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  • Sergio Contreras Jr.

    I was wrong...I just went back to file my BBB claim and they are not listed with the BBB. Who knew this was also a lie

  • Sergio Contreras Jr.

    To begin I have had to get a lawyer involved in order to get the $120,000.00 I paid Travis Aymond and Rockin-A-Construction and remodeling. I have also filed a claim with the BBB and now I am working with the Texas Board of Licensing to have his license revoked. If you want an unlicensed thief working for you, disregard this review and hire him. Hey, maybe it works out? Maybe he steals your money to finish my job and I win. Give it a shot! O/A 25 February 2022, I contracted Travis Aymond and Rockin-A-Construction to build a fence on my new 1.22 acre peppery, build a deck and then build a media room for my upstairs. As of 4 June 2022, the work has only been partially started and nothing completed. In April, they came out to start the fence, Travis and his company did not order the correct quantities of materials and never completed the job. Moreover, Rockin-A-Construction left my material in the yard which the rain began to destroy. I eventually had to clear my yard myself, and I got bit by a spider doing so. Thank god the spider wasn't poison. I digress. After going back and forth with Mr, Aymond, there was always some reason why there was a delay. Finally, I asked to see the invoices for the purchases. I still have not seen them and he has stopped answering my calls or returning my text messages. Finally, after months of building frustration, I called Rockin-A-Construction (the number of the invoice) and it was disconnected. I called Travis and he proceeds to tell me that he will send me the receipts because he keeps them. I have still not seen the receipts. I am including our entire text log for your review and as soon as I figure out how to attach the invoice, I will. THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTAMRE AS HE HAS RUINED MY NEW HOME PURCAHSE. I remember my initial conversation where I said, "I guess I don't have to worry about paying you in full because you aren't going to steal my money"......."wel that was a lie" Please see below for the text message chain. I'll come back after the lawsuit and let you know how it goes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sergio Contreras 7:46 AM (0 minutes ago) to me Is it pretty dry back there to park in back to unload ? Depends on how heavy We can take a look…i have no issue as long as you can make it out Ok we can look at it 8 minutes Travis…we gotta start this week. The wife was asking why we haven’t started in the media room yet…I had nothing…she getting pissed. Thanks for everything though…it’s getting rough on this end We will definitely get started this week I appreciate it Your welcome Travis…I’m getting excited…is today the day? Thursday the day sir. I’ll be out Thursday morning and delivery will be Thursday as well. I received a confirmation email about 5 minutes ago Got it I’ll get excited on Thursday all over See you Thursday Day 1 excitement !!! Yes sir, I should be out there by 10:00 materials should be there by noon he said Awesome My guy Obed should be getting there He’s waiting on delivery driver and will be moving outside if you want to tell him where you want it at Sod* Awesome I’ll see you guys when you get here Hey Travis…my in laws are coming down in April 15th…is there anyway we can have the media room finished by then? Thanks He’s working on fabricating them. He said about two weeks. We can try our best to be done with it by then That should work Wanna impress dad Hey Travis…since we are going to widen the drive way, Doris wants to remove the part of the deck that extends past the front of the house. Is that going to be an issue? No problem I’ll let them know Thanks Your welcome My lead guy has a doctor appointment tomorrow so he’s going to try to come out afterwards Yup Hey Travis…are they not coming today either. I wanna let the wife know what to expect Yes they should be on the way or there I’ll let her know to get dressed Thanks Your welcome Hey Travis..the deck is coming along well. Any word on the start of the fence and the inside? I’m going to get the dog door this weekend and I’m trying to line everything up Thanks Still waiting for fence materials to come there. Hopefully he has everything ready for install this week on the inside Awesome Not so much for the fence but still…I understand Yeah. I’m calling every day just trying to get it here I appreciate it and you Travis…are we going to have enough material to build a small set at the highest point if the deck…the dogs are old and can’t make that jump anymore and the wife can’t step down…let me know if this is possible. Thanks Should be. If you can show Ivan that would be great Sure thing Thanks Your welcome sir I’m at work all day can you give him my number or send me his so we can talk I can call him Thanks Is gonna be at the center where the gate allows access to the rest of the yard which is at the highest point if the deck Ok great Morning Travis, the deck is coming along great. The only thing i sr so far is that there is no access to the dog run through the back of the fence. Can the guys cut a small joker and perhaps install two end poles so the dogs can go off the back of the deck? Per pans a step because it’s a bit high? Thanks I’ll have him look. He will be done around noon he said Cool, thanks There are some weak spots and floor boards that aren’t nailed down but the wife is there and will do the final inspection…good luck And there is no gate to restrict access to the backyard so that needs to happen also He still has to screw some down he said. Where is the gate going In the front where the opening is That is what forces the do’s to that run Ok I’ll let Ivan know Thanks Your welcome Morning …any word? I’ll call the custom cabinet guy when they open at 9:00 Nothing on the fence yet it’s the sane supplier as the deck This is getting fun How’s the patio Not