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Prescription Pest has been locally owned and operated in the Austin area since 1998. Our technicians are state licensed in pest and termite control. We are 100% digital and don't force you to do contracts. Let us will create a customized pest control program specific to your needs. 

We are passionate about protecting your family, property and the environment.  We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  which balances three areas: being the least environmentally impactful, the most effective for manipulating pests and the most cost effective. 

When we use chemicals we use the least amount possible to give you the best results. Our regular treatments have little to no odor, low toxicity and when properly applied and dry are safe to wildlife, pets and people.  If you are concerned about the time it takes to dry, the mixtures we use are in diluted form and you would have to have to drink or come into contact with to large quantities (think gallons) to have any negative effects. We always recommend keeping kids and animals away until dry, as a precaution. 


Pest Control, Animal And Rodent Removal, Fire Ant Treatment, Termite Treatment


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