Crabbush Landscape And Wood Fence Installation

Crabbush Landscape And Wood Fence Installation

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I like every part of the job because it has phases and with each phase the job becomes blended to show the home owners the finish product


Hired 3 times
6 employees
7 years in business
Serves Manteca , CA
Offers online services

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    David C.

    Hi My name is David Robinson. Im using Antonys phone because we dont have a computer So Antony let me use his phone to give them a review. They were very professional. To be honest are yard was a mess. My kids trashed my back yard with bottles,paper bags etc. I am disabled and I want to cry because my 32 and 35 yr old kids are bumbs. I hate to say this but its the truth. I kicked them out w yrs ago and they paid me back by trashing my house. I got Anthony Crabtree, David whelsh And Carlos Gutierez all work for Crabbush they were there at 6am to get my sons out of my house. Its not the way I wanted to bandle this but Crabbush can be ruthless when they are paid to be. Crabbush cleaned my back yard and got it looking oh my god! Fabulous. They did the sod after they cleaned it up. It looks like a total new yard. They trimmed the bushs and trees pulled the weeds in the back yard, front yard the side of the house. I want to cry Im so happy! You guys are a god send. They even gavd me a break on the cost- oh oh thanks. My wife and I are Im 66 yrs old and my wife is 63 Crabbush landdcaping are the best! GhNks guys have a good week!
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    June 28, 2021

    Derek C.

    Crabbush landscaping were very organized and detailed and Antony was very knowlegeable about the prices.
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    June 23, 2021

    David A.

    David Akers Stockton Ca for 2 more months then my wife Casandra and my little 4 year old boy Jacob and my precious little girl Tiffany who is going to look like mommy are going to all move to West Va to go back to active duty in the united states navy where I will be a first class E-6 boatswain mate. Thank you Antony you and Brian and the other Tony D did a great job. And im going to give you 5 stars David aikers
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    June 16, 2021

    Holly J.

    Crabbush landscaping were knowlegdable of what they are doing. They seem dedicated to the job and they are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that there homeowner they are working for at the time is pleased with the job they are doing. So If they seem like things are taking longer then you would like ask yourself after the job is completed and It stands out like Wow What a good job they did. Is quality about speed or detail? I am about measure twice cut once. And at the End of the job and you like the results were you billed by the hour or a flat rate. At Crabbush we dont bill you by the hour when we are done and the job is detailed and comeplete and you like the work then we are done!
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    June 05, 2021

    Candy R.

    I like. Crabbhsh landscape they were very professional detailed and very kind and courteous. They did a good job and like the Mr said it wasnt about time it was about the quality of work that they had done. Theh I stalled my Fence. It was a redwood fence 100ft ft length with a swing gate. The said it would take 2-3 days if there wasnt any obstacles that would slow them down. Well there was tree roots around the fence post area I had them install where the old post were and the tree I had on the property had gotten A lot bigger NFL the roots were some what an interference but all and all they did a great job and I recommend gem go everyone who want stork done for them on any job. I believe there isnt a job they couldnt. Do bad
    Because they were very professional Candy Ruiz and Juan Ruiz from Tracy. We are moving to Modesto if we qualify for the house. Say some prayers for us.
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    December 21, 2020

    Antony m.

    I have bern doing landscaping for over 14 years I have worked for 4 other companies the last one is with a man named Gary S he taught me alot of diffrent jobs in landscaping laying sod,manufacturing waterfalls and lighting that runs into a koi pond with residaul water that flows down the waterfallinto a koi pond that is filtered and it prevents the koi gish from getting cauft up in the pipes. It has a black canvas over cemented floor tucked bin tight to prevent movememt in the canvas with red and green light on the dide to make it more colorful the canvas has a heating element to warm the water during cold nightslihhts shinning above the wager to make the koi sparkle for more added beauty. There are bottom feeding fish like sucker fish,catfish to help clean the pond
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    May 21, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I sit down with them exsplain our process and cost. Our bill is based on a flat rate. I let them know We dont. Charge by the hour. We do a complete quality job. I tell my workers I want quality work, measure twice cut once is my motto When we walk away from the job I not only want the home owner to notice the work we have done but every possible customer who has driven by to notice the good work we have done. I believe in going above and beyond what is exspected of me and We are rated 4 working our way back up to a 5. I have pics of a few past wood fence jobs. I know that every job we do is quality work because I demand that of myself and everyone that works for me or everyone that works with me.  Does quality work Because I demand that out of myself.

    Hi this is Amtony Crabtree. I have had training with one of the best landscapers and architectual landscapers In the. Duvaul county His name is Gary S he is retired from having a stroke. He taught me to be detailed thorough.and to do quality work before you worry about speed He showed me Always twice and cut once.When you do a job to make sure is comeplete and detailed. I always want to notice the work I do but more so anyone who drives by. So I ho above and beyond and I always do a walk through before I walk off the job.  When the job is completed and time has passed I always come by to see how things look. a are th scho hand doing the job for over 14.5 years I havd learned some of the best landscapers in Jacksonville Florida. G Sandavaul And Big Brian Dupree. Another one of the best. They taught me quality over speed wins every time. Im a measure twice cut once type of guy. I like the home owners response when they look at the finish product. Smile we got ya home owners and ya cant beat are price!. We will do you a grea job.



    What I do is sit down with thr customer exsplain the material cost. I look around at the diffrent stores that carry the products that I need to fully complete the job that Im doing and the man hours it will take to complete the job. I genrtally dont force my employees to rush the job because I like quality work. The job isnt based on the hours it takes because We dont charge by the hour ee charge when the job is fully copleted and the home owner or customer is satisfied with the job thats when I feel its time to leave the job. I always come back and talk with the customer to see how there doing and if they have friends, family or co-workers eho might need work done. I explain if they recomend us and that person goes with us i'll give the a $20 for recomending us.

    I got started when my father who was a realestate broker would go out of his way to do extra thkngs the cliant would need to sell his home. My father taught me pride in my job and never think that there isnt something more you could do to aquire perfection in your work. Its not about the money your making at the job its your name your leavong when your gone.

    Most of the customers I have had they have all been pretty nice and they know what they want. I usually go above and beyond the work they want me to do. I believe kn quality in myself and in everything I do. When I do a job at the home owners home I not only want the homeowner to knotice the hard work I have done for them but the quality of work I put out but I want everyone who drives by to knotice the work to

    I had taken care of a sod job for Robert and his wife in Modesto Ca. His back yard looks good. He can do his back yard Bbq'§ and spend a little more relation time with his wife and family. Enjoy your back. Its courtesy of Crabbush landscaping

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