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Sole Proprietor/Owner/President/Architect: 

Bernard Perkosky, RA, AIA

 Home Office:           2142 Marshland Road,

                               Apalachin, NY   13732

                              Ph.  607-748-2038           

                              Email 1: [email protected]

                              Mobile Ph. 607-201-2177


Satellite Office:        2210 Humphrey Lane,

                              Cape Vincent, NY    13618

                              Ph.  315-654-4453           

                              Email 2: [email protected]


For over 53 years Mr. Perkosky has worked with individuals and companies on designing new Homes and related Repairs, new Additions and Remodeling of such buildings to achieve functional, aesthetically pleasing, well planned and cost effective solutions for his clients use. He has a first-hand understanding of building construction based on his education and professional background.

Mr. Perkosky is a reliable team member on the design aspects of a building project whether it is for a new custom home or Residential development. He will ask the right questions to fully understand a client’s needs and match up design solutions which will best fit the client’s requirements.

 Goal #1: To help clients, by providing high-quality reliable Architectural and Engineering Services, coupled with his wealth of background and physical experience in the Construction field.
 Goal #2: To help clients obtain their dream for a well planned and executed means to construct that long awaited dream for a new Home, its remodel, repair or a new        Whole-house remodel, new Garage or a new Kitchen and Bath.

Mr. Perkosky specializes in Servicing the needs of his clients with up to date 2D/3D capability Software, Assessing client's space requirements, and providing them with accurate Construction Drawings or as built condition’s  to construct or design their Dream Project. 

Company Strategy

BaP has strived for being inspirational in solving unique design considerations and provides clear decision-making criteria for timeless Architecture. We have poured our heart and soul into each project that we formulate with our clients and provide Architecture that stimulates the function of the spaces we incorporate into the projects. 

BaP is presently a practical minded Architectural firm that focuses on today’s needs for public and private clients that are searching for a simple but cosmetic and functional design of their custom Residential or repair project. We incorporate Architectural practices that identifies the critical processes it takes to present a safe, healthy and well thought out final project for the use it was intended for and we maintain a high level of performance along the projects entire course of design, code search and construction. 

Mr. Perkosky abides by the principles that one shall acquire a thorough understanding of a client’s needs and wants and develop a program that will stimulate a positive response to those requirements and to fall within a reasonable budget that has been requested if possible.

Business concept

BaP is a full service design-oriented Architectural/Engineering firm that provides public and private clients with innovative design, practical and unique solutions, committed to solving programmed spaces indoor and out for projects that may encompass anything from a Burial Vault, a Custom Modern Home or Addition, a 2-Car Garage or Addition, a Whole-House Remodel, Home Repairs such as new Windows or Siding or even if a Remodel is required to open up an old Floor Plan with larger space and open-ness within. 

We have provided Services over the years that includes this partial list:

  • Land Use Analysis
  • Structural Planning, review and Reports
  • Architectural Design and Construction Administration for all building disciplines
  • As Built Field surveys, dimensioning and plotting
  • Schematic Designs of sites and buildings
  • Plan and Code Reviews for Buildings and Zoning
  • Probable Cost Estimating and breakdowns
  • Custom Residential Homes, Apartments and Multi-Family
  • Design Residential Additions, Remodelling and Repairs
  • Townhouses and Duplexes
  • Preparation and finishing Basic Construction or Contract Documents
  • Site Grading and designs
  • Building Consultant and Counselling
  • Specification writing
  • Home Energy Audits for Code approval
  • CAD and Hand drafting
  • 3D Modelling of homes and site
  • Furniture Design and Drawings
  • Sustainable and Green Design
  • Stain Glass and Mosaic Design Artisan         

Mr. Perkosky’s commitment to the services listed above has been delivered with the utmost care and personnel endeavour for what has been presented to him and challenges his vast experience developed throughout his long career. 

