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We offer a wide range of services And we are mostly combat veterans who do this to give us purpose and bring joy to others from our work. We dont do this for the money we do it because we get to work together and accomplish a task.....so when you hire us your helping a veteran who struggles with the effects of combat.... we are veteran own and 90% of our labor force are either active duty, reservist, or medically discharged combat veterans...... thank you for trusting Rivera Management


Hired 4 times
15 employees
4 years in business
Serves Norfolk , VA

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    Robert L W.

    Great response to my request for lawn service.
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    May 04, 2022
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    Frequently asked questions

    we work to get the most comfortable and affordable price.... I like the customer to meet the work crews BC most of us are combat veterans

    my degree is in biochemistry and biomedical engineering..... I have been doing this type of work since high school and all through my career its how I made extra income

    each job has different challenges one job will not be priced the same as another....also there are discounts we offer for seniors, veterans, and families whose spouse is deployed we work at cost......

    I started in my sophomore year in high school by my senior year we had a fleet of trucks and had over 30 employees....as I moved on and started working with the police department.....my partner still to this day has the business going in New York......

    all types.... We do this BC we like to help .... 85% of us are retired or disabled veterans who still have something to contribute to society....some of our guys can only work a few hours a day some can do more.....we don't care as long as you show up everyone gets paid...

    one of our guys who struggles with self worth.... Came up to me and told me how depressed he was feeling.... This individual was a graduate of the Naval Academy..... I put my arm around him and showed him the beautiful back yard he just finished with sod and shrubs..... I told him "You did that" ..... The effects of deployment are real and even for me every day is a struggle....but as a medic....my job is to take care of my team....

    get quotes, make sure who you use has insurance, and get to know the strangers your inviting to your home.... And the best price does not mean best service....

    time line for jobs, are there dangers to the property, what are our safety protocols, will there be daily clean up, who is responsible for trash and debris

    Services offered

    Water Feature Installation
    Landscaping Design
    Boulder Placement
    Pesticide Application
    Shrub Removal
    Demolition Services
    Concrete Installation
    Tree Stump Removal
    Concrete Removal
    Sod Installation
    Sprinkler System Installation
    Asphalt Repair And Maintenance
    Multi Service Lawn Care
    Concrete Repair And Maintenance
    Fence Repair
    Sprinkler System Repair
    Pressure Washing
    Land Leveling And Grading
    Fence Installation
    Junk Removal
    Snow Removal
    Lawn Mower Repair
    Tree Planting
    Tree Removal
    Sand, Gravel & Rock Delivery
    Soil, Sand & Fill Dirt Delivery