Find a shutter installation companies near you

Find Shutter Installation Companies near me

Find Shutter Installation Companies near me

Share a few details and we'll show you the best shutter installation companies in Ashburn.
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Find Shutter Installation Companies near me

Share a few details and we'll show you the best shutter installation companies in Ashburn.
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Top 10 shutter installation companies near you

Homeowners agree: these pros are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Kalyx Green Design & Build

Kalyx Green Design & Build

2 hires on HomeGuide
29+ years in business
Lauren P. says, "John Ahrar gives personal attention. He is thorough, thoughtful, reliable, and honest. He delivers an excellent and timely work product. He's renovated two houses (gut jobs), made basic home improvements to my current home, and built a garage for us." Read more
Barrera & Sons Remodeling, LLC

Barrera & Sons Remodeling, LLC

New on HomeGuide
18+ years in business
Established in 2006, Barrera & Sons Remodeling, LLC is a trusted name in Manassas, VA, and the surrounding areas. This company is recognized for providing top-notch quality in all aspects of remodeling. Whether you envision a major renovation or a minor tweak, Barrera & Sons Remodeling, LLC brings expertise and commitment to every project, ensuring your satisfaction with their exceptional service.
All Resolution Construction

All Resolution Construction

New on HomeGuide
1 hire on HomeGuide
24+ years in business
With an exceptional depth of experience and proficiency spanning across commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential sectors, All Resolutions consistently assumes a pivotal role within the project development process, often engaged from the project's conceptual inception. Through close collaboration with development, architectural, and mechanical engineering teams, we contribute significantly to project planning and cost management, regardless of its scale. At All Resolutions, our unwavering commitment centers on delivering superior quality service punctually and consistently. Our approach hinges on close partnership with our clien...


5 hires on HomeGuide
20+ years in business
Aaron Robert G. says, "Always punctual and excellent work" Read more
Evershine Construction, Inc.

Evershine Construction, Inc.

6 hires on HomeGuide
9+ years in business
Michael C. says, "I could not be more pleased with the renovation of my condominium that I contracted with Evershine Construction. Owner Raymond Kim is friendly, polite, knowledgable, and professional. While he is managing several projects at once, Ray is “hands-on” and visits the site daily. He is completely accessible throughout the project. Christopher So (also on-site daily) is the cabinet person and was unbelievably helpful in making decisions on kitchen cabinets as well as helpful suggestions on bathroom tile and flooring throughout. Their workers are amazing! The work ethic, positivity, and attention to detail show me that this is a well-oiled machine. It was a long process involving demolition, tile, flooring, paint, cabinets, new shower, countertop, appliances, and more. If anything wasn’t perfect, they stayed with it until the job was correct. Customer satisfaction is important to Evershine Construction. Raymond Kim and Christopher So are excellent leaders. They are quick to respond to any concerns, and I’m really happy with the results! Without question, contract these folks with confidence for your next project!" Read more
I’ll Take It Hauling And Minor Demolition

I’ll Take It Hauling And Minor Demolition

New on HomeGuide
1 hire on HomeGuide
14+ years in business
Hello everyone lm Marc of I'll Take it Hauling and Minor Demolition, I have been in business for about 10yrs now and l feel what makes my business stand out is that I'll take it takes pride in making sure that all of customers receive the best service that displays patience, courteousness, time management and overall pleasant. One would ask, What excites you about your business and your customers? I would say that I get excited when l see that my customers are happy with the services I performed and l know that I'll get another call along with additional clients through word of mouth. l enjoy having a business because it's always something ...

Your shutter installation questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on HomeGuide.

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are high-quality window coverings featuring adjustable slats within a sturdy frame. Typically installed on the interior of windows, these shutters are well-regarded for their enduring and sophisticated appeal. The term "plantation shutters" originated from their historical use in Southern United States plantation homes.

The most common method for opening and closing plantation shutters is by tilting the individual louvers. This can be done by pulling on a tilt rod, which is typically located near the center of the shutter panel. When the louvers are tilted open, they allow more light to enter the window. When they are tilted closed, they provide greater privacy and shade.