Listed below, please relate to the following short list of clients (more available upon written request) that we have had the pleasure of completing Projects for during our tenor in the Architectural/Construction field. (R) Residential Note:

' Phone #s available upon contact request "

          Lloyd Barden, Builder, Vestal, NY. (R) 

          Mike Haas, Binghamton, NY   (R)       

          Richard Thomas, Greene, NY  (R)       

          Dr. Orest Wasyliw, Vestal, NY., (R)     

          Gary Kurz, Owner Silo Restaurant in Greene, NY (C)

          Dr. Stuart Kaufman, Montrose, Pa.(R)  

          John McDonald, Binghamton, NY., (R)  

          Tony & Patricia Maione, Endwell, N.Y. (R)                    

          Alan & Jessica Eagles, Binghamton, NY  (R)                

          Albert Abbott, Cape Vincent, NY. (R)    

          John & Lois Marshall, Owego, NY (R)   

          Bryan Adams, Norwich, NY  (R)            

Also, Mr. Perkosky has had the pleasure of working with these clients above, many, on more than one occasion for several projects across his career. 

Please review the following short list of unique projects our firm has been awarded and carried through to their end.

  • Mechanical design and drawings for a Car Wash in Endwell, New York  
  • 4 Family Residence in Greene, NY
  • Roof Raising over a home in Apalachin, NY
  • Driveway Retaining Wall for Parking in Endwell, NY
  • Custom Duplex Home in Binghamton, NY
  • Carpenter’s Dining Room/Mstr. Suite 2 story Addition in Vestal, NY
  • Maione Custom 2 story Home In Endwell, NY
  • Abbott Custom Rustic 2 sty Home in Cape Vincent, NY
  • Eagles Custom Rustic 2 story Home in Binghamton, NY
  • Dr. Kaufman A-frame 2 sty Lake Home in Montrose, Pa.
  • Lambert 2 story Garage/Master Suite & Front Porch/Screened Sunroom on Point Penninsula in Three Mile Bay, NY
  • Pontious 2 story Addition to Contemporary Home (Ziemba Farms) in Clayton, NY
  • The Carriage House Apartments at the Silo Restaurant in Greene, NY
  • Lightcap Structural pier foundation repairs to Cottage on Point Penninsula in Three Mile Bay, NY
  • Wenner Whole-house Remodeling and Structural Repairs in Vestal, NY
  • New Rustic Custom Home in Owego, NY
  • Dupree Whole-house Remodeling, Repairs and Additions in Endwell, NY
  • Peterson HC Master Bedroom/Sunroom Addition to Southern Style Classic Home in Chenango Bridge, NY
  • One story Family room Addition in Endwell, NY
  • Moss Flip and Redesign of Single Family Home in Vestal. NY
  • Dr. Giordano Whole-house Redesign and Remodel of Tudor Ranch in Endwell, NY
  • Lancaster Master Bedroom Remodel and Repairs to Home in Philidelphia, NY
  • Giannicchi Fire Damage Repairs and Remodel to Home in Binghamton, NY
  • Furnari Adirondack Cabins cluster outside of Cooperstown, NY
  • Keene Handicap Master Bedroom Suite Addition to Home in Endwell, NY
  • Mann Garage/Storage/Workshop Addition to Home in Sackets Harbor, NY
  • Hubbard Kitchen/Family Room Remodeling upgrade to Federal Style Mansion in Sackets Harbor, NY
  • Underground/Greenroofed home in Chenango Bridge, NY 

In closing we would like to thank you for your consideration and present this Company Profile for BaP Architectural Services and look forward to your positive response to work with you and your family and fulfill your dream for this new custom home or Remodel/Conversion to a new residence in your upcoming area.

Respectively,  Bernie

I am a Licensed Architect in the State of New York. Have been doin business since 1966 enjoy working with the public in the design aspect of Residential and Light Commercial field. 

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Apalachin, NY 13732
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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?


 Note: We are Residential Designers not Builders or Contractors. Builders, build homes. Architects, design your dream home or project to be sure it meets your needs and wants for that dream project and functions respectively!

With a fairly clear idea of the type of house or addition you want and where it will be built; even if where, is unclear, the time has come to select the professionals, who will make your dreams a reality. Your budget and design needs will most likely dictate whether you retain an Architect, an engineer, a designer, builder or all of them for your building team. Whether you retain an Architect or designer to work directly with a Builder on the design of your dream project, it is strongly recommended that you involve a licensed Architect each step of the way. An Architect's input from the start; with advisement from a builder as to current costs and some ways to save dollars, can prevent problems and misunderstandings down the road not only in design but the projects construction. Your Architect can advise you on design and building approaches, site analysis, local Zoning and Building Code requirements, the latest building products and materials, new energy saving techniques,  and also ways to save money; all the details consumers face when they decide to have a custom home, remodel or addition built. 

