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We Are a Tier 1 green energy company. Est. in 1978 offering affordable solutions specializing in solar system purchases, lease, and PPA options. We specialize in rooftop solar, ground mounted solar, solar Patios and solar sunrooms. We also offer energy efficient roofing systems featuring Owens Corning cool roofing products backed by a lifetime manufactures guarantee. Both our Solar and roofing products are backed by a 25 year bumper to bumper warranty on all of the solar system components in conjunction with a 25 year manufactures power performance guarantee with ZERO cost service calls if there is ever a problem down the road.


100 employees
46 years in business
Serves Gilroy , CA


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Nexus is a great company
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June 05, 2018

Frequently asked questions

The first step is to understand our customers needs. Each home and family’s situation can be different so we focus on what’s important to them. In our investigation of their needs we are able to map out a plan with our product line to fit the best solutions to the challenges they are facing. Once we understand what they are looking for, We will set a site visit with a energy specialist to go over options and details of the scope of their project.once we have created a plan then we discuss pricing and finance options. Nexus Energy Systems has created strategic partnerships with premier finance companies to offer access to premium finance options that most vendors are not able to offer. Some options offer 18 months No Interest No payments where other options offer rates as low as 2.99%. Every option has an advantage which helps family’s in their unique situations combine the best products available with the finance option that’s just right for them.

Nexus Energy Systems is a B General contractor with 40 years building experience in all areas of construction. We are a Tier 1 Energy company with every certificate and training available.

Each project is unique so there is really no way to standardize the pricing structure we do offer a base rate for projects but that is determined on a case by case basis. When consumers are shopping rates with multiple vendors we are typically at the lower end of the spectrum. It is not our goal to be the cheapest company around. Our goal is to bring at best value to our customers by creating 25yr relationships with them so that they can have confidence that if there is ever an issue down the road that we will be there to honor our word and fiscally solvent to still be in business for many years to come.

Nexus Energy Systems is a family operated three generation company. Nexus has vast experience starting out as a custom home builder in the alps Angeles Metro and San Fernando valley. Our CSLB B General license has never had a complaint filed against it in over 40 years of doing consistent good business. Over time the business have evolved from just pure construction to energy efficiency and energy management as this is our niche in the market to provide a comprehensive solution to help homeowners and businesses claim energy independence.

We have work on projects of all sizes and complexity with our extensive experience. The jobs most companies turn down we have no problem taking on because we have been there already and know exactly what to do. Nexus has successfully installed over 8,000 solar systems over the years and have successfully completed thousands of other construction projects. 

This is probably the most important question on this list. When looking to choose a qualified construction partner is is VERY important to evaluate there core areas.

1. How long has the company been in business?

2. What products are they using?

3. What kind of guarantees are available from the manufacture?

4. What is the warrantee program the contractor offers in house?

5. Is the contractor using Sub contractors for install? 

6. What kind of finance options do they offer?

If the company has weak finance options it is because they are a weak company fiscally. Finance companies do major due diligence when creating partnerships with vendors. Utilize their efforts to helps assist in find the company that’s right for you.

1. How long has this company been solving this problem?

2. Do they have the track record to get my project done right the first time?

3. Do they offer multiple solutions? 

4. Are they priced fair? 

5. Will they be there if we have a problem down the road?

Services offered

Roof Installation Or Replacement
Solar Panel Installation