How much does freezer repair cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does freezer repair cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does freezer repair cost?

$100 – $400average cost to repair a freezer

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:

$100 – $400 average cost to repair a freezer

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Average freezer repair cost

Deep freezer repair costs $100 to $400 on average. Freezer compressor replacement costs $400 to $800. The cost to fix a standalone freezer is $50 to $125 hourly. Minimum service fees are $70 to $130. Chest and upright freezer repair costs depend on the part price, brand, and warranty.

Average freezer repair cost
National average cost $250
Minimum cost $70
Maximum cost $1,300
Average range $100 to $400

*Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

Freezer repair cost by type

Freezer repair costs $100 to $400 on average, depending on the issue.

Freezer repair cost by type
Repair type Average cost Common problems
Coils replacement $450 – $1,300
  • Punctured hole in freezer line leaking refrigerant
  • Failure to freeze
  • Heavy ice buildup over coils
Compressor replacement $400 – $800
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Unusual sounds
  • Failure to run despite the lights working
Control board replacement $200 – $500
  • Unit not switching on
  • Failure to freeze
  • Water pooling on the floor below
  • Frequent cycling on & off
Defrost timer replacement $100 – $225
  • Defrost control failure
  • Frequent cycling on & off
Defrost heater replacement $150 – $350
  • Frost buildup
  • Failure to defrost
Door replacement $300 – $600
  • Door cracks
  • Failure to remain closed
  • Higher temperatures inside freezer
  • Broken handles
Door seal/gasket repair $100 – $200
  • Cracked or damaged door seal
  • Air leaks around door
  • Continuously running freezer
  • Above-normal temperatures
  • Water pooling on the floor below
  • Frost buildup
Fan replacement $100 – $300
  • Abnormally noisy fan
  • Internal temperatures rising
  • No typical humming sound from the motor if the fan died
  • Failure to run despite the lights working
Recharge / re-gassing (Refill coils with refrigerant after leak repair) $200 – $400
  • Cooling failure despite the compressor running
  • Standard extra fee for required refills after all sealed-system repairs
Relay replacement $80 – $325
  • Not cooling properly
  • Continuous clicking sound
Thermostat replacement $90 – $300
  • Irregular temperatures
  • Failure to freeze properly
  • Constantly running freezer
  • Water pooling on the floor below
Patch hole in freezer wall (if no refrigerant is leaking) $70 – $255
  • Failure to freeze properly
  • Seals a hole puncture in the freezer interior wall
  • Leaking refrigerant adds extra costs for replacing damaged lines & a refrigerant recharge

Freezer compressor replacement cost

Freezer compressor replacement costs $400 to $800 on average. The cost of a freezer compressor is $200 to $500 for the part alone, depending on the brand. A compressor regulates the temperature by moving gasses or coolant through the freezer.

Labor costs to repair a freezer

Appliance repair costs $50 to $125 per hour on average for labor. A service call costs $70 to $130 minimum for a diagnostic report. This standard fee typically becomes credit toward the total repair cost. Hourly rates apply after the first hour of work.

A repair technician checking the thermostat in a freezer.
A repair technician checking the thermostat in a freezer.

Cost factors to fix a freezer

Cost factors to fix a freezer include:

  • Freezer type – Uprights, built-in drawer units, and display freezers typically cost more to repair than portable or chest freezers.

  • Repair type – Replacing compressors and control board parts will cost the most.

  • Electrical work – An electrician costs $40 to $100 per hour for wiring work.

  • Brand – High-end freezers typically require special orders for original manufacturer parts that a technician must install on a second visit.

  • Freezer age – Replacement parts are often unavailable for older freezers, so complex modifications or buying a new freezer are sometimes necessary.

  • Accessibility – Freezers in hard-to-reach areas or surrounded by cabinetry take longer to repair, which increases labor costs.

  • Warranty – Some warranties cover the part costs, but not the labor fees. Home-appliance warranties may cover all parts and labor, depending on the plan.

  • Service area – Extra costs apply for work outside of regular service areas.

Freezer tune-up and inspection costs

A freezer tune-up and inspection costs $75 to $200 on average. This service typically includes diagnostics and a tune-up with minor cleaning. Parts and labor for repairs cost extra. Annual appliance-maintenance plans typically include freezer inspections.

Freezer tune-ups include:

  • Inspecting all main parts

  • Vacuuming condenser and evaporator coils

  • Cleaning the fans

  • Testing the start relay, compressor, and capacitors

  • Clearing out the condensate drain and drip tray

  • Testing all temperature controls

  • Checking the refrigerant levels

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a freezer?

Repairing a freezer is cheaper than a replacement for a unit less than 10 years old, or when the repair costs less than half the price of a new one. New deep freezer prices are $350 to $1,100 on average. Delivery and installation costs $50 to $150 extra.

Repair vs. replace freezer cost
Service Average cost
Repair $100 – $400
Replace $350 – $1,100

DIY freezer repair

Easy DIY freezer repairs include replacing parts like a light bulb that costs $10 to $60 or a drawer that costs $40 to $100. Fixing a freezer typically requires an appliance-repair service professional.

Before calling a technician:

  • Reset the power by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

  • Verify that the temperature settings are correct.

  • Adjust the legs with the help of a level so that the unit sits straight.

  • Check if the circuit breaker has tripped.

  • Vacuum the condenser coils.

  • Move items inside the freezer that are blocking the air ducts.

  • Defrost and clean blocks of ice out of the freezer.

  • Use a hair dryer to melt any ice clogs in valves, vents, or drains.

  • Clean the door-gasket seals to help keep cold air inside the freezer.

Freezer repair FAQs

Is it worth fixing a fridge freezer?

A freezer is worth fixing when the appliance is less than 10 to 15 years old, or when the repair cost is less than 50% of the price of a new one. If multiple parts have broken, then replacing it is typically more cost-efficient.

How long does a freezer last?

A freezer lasts 12 to 20 years on average, depending on the brand, model, and maintenance frequency. Standalone deep freezers typically outlast the common refrigerator-and-freezer combo units.

Who fixes freezers?

Professionals who fix freezers include:

  • Appliance repair-service professionals

  • Store technicians from Best Buy, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot

  • Brand-certified service centers with factory-trained pros

  • HVAC and refrigeration companies

Getting free estimates from freezer repair services

Before hiring a handyman service or appliance repairer near you, be sure to:

  • Compare 3+ bids and beware of the lowest quotes for low-quality service.

  • Check if they have NASTeC and EPA refrigerant-handling certifications.

  • Verify that the freezer repair company has licenses, bonds, and insurance.

  • If you’re in California, verify they have a C-38 Refrigeration Contractor License.

  • Hire a company with 5+ years of experience.

  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Get a detailed repair estimate in writing before work starts.

  • Don’t give a full payment before the job is complete.

Questions to ask

  • How long have you been repairing freezers?

  • Can I see your references list?

  • What does your minimum service fee include?

  • How long will it take to fix my freezer?

  • Do you have the replacement part in stock?

  • How much will you charge for ordering new parts?

  • Which brands do you work on?

  • Can I get a labor or parts guarantee?

  • Am I in your standard service area, or will I have to pay travel charges?

  • Do you offer maintenance plans for my appliances?

  • How much extra is an emergency repair?

  • Is it cheaper for me to replace this unit instead of repairing it?

  • Do you offer financing on expensive repairs or replacements?

  • How can I prevent these damages in the future?

  • Are all labor, parts, and cleanup fees in this estimate?