The following information defines the role of this highly skilled and motivated professional and offers guidance on selecting your building team that is best for you. 

The primary goal of the Architect who designs your home or addition, will be to design the structure creatively, functionally, energy efficient, safely, environmentally healthy, sometimes Green and satisfy your needs and budget. This means interpreting your ideas, developing the correct relationship between house (or addition) and the site, accurately estimating probable costs to fit your budget requirements, specifying materials, meeting your needs and reviewing your wants, providing plan documents a contractor and subcontractor can follow, and meeting permit requirements in your locality. 

It is wise to select your Architect early in the process. He/she can be invaluable in helping to select a site by pointing out both its potential and its constraints and how to make each of them coincide with the environment and natural beauty of the site. As you get to know each other during the land selection process, the Architect is better able to understand your housing and space needs and direct you with your needs or wants. 

Selecting the Architect for your dream project will be easier if you understand the basic steps involved in the design process. They include: 


You and the Architect will discuss design and programming ideas, budgets, timetables, qualified contractors, financing and fee arrangements. A scope of work will be developed and a written Proposal or contract drawn up to define the work you may require of the Architect. Once a proposal is approved, a legal and binding contract will be furnished to further define the scope and compensation for the work to be performed.


The Architect researches the site, completes as built field work and drawings, local codes and restrictions, and you and your way of life. This is the time for talking and thinking about land, using the program and design file each of you have put together, and explaining each room and your vision of it. The Architect, after his site investigation or as built field work is complete, he/she will design the building so it will be suitably oriented to the existing structure and its site; If a new home too the site, the property, the sun, the landscape, the utilities, the view, and prevailing winds. 

He will translate your programmed ideas into a set of rough drawings that include a site plan when necessary (showing the house or addition and drive location), necessary floor plans, and a couple elevations as required. These sketched ideas are presented through careful study and technical design to assure its successful construction. The ideas will incorporate discussed elements of design. These basic elements are form, space, light, shadow, texture, line and color. With these basic elements, the ideas will also incorporate the principles of design, which are unity, repetition, rhythm, variety, emphasis, symmetry and balance. Between the use of the elements and principles of design, your ideas for the dream home or addition can become a reality. Also at this time a probable cost estimate is established to try to adhere and fit your budget. 


The Basic structural design is determined and exterior elevations are carried through the design. Some basic or generic specifications and details are developed and discussed. The mechanics of the heating and cooling systems are discussed and developed if fees allow; rooms are laid out, and exterior materials with interior finishes (generic or specific depending on fees) are chosen. Plans are developed up to approximately 60% completion, as to an approved site plan, floor plans, foundation plan and all exterior elevations. This is the time to make your final design decisions and/or changes. 


These are the Construction drawings, drawn to scale, that will be used to construct the project. They detail the project with labeled foundation plans, floor plans, exterior elevations, building and wall sections, specific notes, plan and section details and schedules as necessary to meet the agreed fee and the scope of work. Each element in accordance to the scope of work is shown as necessary, from the placement of light fixtures to the design of the roof overhang and its peak. Construction drawings are required to be Stamped by a licensed Architect and both you and the Architect should sign the final released set to avoid possible disagreements. Ask how long it will take for the Architect to draw up your dream project. You can usually expect to spend 1 to 6 months depending on the scope of work in your contract, size of project, style and type of home, to get your dream home or Addition translated into working drawings. An exception to this rule, is designing a custom home or addition. It may take up to 6 months or a year depending on how the design process flows between you and your Architect. 

PLEASE NOTE: Basic Architectural Plans (considered CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS), such as floor plans, elevations, a typical wall section, and any pictorial drawings, are adequate for describing the general design of a residential structure or its remodeled space for most municipalities. However, to ensure the building will be completed as you or the Architect specifies, a more complete and detailed description of the construction features of the design must be prepared (Full services Contract Documents). This additional work will surely increase the Architect’s fees but will undoubtedly cut construction costs and keep the bids more closely in line along with keeping the project from going in the wrong direction and requiring many change orders throughout its construction. This savings will more than likely pay for itself many times over the Architect’s fees. 


