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Rent-a-Gent, LLC.

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Hello and welcome to HomeGuide.

I'm Mr. Scooter, the owner and sole operator of DFW's one and only "RENT-A-GENT".

I do it all, or at least that's what they've been saying for the last 48 years. If YOU need it done, contact me first. You'll like me.

Read through my website and fill in and submit my "SCHEDULE ME" page. Not only will your problem be over, but you'll adore my witty site!

Here's just a short list of what I've done for money over the past years as DFW's official "Rent-a-Gent".

.... walk your dogs
.... remove the old window tint from your '79 Ford Ranchero
.... pick up dog poop from the back yard
.... rotate your car's tires
.... take down your Christmas tree and DISPOSE OF IT
.... find the tire with the "blem" in it
.... take down the Christmas lights from the house
.... be your "Human Potential Specialist"
.... conduct light surgery on you dog
.... do the voice-over for your next production or reading
.... visit and converse with your elderly parent at the nursing home where they now live
.... bring you five gallons of gasoline now that you've run out of fuel & are stuck on the side of Central, LBJ, or I-30
.... wash your automobile
.... teach your child Portuguese
.... replace the propeller on your Chris Craft
.... take your car to have it's Texas State Inspection now that it's due
.... fix the emission on your car so that it passes
.... break the "Bad News" to her / him.
.... teach your child to play the piano
.... assemble those "some assembly required" christmas gifts
.... provide courier service for just about anything you've got
.... grocery shop for you
.... show up at court on your behalf
.... teach you to surf the gnarly curls at Boicucanga, SA
.... teach you how to successfully operate an EBAY business
.... post your bills for you because no one has actually ever taught you how
.... lie for you about "where" you were
.... advise you of "The Law". (note; I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY. I just possess above average COMMON SENSE)
.... pick up your medication for you from CVS
.... wash your laundry
.... determine if your home is secure enough for Dallas County
.... wash your dog (no cats please. That ONCE was enough for me)
.... prepare you a great meal
.... be your date for that up coming office party (ladies only please)
.... pick up your child at his school when you can't
.... teach you to pass your "road test" the first time. GUARANTEED!
.... teach you how to PROPERLY operate a motorcycle
.... teach you or your child to properly operate a manual stick car
.... take your child "kite Flying" at Dalrock park
.... flat'n his / her tires for you. LEGALLY, of-course!
.... teach you about which wine goes with which meal
.... drive you to that Jazzercise class you now want to join, but can't get to
.... sit on the sideline at your Jazzercise classes & shout out encouraging words to you
.... pack your luggage so that it passes TSA regulations GUARANTEED
.... draw up your itinerary
.... be your designated driver. (to date I've provided THIS service more often than you may actually believe)
.... find you the best price on a flight to Caraguatatuba, Brasil, S.A.
.... teach you to buy stock in electronic companies
.... fix your vacuum cleaner (no extra charge to families with female members with long blond hair)
.... give you a 25% discount on a room in a fantastic hotel on the island of Ihla Bela, off the coast of San Sebastiao, Brasil, S.A.
.... replace the burned out fuse in your microwave
.... replace the 20 amp. breaker in your main breaker panel
.... pick up your new lawn mower at Home Depot
.... introduce you to the hiring manager of PetroBras Oil in South America
.... till you a new garden out back
.... teach AND convince you as to why you should feed your "Congo" pellets verses strictly seeds.
.... tend bar at your next party
.... repo your car BACK from her
.... advise you on sex (should if you ever decide to "change")
.... be your mystery shopper
.... tell you what it takes to become the Dallas Sidekick's official mascot (one of the best full time jobs I ever had)
.... teach your dog basic, good behavior around the house
.... clip your Amazon's wings & nails
.... pose nude at you next art class (some classes require that you bring your own model)
.... sell you my award winning chili recipe
.... provide a GREAT crematorium should your beloved pet ever die - . . . . . . . (my fee for this service is $425.00 which includes pet pick-up & RE-delivery of ashes back to you)
.... be a judge at your next Tolbert Chili Cook-Off (31 years of "professional" experience in judging)
