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Towles Home Cleaning Services



What We Do!

Towles Home Cleaning Services produces quality standard residential cleaning, affordable rates, and a social and emotional care that is incorporated in our mission. We understand that the most important type of life is a stress free life; the need for quality services, affordability, and a social/emotional care in the cleaning industry transcends all stakeholders. Towles Home Cleaning intends on meeting those objects and creating a supportive, lasting impression on the Los Angeles Community. Our services can be provided weekly and monthly; short term; host cleaning; event cleaning; or for any time you desire. Services are also available during Holidays.

How We Do It!

We will provide you with fairly priced rates; professionalism, and a social/emotional care that separates us from our competitors. We are committed to placing our customer's "Peace of Mind" first.

Why We Do It!

It is commonly known that the vigorously paced days in Los Angeles can leave you with no time to commit to daily chores. Specifically, our company aims help you maintain organization through your challenging days and cleanliness that will ease your mind. We will be the hands you need when you're away. Services are offered to provides the ideal customer a convenient alternative for finding reliable cleaning services at a fair cost. We believe the ideal customers are of all ages. We encourage and support college students, single parents and households, as well as elderly. Choosing us means that you understand the necessity for quality treatment and trust.

We aim to bring you Home!


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    Ask this pro for references. There's no obligation to hire and we’re here to help your booking go smoothly.

    Frequently asked questions

    Our Services ask for a New Customer Registration Form, book an appointment through our schedule, and wait to speak with a manager regarding the appointment. 

    All Staff are trained using resources from OSHA. 

    Please check out our website at

    I started my business working with families from low socioeconomic communities. I not only wanted to help change the conditions of my environments, but provide help and healing for all my clients. As I developed a larger client system, I began hiring and other helping families achieve work sustainability. 

    I've have worked with customers of all backgrounds and creeds. I don't feel there is a particular person I havent worked with, from children in the household to even their pets!

    During this COVID epidemic, I was really afraid for my business. I couldn't physically service my clients (for fear that I could cross contaminate their households) and when I meant fear for my business, that's exactly what frightened me the most. A business is as strong as it's supporters and my first obligation was to their health and safety. Overall, I decided to temporarily suspend the business. I knew that many of my clients would no longer wait for the time to pass, nor wait for me to be fully prepared; however, I knew that by holding, taking my time to be fully prepared, and respecting the untimeliness of our days, I would protect my clients from something very dangerous. I am glad I did. I know I probably will miss those clients who no longer use my services, but I am happy that I kept them safe enough to have that option! 

    My best advice is make sure they are committed to the business. If you hire a pro that isn't really sure if this is the line of business they want to associate themselves with, then it'll be a short time before you're back on the market hiring someone else. Look for someone who is growing, developing, and respecting you as a customer most importantly. 

    I feel like in this day and age there shouldn't be too much conversation. Your pro should be able to give you visual references so you have the option to move at your own pace. If this is a question, then ask for a site or an app in which you can explore on your own. This will show you how committed your pro is at the job they do. 

    Services offered

    Garage Cleaning
    Floor Cleaning
    Commercial Cleaning
    House Cleaning
    Carpet Cleaning