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We strive to make your lawn care needs stand out from all the rest of the Naybors. When we put a design together for your lawn based on what you feel it should look like. The full service that’s we offer we take the clipping with us. Sprinkler repairs, installs valve replacements, spinkler body and heads replacement as well.

The final product that looks great and a fresh design that looks fabulous.


Hired 11 times
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6 years in business
Serves Sacramento , CA

Payment methods

Credit Card, Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay, Zelle


Water installation needed

I work with customers who don't need irrigation installation, I work with customers who need a sprinkler system installed, I work with customers who need a drip system installed, I work with customers who have other irrigation requirements

Additional services needed

No additional services, Mowing, Trimming and edging, Weeding, Weed prevention, Fertilizer application, Leaf cleanup, Seeding or overseeding, Mulching, Insect control, Aeration, Other additional services

Property type

Residential, Commercial

Gardening services needed

Create a new garden on bare dirt, Replace an existing garden, Maintain an existing garden, Other gardening services

Regular garden maintenance needed

Only offer one-time projects, Once a week maintenance, Every other week maintenance, Maintenance 2 – 3 times a month , Ongoing maintenance as needed

Square footage of garden

Extra small (less than 1,000 sq ft), Small (1,000 – 2,500 sq ft), Medium (2,500 – 5,000 sq ft), Large (5,000 – 10,000 sq ft), Very large (more than 10,000 sq ft), Customer is not sure about square footage

Plants purchased

I work with customers who provide plants, I will purchase plants for customers

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    kelly D.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience working with Monty and All American Landscaping. He responded quickly to our inquiry on Home Guide for new sod in our front yard and came out to give the initial estimate on a Sunday (his regular day off). He spent a good 2 hours answering all our questions and reassuring us. We decided to go with All American Landscaping even though there were other companies that would do the job for less money. I was very impressed by the fact that Monty would be involved with every aspect of the job, not afraid to get his hands dirty. He did an outstanding job and I am very pleased with the results. Our front lawn is beautiful and green again!! I would totally recommend All American Landscaping to anyone in need of their services.
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    August 07, 2023


    Michael C.

    Our experience with Monty and All American Landscaping was very positive. He responded to our initial inquiry for service quickly. We used Home Guide for the initial communication but then moved to phone calls and texts. We set an appointment for Monty to come look at our property and walked through our vision for what we wanted done. He made some recommendations that we thought were good ones. After the scope of the project was defined, he provided us with a materials estimate and then a labor estimate which we thought was fair. We set up a time for the project to start and he and his co-worker were actually able to complete the entire job in a long 12 hour day. We expected the work to take up to 3 days but they worked non-stop on a very hot day. The work was done well and included weeding, laying weed cloth, redoing drip irrigation lines, laying 2.5 cu yards of river rock and 4.5 cu yds of decomposed granite. The DG was prepared correctly with a base layer, compaction, and a finishing agent. The final look was clean and professionally done. They also removed excess dirt and left our driveway clean of any remnants of rock and DG as that is where we had the supplier deliver those loads. We would definitely use Monty and All American again and would recommend them if you have landscape changes to makes.
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    August 04, 2019
    Hired on HomeGuide


    Michael C.

    Our backyard landscaping project was just completed today. Monty and his co-worker arrived at 7:30 am and finished the job just before 8 p.m.. They completed a project we expected to take 3 days in 12 hours. It was a 100 degree day yet they worked throughout the day with little break time. The work involved laying weed barrier fabric, bringing in 2.5 yards of river rock and 4.6 yards of DG. They needed to weed, level the ground, replace irrigation lines, lay a base layer of material under the DG and compact the DG. The bid was spelled out in terms of materials and labor projections. The bid was fair and did not change. Monty was easy to work with, he followed through on his commitments and schedule, and both my wife and I are very pleased with the quality of the work delivered. Monty and his co-worker worked well together and brought our vision of a no fuss backyard to reality. We would hire All American again and would recommend them if you have a project you simply want to get done!
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    July 24, 2019
    Hired on HomeGuide


    Erica A.

    August 15, 2018
    Hired on HomeGuide

    Frequently asked questions

    Meet and greet with the customer to let them show me their property and their concerns. What they want to see on the property and how they want it to look afterwards when the work is done.

    Was trained to install concrete, jack hammer old crecret out, remover old grass with sod cutter, till the ground up and also add fertilizer before adding new sod, trench and install sprinkler lines and direct the sprinkler heads and install drip systems for plants and tree, taught the deference between schedule 20 pvc pipe and schedule 40 pvc pip and the psi between the two pipe along with all the different fittings for the sprinkler system, was taught how to install ponds with running water systems.

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    All of my jobs differ depending on the job minor repairs can be as low as $60.00, major repair work can be up to $450.00 again it depends on the repair job. On designs there is really no standard pricing to honest it depends on the design.

    I got started in the landscaping field when I was 14 yrs of age my training was through summer work programs for youth. 

    Residential and commercial also rental property owners.

    Services offered

    Landscaping Design
    Shrub Removal
    Artificial Turf Installation
    Sod Installation
    Sprinkler System Installation
    Multi Service Lawn Care
    Sprinkler System Repair
    Junk Removal
    Tree Planting