Marika's Home Services

Marika's Home Services

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I find home services to be exceedingly personal.While clients may have similar needs, no two are exactly the same.My business philosophy is that the clients needs always take priority.

I enjoy offering a service, that while considered a luxury,truly helps busy people.


Hired 5 times
6 employees
32 years in business
Serves Grass Valley , CA


Cleaning type

Standard cleaning, Deep cleaning, Move-out cleaning

Extra services

Fridge cleaning, Oven cleaning, Window cleaning (interior), Laundry

Number of bedrooms

Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms

Number of bathrooms

1 bathroom, 2 bathrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 bathrooms, 5 bathrooms

Cleaning frequency

Just once, Every week, Every 2 weeks, Once a month


No pets in home, Pets in home

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    pat L.

    She is very accommodating; willing to come just once a month; was very satisfied with the cleaning; have set up a definite monthly cleaning
    with her.
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    February 22, 2020
    Hired on HomeGuide

    pat L.

    This is my first time with Marika. She is very personable; made sure that I was completely satisfied with her services before she left. I needed someone who was willing to set a definite day every month for cleaning and she accepted that; also only need someone once a month and would be flexible for amount of time needed. She is very accommodating; am very happy with her services and willingness to accommodate.
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    January 24, 2020
    Hired on HomeGuide

    John F.

    Exceptional good attitude, willing to go beyond just doing the job to accomplishing numerous extras not contracted for to render the house
    truly clean and spotless.
    Definitely deserves to be ranked at lease one of best if not the best!
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    December 15, 2019
    Hired on HomeGuide

    Diane E.

    Shes easy to work with and understands my needs. Great personality and work ethic, and Im highly satisfied with her cleaning skills. Im always happy to interact with her. Very pleased with my choice of Marikas Home Services.
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    November 24, 2019
    Hired on HomeGuide

    Janine L.

    Look no further, you have found the most unbelievable housekeeper ever! Her work matches no other. My house was magically transformed into a bright shiny home again.
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    September 26, 2019

    Carlos C.

    Marika took great care of the home we stayed in and took the time to hang new shower curtains we had set aside. Fantastic work.
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    September 26, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Home Services is a very personal industry and it's important to me that my clients are comfortable with every aspect. Being the internet age, my first client interaction is often online, which is pretty impersonal. I like to offer potential clients the option to call and chat with me before meeting.Generally, after the initial conversation I will meet the clients to get a better idea of precisely what they need. If we are both comfortable after meeting, we set up a time to start service.

    I have a wall full of Associate Degrees is Psychology and Criminal Justice, as well a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology. Along the way I've taken courses is Business Administration and Business Law. While I enjoy running this business and interacting with both housekeepers and clients, Criminal Justice is my passion. It often makes both housekeeper and client more comfortable to learn that I do work ( very part time ) in the field of Law Enforcement as well.

    Most importantly, I do not have set pricing. What clients pay for is a block of time. It's up to the individual client how that time is used. Whether it's errands, laundry, cooking, ironing or cleaning, the clients needs are priority.

    I was managing another housekeeping company in San Jose in early 1993. I loved the owner's customer service philosophy and asked him one afternoon if I could use his philosophy to start my own business. He chuckled and answered he was fine with that, as long as I didn't use his client list to start my own business. He was a wonderful mentor and a huge support as I took his ideas and added my own spin to the business.

    I have enjoyed a highly diverse client base. My past and present client list includes local politicians, celebrities, sports stars, captains of industry, heirs and heiresses and vacation rental owners as well as upper, middle and working class families who just do not have time to juggle work, errands, family , sports, music, homework, cooking, laundry , cleaning and walking Spot.

    I think my favorite project was actually a very long time ago, in Atherton, California. A long standing client called me one say, asking if I could help the surgeon she worked for with his home. He was recently divorced and lost. They house was about 5000 square ft. and had been badly neglected. It took a good two weeks, at 40 hours a week to whip back into shape, organize, de-clutter and clean. It wasn't enough though.... we had a clean, ugly white, sparse, non-decorated very large house that lacked.... everything. I approached the home owner about adding some life to the house and grounds and asked him if he would trust me. He agreed and my top worker and I spent the next several months painting (faux), shopping and decorating. Suddenly the furniture matched, the walls had color and warmth, the new houseplants and pictures added depth,the grounds were landscaped and inviting,and it became a beautiful, welcoming home instead of an ugly white box.My client, the homeowner, came home one evening as we were wrapping up and he smiled at me and said , " Marika, you have changed my quality of life - thank you so very much. You will never know just how much your work has meant to me."

    Be careful ! You are inviting people into your home and this is an industry that is a magnet for an.... interesting... population of workers. Ask for a background check, always check references and moreover, listen to your inner voice (gut). If you don't feel comfortable with the individual, please do not contract with them ! Housekeeping / home services is hard work and someone who is good at what they do will realize their worth and charge accordingly. Beware of the housekeeper who charges $8-10 hr. and beware of the housekeeper who charges $50 hr, ( no one is THAT good.... well except maybe me ...).

    Customers should have an idea of the services they need. Each client is different and each client's needs are different. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need ! I ask my clients to write their priorities out for me - even if they're there while I'm there, it helps both of us to focus on their priorities.

    Services offered

    Floor Cleaning
    Home Organizing
    House Cleaning