bad at all I love it and Doris does also Just need the last touches And the bottom left blocked off so the dogs don’t crawl under and scare us Yes sir they are working on the gates This has been fun I feel bad sometimes because I know you didn’t want this delay This supplier is killing me. Sadly I had a few other delays on other jobs this month Sorry about that Travis…morning…give me some good news bro. He should have the media room stuff ready by Thursday he said. Fence material is still on delay they are waiting on post Well, that’s progress Any word on the posts Are we looking at end of the month or longer? I’m trying to find that out Thanks Hello sir I haven’t received gates or media room items yet Do we have ETS’s Travis…what’s the word? Tomorrow, I plan to contact an attorney to look into a possible breach of contract and damages. Let’s hope this doesn’t have to go this way but should it….ahhh well Hello sir in a meeting at the moment No worries Thanks for the note Travis, I need you to give me call so we can figure out what’s going on. The problem tends to arise when we haven’t heard anything from you in a week and we are still waiting on construction. I understand delays but not the feeling of being ghosted or that I have to bother you for updates. Again, we should talk soon so we can come to some sort of mutual understanding. My fence supplier is supposed the be giving me updated info via email so I can share with y’all. Gates for deck railing had to be ordered because I didn’t know we was doing gates on the railing. Just very busy. Again I sent over photos of the deck to my supplier and they had to send them to corporate then corporate has to send them to manufacture. I only deal with a sales rep so they have to go above them to get information. Thanks man Just shoot me a note on like Friday even if nothing changes I do appreciate you Will do sir Sorry for the inconvenience No worries man…Doris and I both know it’s not you…I gets frustrating when I got dog pissing in the house…it came out wrong on my end so I apologize for that Good morning, nothing new yet I have not heard from them. I just got back in from out of town. This weekend let me try to get some good news I hope I appreciate the note Good luck Have a great week though Your welcome, you too sir Gates for patio will be in this week. Fence materials they can ship almost everything they are just back ordered in the gate post and insets and the bigger gate. The cabinet guy that’s making the cabinets still isn’t done I may have to find someone else for that Awesome news Fir the cabinet guy…didn’t you pay him already? Yeah sure charge me shipping on the fence material twice since they’re not delivering everything at once trying to work that out with them and they’re trying to get me an ETA on delivery And we can lot up the fence without the gate posts, correct ? Yes cabinet guy is paid mostly How much longer does he need We just won’t be able to put up the gates put we can put something there temporary I’ll find out on cabinets Ahhhh I means we have waiting on the cabinets up to this point… do you think it makes sense to let him finish? Yes. Whatever you think best but I think it makes sense ti let him finish too Travis…can you give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to have sprinklers in the entire back yard? Yes sir. Let me map it up to figure it up Thanks…I need water before I start planting trees I know we spoke about a concrete pad for a shed but I’m also looking to extend the drive way…estimates in those would be cool too And a paragola on the deck at some point Morning…..Any word on the arrival date for materials? I have not. Let me reach them Awesome…thanks Travis Travis…what’s the word? I just got bit by a spider moving the wood the deck guys left…Trying to see when this concludes Cabinets are done and almost done with doors I’ll send over a picture. They never did email me a ship date or tracking number like they said I’ll call once they open Thanks man…I appreciate the note…enjoy the weekend if I don’t all to you. Are we gonna do it all at the same time or will we do the cabinets first? Whatever is in first but if I do the cabinets right now then it won’t be fully completed because of the doors they made them wrong so hopefully soon this is driving me crazy Wow Let me long do you think the doors will take? I’ll let you know. I’m not not sure on that hate to tell you how long because it’s never been on time I understand Have a good weekend Travis Welcome back…hope you enjoyed the holiday Can we see if we got a delivery date? Working on that sir Appreciate it I hoping for 4th of July I keep wondering why this is taking so long and then I thought about how much wood this is going to take. What does the shipment look like on a truck? I think it’s a lot It’s two loads at least I believe There’s no wood it’s already made into sections Oh I was thinking it was like trucks full of wood Did they ever revise the shipping date? Travis. The wife is getting upset. Where are we with getting our money refunded and staring this over? Almost finished for the day. I do not have a ship date they said 3 trucks of shipment it would be. What about the deck and the inside Travis…we never got the fence invoice to show the purchase of material from the supplier. Can you send that today? Good morning. I tried calling you yesterday and this morning but it keeps going to voicemail. My wife is under the impression that your Compnay has no intention of completing this work…based on the lack of a definitive timeline and contact. This is making her concerned. With that, how do we go about terminating the contract and getting a reading for the +$87K of performance that has not been delivered? At this point, it seems best if we just start this project over. Thanks ReplyForward

  • Brenda Rhame

    Very helpful and friendly.

  • Kelvin B Grimes

    Professional, timely and excellent work installing my hard wood floor to include stain applied

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