.... change the oil & filter on your automobile while you're at work
.... teach you to whistle
.... sell you my world renowned recipe entitled "Butch Rene's Infamous Cajun popcorn". It's a family secret.
.... teach you to juggle balls
.... teach you to juggle the bills .... LOL
.... help you get onto "Survivor"
.... teach you to say "No" to your child, and later have them come back to you and THANK YOU for it!
.... show you which intersections in Dallas County are the best (and safest) for standing at while begging for money & a JOB
.... repair your bicycle, regardless of its' value
.... pop out that large dent on the side of your car
.... provide the name & number of a private music teach with 32 years of teaching experience here in Garland
.... determine which kind of K9 is best for you and your family
.... compose an advertising campaign just for you or your company
.... hem your pants
.... convert your long pants to shorts
.... replace the battery in your watch
.... replace the battery in your car
.... program your VCR (yes, I am that old)
.... balance your check book
.... provide a secret phone number to a great "Bookie"
.... teach you proper etiquette while at a nudist camp
.... mow your lawn
.... sell you my killer recipe for "Red Beans & Rice"
.... trim your bangs
.... give you a basic haircut at your home
.... explain why to purchase one hand gun over another
.... steam clean the carpets in your home or office
.... give you a military hair cut that even your Gunny will adore
.... set-up and help you conduct your next garage sale
.... deliver your car to its' new owner after you sell it
.... Broker the sale of your car and legally finalize the deal
.... determine why your vehicle is not running
.... determine what your vehicle is truly worth
.... drive your car or motorcycle to that new home you purchased up there in Michigan
.... shave your dog and then bath him
.... do your "exercising" for you
.... build you a new dog house
.... install that ceiling fan
.... repair that water leak in the bathroom tub
.... ORGANIZE YOUR GARAGE FOR YOU (perfect idea now that you've received that new Mercedes Benz)
.... house-sit while you are in Key West on vacation
.... I will "step in" and be your "Dad" if you are in need of one. (think about this one)
.... pick up your car at the mechanic shop & actually verify that the job was done correctly
.... teach you to diaper your new-born
.... give you away at your wedding should your real father not be available
.... take your unwanted dog to the A.S.P.C.A. for you
.... take your pet to the vet
.... take your dog to White Rock Dog Park with me and my dogs
.... sell your house
.... be your "real estate manager" while you rent out your house, but are now living in Fort Walton Beach, Fl.
.... sell your kids
.... iron your laundry
.... cater food & drinks for your next meeting
.... transport you to DFW so that your car stays safely in the garage
.... pick you up at DFW or DAL and return you safely home
.... use your car to take & pick you up at the airport so that it stays safely in your garage
.... provide valet service during your next party or function
.... chauffeur you around whenever you need me to
.... shop for a special gift for her (or him)
.... tune-up your bicycle for Summer riding
.... teach your Cockatoo not to bite or scream (this one is very difficult)
.... transport your bird's large cage to the carwash for a decent high powered cleaning
.... operate the camera for you and your husband should the both of you ever find yourselves in need of intimate photos that you would like to place on the Web or here on C/L
.... help install fencing around your backyard
.... clean your pool or hot tub
.... maintain a clean pool for you
.... render assistance with that pesky neighbor (wink, wink)
.... come to get you if you're too drunk to drive home & then go back and get your car too. (consider how much you will save here on just this service ALONE)
.... provide permanent help with your neighbor's barking dog (wink, wink, wink)
.... replace your toilet with a new one
.... replace your old fluorescent lights or bulbs
.... PROFESSIONALLY install your artwork or paintings
.... POWER WASH your back porch & yard furniture
.... replace the light bulbs on you high ceiling
.... move your furniture around the house
.... install a new SAFETY BAR inside your shower
.... install new blinds and/or curtains
.... install all new SMOKE DETECTORS
.... assemble your outdoor furniture
.... assemble your kid's new JUNGLE GYM
.... exchange your old A/C filters with NEW ONES
.... install new glass sliding doors onto your bath tub


The fact that I now get to interact with the great people of North Texas on a DAILY BASES!!

