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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Metal Roof?

$1.20 – $2.72 Per Square Foot
$1,440 – $3,264 Average Total Cost

Painting a metal roof costs $1.20 and $2.72 per square foot or between $1,440 and $3,264, depending on the size and slope of the roof and the paint used. Metal roof paint costs $0.30 and $0.40 per square foot or $170 for a 5-gallon bucket. Get free estimates from roof painters near you or view our cost guide below.

Metal Roof Painting Cost

Hiring a professional to paint your metal roof costs between $1.20 and $2.72 per square foot or $120 to $272 per roofing square (100 square feet). Metal roof repainting costs $1,440 to $3,264, depending on the size and slope of the roof and the quality of the paint used.

Painting A Metal Roof Cost Chart

Metal Roof Painting Cost
National Average Cost $2,340
Minimum Cost $417
Maximum Cost $7,570
Average Range $1,440 to $3,264

Table Of Contents

  1. Metal Roof Painting Cost
  2. Painting a Metal Roof Cost Factors
  3. Can You Paint a Metal Roof?
  4. DIY Metal Roof Painting vs. Painting Contractor
  5. How to Paint a Metal Roof
  6. Best Paint for a Metal Roof
  7. Metal Roof Warranty
  8. Exterior Painters Near Me

Painting a Metal Roof Cost Factors

The average cost of hiring a professional to paint a 1,200 square foot roof is approximately $2,352, but the price may go as low as $1,440. Below is a list of factors that affect the cost of painting your metal roof:

  • Roof Pitch – the steeper the roof, the more it will cost to paint because of the safety precautions necessary for the painters.
  • Paint Quality & Color – the price of paint varies, but the paint for your metal roof will typically cost between $0.30 and $0.40 per square foot. Some colors cost more than others, and some colors may require more than one coat, which will increase the overall cost of the project.
  • Preparation – the roof surface needs to be clean and free of mold, flaking paint, dirt, and debris. Roof cleaning costs $250 to $600 on average. You can also rent power washing equipment for $70 to $100 per day.
  • Overall Size – the larger the roof, the more it will cost to paint.

Metal Roof Paint in Grey

Your metal roof has already added value to your home, but you can take it one step further and have it painted to boost the curb appeal of your home.

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Can You Paint a Metal Roof?

Yes, you can definitely paint a metal roof, and there are some telltale signs that your roof needs a new coating.

  1. Is the color fading or appearing chalky?
  2. Do you see rust spots?
  3. Are there paint bubbles or areas with peeling paint?
  4. Are there long cracks in the paint?
  5. Are there any paint stains under trees?

Periodically make it a practice to inspect your roof. Once you become familiar with its appearance, it will be easier to tell if something needs repair or cleaning.

How often should you paint a metal roof?

How often you need to repaint metal roof depends on the type of paint system and quality of work that was previously done on your roof. Generally, metal roofs need to be repainted every 10 years. It is a good idea to have your metal roof inspected by a professional at least once or twice a year to ensure there are no hidden issues or painting that needs to be done.

DIY Metal Roof Painting vs. Painting Contractor

Painting the roof yourself could be reasonably easy or quite difficult based on how steep the pitch of your roof is and much equipment and how many tools you already have handy.

Cost to Paint a Metal Roof Breakdown
Task DIY Costs Contractor Costs
Metal Roof Prep
  • Cost of renting power washer: $69 for 4 hours or $98 for the day.
  • Professional cost $0.10 – $0.23/SF
Sealing and Painting a Metal Roof
  • Cost of renting a paint sprayer: $65 for 4 hours or $93 for the day.[3]
  • Cost of roof sealant per square: $6.88–$31.57
  • Cost of paint: $26–$44 a gallon. A gallon covers approx. 100 sq. ft.
  • Professional cost $1.20–$2.72/SF
  • Cost of Materials: Less than for the DIY, as they can purchase wholesale.

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How to Paint a Metal Roof

There are three main steps to painting a metal roof: clean, seal, and paint. If you clean the roof and seal it properly before applying the paint, then your metal roof should look great when it is done being painted.

Power Washing a Metal Roof

Before any sealer or paint is applied, the roof must be cleaned. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to power wash it. You can rent a power washer for $68 to $98 for the day and do it yourself, or you can hire a professional for about $0.10 to $0.23 per square foot. Power washing will remove flaking or peeling paint and just about any dust, grime, mold or mildew that would prevent the sealer and paint from adhering to the metal roof properly.

Sealing and Painting a Metal Roof

Metal Roof Seal

Before you paint any metal roof, it will need to be sealed. The sealer—sometimes called primer—is applied before the paint, and it ensures the paint will adhere to the metal roof through chemical bonding. If you don't apply sealer, the new paint could peel right off. You can get 5 gallons of primer from Home Depot for $179, and it should cover 1,000 square feet.

Metal Roof Paint

To paint a 1,200 square foot metal roof, you'll need about 12 gallons of paint, which cost about $360 to $480 on paint. When painting a metal roof, it is best to use energy-efficient paint. This particular paint contains elastomeric, which has additives that make it both reflective and opaque. It helps to reflect the heat of the sun away from your home, making it easier to cool. It can also reduce corrosion, making your roof last longer. Metal roof paint—sometimes called metal roof coating—is available at your local home improvement store for about $170 for a 5-gallon bucket. Painting contractors can often get roof paint at a discount unavailable to homeowners.

Metal Roof Painted Brown on Brick House

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Best Paint for a Metal Roof

Painting a metal roof requires the right type of paint. Bidger Steel, a company that offers high-quality metal roofing and siding products, sells the following types of paint:

  • SMP – Silicon modified polyester paint is popular in the home roofing sector because it can be used on a variety of metals and does not crack, and it is effective at resisting abrasions, which earns it the title of being among the hardest paints available.
  • PVDF – Premium polyvinylidene fluoride is aimed more at the commercial market, and its colors stay true because it is designed to withstand hard conditions like atmospheric pollution and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Kynar is the leader in paint products for metal roofs, and their paint comes in several colors. Metal roofing manufacturers recommend Kynar paint for most metal panels other than stainless steel and copper, which are usually not painted. Galvanized steel is the only metal roofing that can also take zinc-dust or latex paint.

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Metal Roof Warranty

Paint Warranty – Metal roof paint comes with its own warranty. Depending on the paint, there can be a 20–40-year warranty that covers cracking, flaking, peeling, or loss of adhesion as long as the paint was applied properly. Read the warranty of each paint to be sure of its details. Some only guarantee the adhesion while others only guarantee the color fade. It can be difficult to get a warranty for your metal roof paint if you live in a coastal area.

Labor Warranty – In addition to the warranty offered by the paint manufacturers, many paint contractors will offer a 2 to 5-year warranty on the work done. Each professional is different, so be sure to check the details of the companies warranty to ensure you understand it.

Black Paint on Metal Roof

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In Conclusion

Painting your metal roof can have a real effect on your energy bill if you use an energy-efficient paint that contains reflectors and materials which cause it to be opaque. Keep your roof well maintained, and your roof paint should last a good 20 years.

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