Find a radon testing & inspection in Cincinnati, OH

Find radon testing & inspection in Cincinnati, OH

Find radon testing & inspection in Cincinnati, OH

Share a few details and we'll show you the best radon testing & inspection in your area.
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Find radon testing & inspection in Cincinnati, OH

Share a few details and we'll show you the best radon testing & inspection in your area.
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Specific air testing required

Top 10 radon testing & inspection in Cincinnati, OH

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Lowe's Temp Control

Lowe's Temp Control

New on HomeGuide
14+ years in business
Serves Cincinnati, OH
Lowe's Temp Control LLC The hvac professionals will provide quality and excellence service for all customers and we also provide a wide variety of of services for over 20 years! Licensed and Insured
Paul Handyman Service

Paul Handyman Service

Offers online services
23 hires on HomeGuide
25+ years in business
Serves Cincinnati, OH
Jordan G. says, "ARRK handyman Service was hired by my company to put a 150ft wood fence in the backyard of our rental property with two gates in order to create privacy from the railroad tracks directly behind the property. Russell and his crew showed up ready to work in the middle of a snow storm when they live an hour and a half away. They had to cut down gigantic tree in order to install the fence on very uneven ground. The final product turned out beautifully! He did a wonderful job in regards to the work. However, I had to subtract one star for poor communication and follow thru. I had asked Russell to complete the project within a 3 day time span and to also stay in contact with me every morning with updates. The project ended up taking a full 2 weeks to complete and I was only contact one time with an update. He also put the front gate in an awkward spot, not where I had planned for it to go. In the end, The quality of work was so stunning that some of these other issues fell to the wayside. We would most definitely work with Russell and Arrk Handyman Services again!" Read more
House 2 Home Inspections, LLC

House 2 Home Inspections, LLC

Top Pro
10 hires on HomeGuide
9+ years in business
Serves Cincinnati, OH
Donna W. says, "He was professional and quick." Read more
Go-to Guys Drain Services & Home Improvement Company

Go-to Guys Drain Services & Home Improvement Company

Offers online services
47 hires on HomeGuide
5+ years in business
Serves Cincinnati, OH
Aj M. says, "Very informative and they were able to help right away! Price was a good value as well! " Read more
Hauser Air

Hauser Air

46+ years in business
Serves Cincinnati, OH
Tara says, "Always excellent customer service. From the ladies on the phone to the technician whom cares for our HVAC system! They take the time to explain their recommendations with the added benefits each will bring to the air quality of your home. Colds have decreased ever since we installed a Reme Halo with Hauser's recommendation and we are truly grateful as my dad has a low immune system." Read more

Your radon inspection questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on HomeGuide.

How much does radon testing cost?

Radon testing costs $125 to $400 on average for a professional radon inspection. However, costs may reach $700 for large, multi-story homes that require multiple testing devices.

Most radon inspectors use an electret ion detector, which features a statically charged Teflon disc that attracts ions generated by radon decay. These ions reduce the electrical charge of the disc, and the reduction can be measured in a lab to calculate the home's radon levels.

A home radon test kit costs $10 to $50, including professional lab analysis. Prices depend on whether you select a short-term or long-term test.

What is radon?

Radon is a natural colorless, odorless radioactive gas produced by the decay of uranium, radium thorium in the soil, rocks, and groundwater.

Because radon is present everywhere in the earth and the gas enters the air all around us, we are constantly exposed to it at very low levels as we breathe. These low levels are safe. However, exposure to higher levels is a health hazard and a common problem in residential homes.

Why is radon dangerous?

Radon gas rises from the rocks and soil below your home's foundation and enters the home, where it becomes concentrated. Radon is carcinogenic, and prolonged exposure to these elevated levels of radon poses a serious health risk. Radon is the number one of lung cancer cause among non-smokers.

Radon can also be more dangerous to children than adults even if they are exposed to the same levels for the same length of time.

How long does radon testing take?

Short-term radon testing takes 2 to 7 days on average. The test should be left untouched for a minimum of 48 hours. Most DIY home test kits are short-term tests, and professional radon inspectors typically start with a short-term test before moving on to long-term testing.

Long-term testing takes 90 days to 1 year, depending on the test type. Because radon levels fluctuate daily and seasonally, long-term tests provide a more accurate picture of the average radon levels in your home.

Is radon testing really necessary?

Radon testing is highly recommended because elevated levels of radon are harmful to your health. According to the EPA, at least 1 in every 15 homes in the U.S. has levels of radon that exceed the maximum recommended amount. In regions that are more prone to radon, as many as 1 in 3 homes may have dangerous levels.

High levels of radon can occur in both old and newly constructed houses, and in any location. A house may have elevated radon levels even if the houses directly to each side of it do not. Radon testing is the only way to confirm the levels in your home.

How often should you test for radon?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends testing your home every 2 years or after any major renovations. For the best results, test your home during alternate seasons because radon levels vary throughout the year due to changes in air pressure and soil moisture.

How accurate are radon tests?

Long-term radon testing kits provide precise results in over 95% of cases and are the most accurate option because radon levels fluctuate daily and seasonally.

Short-term tests provide an accurate picture of radon levels during the limited testing window of 2 to 7 days. However, this snapshot is not a good reflection of the radon levels throughout the year. A short-term test performed during the summer may indicate low radon levels even though levels are elevated in the winter.

When using a short-term radon test, repeat the test at least once or twice during other seasons of the year to get a more accurate picture of your home's average radon levels.

Where can I find the best radon testing company?

When evaluating radon testing and inspection companies near you, it's important to choose a specialist who is certified by at least one national radon agency. Follow these guidelines:

  • Look for companies that specialize in radon inspections and/or home inspectors with radon certifications.
  • Select companies certified by the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) or the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).
  • Choose licensed, bonded, insured inspection companies that have been in business 5+ years.
  • Check out their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Beware of companies offering free radon testing if they also provide mitigation services, as they may try to pressure you to install a mitigation system even if it isn't necessary. Perform your own DIY home radon test to confirm their results.

What questions should I ask radon testing companies?

Ask these questions when evaluating radon inspection companies:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you NRSB or NEHA certified?
  • What type of radon test device will you use in my home?
  • How long will the test take?
  • Where will you place the testing device?
  • Will my home require multiple testing devices?
  • What should I do to prepare my home before the test?
  • Can I enter my home during the test?
  • Is there anything I shouldn't do in my home during the test?
  • What happens if the test shows high levels of radon in my home?

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Kathi R.
He explained everything as he went along and his price was really reasonable.
Paul Handyman Service
House 2 Home Inspections, LLC
Chuck M.
Fast. Professional. Very reasonable.
Go-to Guys Drain Services & Home Improvement company
Dr S.
There knowledge of our system
Hauser Air
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