Generally the full specifications accompany the full services contract documents either separately or listed on the plans, or both. They are a detailed written list, describing sizes, kinds and quality of building materials and define the methods of construction, fabrication, or installation of each type of material, and work involved in building the project. The specifications identify the quality, type, and brand name or manufacturer of components acceptable to be used in each construction phase. Specifications guarantee the purchaser that the contractor will deliver the building when it is finished exactly as specified. These documents also help ensure that the building will be constructed according to generally accepted standards and building codes that are required. 

When specifications accompany Basic Construction Drawings they are Generic in format. They will only give enough information to specify a generic name for the material so one can order what ever brand, style, or color that one may desire for such item in question and follow that format throughout the plans provided. Owner is responsible for choosing the materials he/she may desire in the project. 


An elaborate home or addition may require or be requested by the owner to complete a model or be enhanced by drawing a perspective drawing, or produce modeling on CAD which always involves an additional fee and time to complete. A model can help clarify intricate roof details and give the owner a reality look at what his/her dream home can become on a specific site. Perspective drawings relate a look at the building in three dimensional orientations as if you may be looking at it photographically. Either media will give the owner a better understanding of the building and help in its final design. 


Once full services contract drawings and specifications are finally approved and signed, they are ready for bidding. If you are working with the Architect, you may retain him/her to handle this phase at an additional fee, or you can do it yourself. If done by owner or his resources, the responsibility will lie with him to see that the building is built in accordance with the said plans and specifications provided by his/her Architect. 

The contract drawings and specifications are the basis both for competitive bids and for actual construction. You must be sure that the same specifications are used for each bid to ensure that all of the bids you receive are for identical labor and materials. Each bidder must be able to compete equally and compare apples to apples. The bids you receive will tell you whether the job can be done within your budget, or whether adjustments to your plans and/or specifications are needed. Any adjustments needed may be at an additional fee depending upon your contract with your Architect and the final arrangements made with your contractor.


If an Architect is designing your new project and your contract contains no project administration provisions, you may want to negotiate with him/her to monitor the work in progress, consulting with you and the builder throughout the construction process to ensure that plans are being executed as detailed. After all, you spent all this time and effort into the design for the project, why not be sure it gets built according to your vision. An Architect will normally charge an hourly rate for this phase, ranging from $75.00 to $125.00 an hour and up, plus expenses, depending on geographic location, contractor hired and the type of project, whether residential or commercial.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Bernie is a New York State licensed Architect in the State of New York. He has an Associates Degree in Civil Technolorgy and 53 years of experience in the Design Architectural and Engineering, Civil and Construction fields.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.

If project stays within Scope of Services, it is Lump Sum, not to exceed and based on number of hours to complete the Scope presented. 

How did you get started in this business?

Always had the desire since 6 years old to be an Architect!

What types of customers have you worked with?

Private, Public, Business, Professional, Medical, Retail, Industrial and more.

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

Completed a new custom home for a family that lost their home to fire on the 22 December last Christmas. Was able to design and complete this 5 bedroom 3 bath residence in 70 days so the client could be in by the end of this summer. 

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a pro in your area of expertise?

Please seriously think about hiring a licensed Architect to work with you directly or as a team member with your pr-chosen Contractor. You will save time and money overall, in doing so and call to understand why? Thank you for your consideration.

What questions should customers think through before talking to pros about their needs?

When choosing a licensed Professional Designer (Architect), Develope a list of your wants and needs for any Residential Project you may request.

Wants: Things that would be nice to have but can do without if it means running over budget for your project, such as a fireplace.

Needs: Things that are absolutely a must for the design of the project, such as specific appliances for the Kitchen (fridge, stove, sink, oven).

Also think of how you want your home to function better than the one that you live in now.

Services offered

CAD Drafting Services Architects Attic Remodeling Contractors Basement Remodeling Contractors Bathroom Remodelers Technical and Engineering Designers Foundation Contractors Garage Builders Garage Remodeling Contractors Home Addition Contractors Home Energy Auditors Wheelchair Ramp Installers Disability Retrofit Contractors Home Remodeling Contractors Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractors Kitchen Designers Kitchen Remodelers Home Builders Patio Contractors Stained Glass Installation and Replacement Services