Are plantation shutters still in style?

Plantation shutters have been a popular window treatment for centuries and continue to be a favorite among homeowners today. Here are some reasons why plantation shutters are still considered stylish:

  • Timeless elegance – Plantation shutters have a classic and timeless aesthetic that complements a variety of home styles, from traditional to modern. Their clean lines and simple design make them a versatile choice that can adapt to different design styles.
  • Versatility – Plantation shutters can be customized to fit any window size and style. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and composite, and can be painted or stained to match your home's color scheme.
  • Functionality – Plantation shutters offer several practical benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. They can provide privacy, control light, and reduce energy costs. The adjustable louvers allow you to customize the amount of light entering your home, while the tight-fitting seals can help to keep out drafts and reduce noise.

Where can I buy plantation shutters?

You can buy plantation shutters at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot or through local shutter manufacturers or specialty window treatment stores. If you are comfortable taking measurements on your own, you can also order your shutter through online retailers.

Are plantation shutters worth the cost?

Whether or not plantation shutters are worth the cost depends on your individual needs and priorities. They offer several benefits, including durability, curb appeal, energy efficiency, privacy, and security. They are also versatile and easy to maintain. However, they can be expensive, and they may not be the best choice for all home styles or climates.

If you are looking for a durable, attractive, and energy-efficient window treatment that can add value to your home, plantation shutters may be a worthwhile investment. However, it is important to consider your budget, home style, and climate before deciding.

How can I clean my plantation shutters?

To clean your plantation shutters, start by gently removing dust and loose debris from your plantation shutters using a soft-bristled brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner or a gentle duster. Follow by wiping each shutter thoroughly with a dampened microfiber cloth to eliminate any remaining dust or dirt.

For persistent stains, apply a mild detergent solution or diluted white vinegar onto a soft-bristled brush and gently scrub the affected area. Finally, wipe the shutters clean with a fresh damp cloth to remove any residue.

Can you paint plantation shutters?

Yes, you can paint or stain your plantation shutters to refresh the look of your shutters or change their color to match a new design scheme. Painting is also a good way to cover up any dents or scratches in the material.

What questions should I ask a shutter installation company?

Before hiring a shutter installation company, consider asking these important questions:

  • How long has your company been installing plantation shutters?
  • What types of plantation shutters do you recommend for my home (wood, composite, vinyl, PVC)?
  • Do you have experience installing shutters in homes with unique window shapes or sizes?
  • Do you offer a free in-home consultation to assess my windows and provide recommendations?
  • How does your company measure windows for plantation shutters?
  • Will you help me select the best style, material, and color for my space?
  • Do you provide a detailed written estimate?
  • What is the typical lead time for ordering and installing plantation shutters?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • Do you use your own crew of installers, or do you outsource the installation?
  • What is your process for fixing any issues after the installation?
  • Are there financing options available?

How do I choose a plantation shutter installer?

To select the best plantation shutter installers near you:

  • Gather quotes from multiple reputable installers with excellent reviews on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Clearly communicate your preferences regarding shutter style, material, color, and any specific requirements.
  • Request written estimates from each installer, including the cost of materials, labor, and potential financing options.
  • When comparing quotes, consider the price, installer's experience, and reputation for quality work.

Reviews for Ashburn shutter installation companies

Recent success stories from people in the Ashburn area.
Paul J.
An excellent experience on excavation and concrete pour and finish of a foundation and slab for a carport / garage. They followed my plans and worked with me on recommendations and solutions to grading conditions. John and his crew were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them again!
Kalyx Green Design & Build
Cat G.
Jose did an amazing job installing our frameless glass shower door. I had another contractor tell me it would be too difficult and I should return it, but Jose managed it in an afternoon and it looks perfect! He is very professional and punctual too.
Kent C.
Top notch Professionals! Ray Kim keeps everything on track and was great to work with. They knew exactly what documents they needed to move the project forward. Thank you for great looking basement. Thanks
Evershine Construction, Inc.
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