,000
40 $3,200 – $12,000
50 $4,000 – $15,000

Outdoor lighting costs by fixture type

Outdoor lighting cost by type
Fixture type Average cost installed (per light)
Pathway lights $50 – $150
Low voltage landscape lighting $100 – $150
Porch lights $50 – $250
Floodlights / exterior garage lights $50 – $200
Downlights $100 – $400
Uplights / in-ground $50 – $350
Security & motion sensor lights $100 – $500
Patio string lights $50 – $150
Lamp post / bollard light $200 – $800

Outdoor landscape lighting illuminating planting beds in a residential yard.
Outdoor landscape lighting illuminating planting beds in a residential yard.

Low voltage landscape lighting cost

Low voltage landscape lighting costs $100 to $150 per fixture with installation. These systems run off a dedicated 12-volt transformer, which uses less electricity than a standard 120-volt transformer. This costs more upfront in labor but saves money in electricity costs in the long run.

Cost to install floodlights or exterior garage lights

Floodlights cost $50 to $200 per fixture with installation and are most commonly attached near exterior or garage doors. Floodlights can also be used to highlight any architectural features on a home.

Security / motion sensor lights installation cost

Security or motion sensor lights cost $100 to $500 per fixture with installation. These lights are similar to floodlights but provide extra home security because they are triggered by movement outside of a home and help prevent trespassing.

A full home security system costs $300 to $850 for equipment and installation and $25 to $50 per month for monitoring services.

Porch light installation cost

Porch lights cost $50 to $250 per fixture installed, depending on the style and quality. Porch lights are often small lamps that take very little time to install.

Pathway lights installation cost

Pathway lights cost $50 to $150 per fixture with installation, depending on the size and type. These lights illuminate walkways and nearby plant life. Some pathway lights are solar-powered and can be easily DIY installed, while standard wired lights take more time and effort to install.

Cost to install patio string lights

Patio string lights cost $50 to $150 per fixture installed. String lights, like pathway lights, are often solar powered. String lights add mood lighting to outdoor spaces and are popularly used on patios or pergolas.

Landscaping downlights cost

Downlights cost $100 to $400 per fixture installed and are also called spotlights. These lights shine downward to highlight sculptures, architectural features, and other landscape elements.

A house with outdoor downlights and landscape lighting.
A house with outdoor downlights and landscape lighting.

Outdoor uplights against house cost

Uplights cost $50 to $350 per fixture with installation and, like downlights, highlight your home's architectural or landscaping features. Popular spotlight locations include trees, home walls, or fountains.

Cost to install outdoor lamp post

Outdoor lamp posts cost $200 to $800 per fixture installed, depending on the size and material. Lamp posts are typically placed farther away from the home than other lights and cost more in labor to run wiring to the post.

The cost to run power from the house to a lamp post is $10 to $25 per linear foot for an underground line.

Landscape lighting installation cost breakdown

Landscape lighting costs $80 to $300 per fixture or $800 to $6,000 with installation for a total of 10 to 20 lights.

Landscape lighting cost
Factor Average cost per light
Light fixture cost & supplies $50 – $200
Installation labor & wiring $30 – $100
Total cost per light installed $80 – $300

The following factors also affect installation costs:

  • Material – Plastic or aluminum fixtures typically cost less than steel, copper, or brass.

  • Time clock or remote operation – Adding a timer or remote control to the lighting system typically costs more. However, many modern lighting remotes can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

  • Permits – Some lighting installations require a permit, depending on local regulations and the scope of the job. Permits are usually only required if wiring needs to be added or updated.

Electrician labor cost to install outdoor lighting

Electricians charge $50 to $130 per hour for labor, depending on the job complexity and their experience level. Adding wiring or other electrical factors may cost extra:

  • GFCI outlet – A new GFCI outlet costs $150 to $350 with installation and prevents electrical shocks by cutting power in the event of a short. A new outdoor outlet costs $180 to $350 installed.

  • Wiring cost – The cost to wire a house is $4 to $9 per square foot, including materials and labor.

  • Circuit breaker installation – A new circuit breaker costs $150 to $300 installed, depending on the size. Putting outdoor lights on their own circuit is recommended to prevent shorting or tripping other breakers.

  • Digging and trenchingTrenching costs $5 to $12 per linear foot, depending on the trench size, soil type, and if there are any obstructions.

  • Transformer installation – A transformer costs $200 to $500 installed and is recommended for low voltage systems and older houses. Using a 12-volt alternating current (AC) transformer lowers the voltage coming into the system, making it safer and more efficient.

Cost to run landscape lights

Running landscape lighting costs $20 to $60 per year or about $2 to $5 per month in electricity, depending on your location, number of lights, and bulb type. Halogen and incandescent bulbs use more electricity than LED and cost more to run.

Landscape light bulbs prices

Light bulb prices are $1 to $30 per bulb, depending on the bulb type and brightness. LED bulbs last longer and use less energy than most other bulbs.

Landscape light bulb prices
Bulb type Price per bulb
CFL $5 – $15
Halogen $3 – $5
HID $10 – $30
Incandescent $1 – $5
LED $1 – $10

Landscape lighting FAQs

Why is landscape lighting so expensive & is it worth it?

Landscape lighting is often expensive because the lights are designed to be weatherproof and typically come with a lifetime warranty. Outdoor lighting is worth it because it increases curb appeal, home value, and functionality.

How many lumens do I need for outdoor lighting?

The amount of lumens or brightness needed depends on the location and purpose of the light. Most homes need 100 to 200 lumens for pathway lights, 300 to 700 lumens for motions sensor lights, and 50 to 300 lumens for uplights.

Do outdoor lights need to be on their own circuit?

Using a separate circuit for outdoor lights is not required but is highly recommended so your indoor lights are protected if something goes wrong with your landscape lights. A standard 120-volt, 15 amp circuit can handle up to 100 bulbs, depending on the wattage.

Where should I place landscape lights and how many do I need?

Landscape lighting is usually installed near pathways, driveways, trees, and porches. Most homes need one light for every 50 to 60 square feet of property. Place pathway lights 6 to 10 feet apart.

Where to buy outdoor lights

You can buy outdoor lights online or at a local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Who installs outdoor landscape lighting?

An electrician, handyman, or specialized outdoor lighting company can install landscape lighting.

Getting quotes from landscaping lighting installers

Before hiring an outdoor lighting installer, remember to:

  • Compare 3 or more estimates from companies with 5+ years of experience.

  • Make sure the company has licenses, insurance, and bonds.

  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Get a written estimate and contract before work starts.

  • Beware of the lowest quotes, which may indicate low-quality materials.

  • Never pay in full until the project is complete.

Questions to ask

Asking the right questions can help you choose the best outdoor lighting pro:

  • How long have you been installing outdoor lighting?

  • Can I see pictures of your past work?

  • Can you share a list of references?

  • Should I cover or move any landscaping during installation?

  • Will you need to reschedule if there’s inclement weather?

  • How long will this project take?

  • Will this job need any permits, and if so, will you handle them?

  • Does this estimate include materials, labor, and cleanup?

  • Do you offer a warranty, and if so, what does it cover?