Sooooo much better than my previous Government jobs. And no more stink'n badges. Fourteen years later and I'm still lov'n every day that I'm out there!

Being your "Rent-a-Gent" is what I was born to be, North Texas!

......... Mr. Scooter 

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  • Robert Beneke

    Scooter sent me a message that he WOULD REPAIR THOSE LEAKY FAUCETS FOR $35 FIXED. He said he had an appointment available May 27. His profile says he is from Garland. He arrived at 11:10 Am and finished the project at 12:30 PM less than an hour and a half. To my shock he invoiced me for 2 full hours rather than an hour and a half at a rate of $45 instead of the agreed $35 an hour! Although he agreed to fix the leaky faucets for $35 FIXED in his proposal , he said AFTER he finished the repair he was now charging $45 without my consent because the faucet was leaky. In addition he charged a trip charge of 40 miles at $0.48 cents a mile when it is less than 10 miles from Garland. He also charged almost $10 for tolls when there are no toll roads between Dallas and Garland. Then he changed a state tax of 8.25 % on the toll road fee and the mileage. Since Scooter did not consult with me about this out of the blue charge of $45 instead of his $35 FIXED proposal I feel like this was dishonest. In addition charging for 2 hours at $45 each instead of an hour and 1/2 was misleading. The toll and mileage charges were excessive. When I questioned him about the $10 increase per hour he justified the change (without my consent) because the faucet had a small like because the washer was busted. I feel lie I was mislead and ripped off . After Scooter left. I sent about 3 detailed messages Friday afternoon to his office asking for clarification of his billing and business practices. No one from his office responded to me.

  • Jeff Veverka

    Very thorough and precise work. Can do almost anything around the house and the result is always great. Very entertaining guy while doing it too.

  • Karen Kelley

    He is so confidence inspiring, with his clean cut yet artistic look and demeanor. Very punctual and effective in all his services. Really puts the client at ease and you feel as though you are old friends. Extremely talented and eager to please without sacrificing quality of services provided. I recommend Mr. Scooter, and I hope you enjoy working with him. Karen for Walls by Karen Kelley

  • Marcela Olavarrieta

    Prompt, friendly and good service at a fair price.

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

ALL of my clients contact me through my website only.

All too often a new client has questions about who I am, where I'm from, my background, my experiences as a "Rent-a-Gent" and of course, my qualifications. My site answers any and all of the possible questions one could possibly generate. From my prices to my rules, you will find it at

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

My formal education as an Electrical Engineer who worked for 15 years at Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas doesn't compare to the half a century of worldly experience I was taught by my father; my mentor.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.

Monday through Friday = $35.00 ph plus travel.

Saturday = $40.00 ph plus travel

Sunday = $45.00 ph plus travel

How did you get started in this business?

Needed beer money after I retired. Thought I'd apply my half century of "common Sense" to people who either didn't have any OR just plain didn't know how to do certain things for themselfs. Very rapidly found out that a "Rent-a-Gent" was a highly sought after person. Today I am working 5-6 days a week and booked out 2-3 weeks!

What types of customers have you worked with?

Anyone with green money!

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

Love to Clean-Out and re-organize garages!  I know, I know, .... it makes no sense!

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a pro in your area of expertise?

Honesty and fairness are always important when you hire anyone, but make sure you actually enjoy working with them. It's like a marriage, some are good, some are bad, but only the good ones will last forever. I have customers that have been with me for the last 13 years! They appreciate me and I certainly appreciate THEM!!

What questions should customers think through before talking to pros about their needs?

"IS YOUR WORK GUARANTEED?"  This means, If I (the client) am not satisfied with the work that Mr. Scooter has provided, will I have to pay him? 

.... My answer is: "Hell NO".

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