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Moving UR Way

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Hello Home Guide service seekers. I am a service provider. I provide local, long distance, residential and commercial moving services.  

Licensed in 2005, I have been performing professional moving services as a fully licensed, bonded, insured mover for 12 years. Before 2005, I worked for a number of New York moving companies from a helper, as a truck driver, a foreman in charge of moving jobs, an office person, a customer service agent, a sales associate. I have worked every job a Moving Company has.  I was Best as a Foreman in the field, and best as a Sales man in the office. So now that I have opened my own Moving Company, I talk to my customers and sell my services, then I go out into the field, to those customers homes with my crew and as Foreman, perform their moving jobs. I still do the two things I Loved most and was best at doing.
One reason I was so anxious to "Be In Charge", to own my own moving operation was so that I could be in control of how I charged my customers for our services. 
Normally we charge $40 per man, per hour. Usually a move is done with 4 men for $120.00 per hour. HOWEVER, we are running a special, $30 per man, per hour. You are getting a 3 man crew and truck for only $90 per hour. It is a very fair & reasonable rate for a crew as experienced and skilled as my crew and I are.
We wrap, we disassemble, we pack, we load the truck, after driving to your move location and unload the truck, we unwrap, we re-assemble and we can even unpack if you want.
Of course we bring all the necessary equipment, moving blankets, dollies, tools, drill, and packing supplies. Which brings me to the next important difference between my competition and me. We will use whatever boxes are needed to finish packing all the loose items, we will cardboard shield all the glass / marble / delicate furniture etc . . .   TV Boxes, Mirror, Picture boxes all included. Wardrobe boxes for all your closet hanging clothes will be used. Mattress, boxspring covers, shrink wrap, tape, all included. NEVER AN EXTRA CHARGE.
We only charge for the time it will take to move you, the 1 hour travel time traveling to and from your move locations, and if any tolls and fuel associated with your move. 
I am ALWAYS Happy to explain further once we connect. 
As I was saying earlier, the jobs I enjoyed the most and I was best was talking with the customers, listening to them explaining their jobs and needs, then understanding their jobs and needs, explaining our services and how we could meet all their needs. Setting up their move, arranging everything. I enjoyed doing this then, and I still enjoy it now. Even Today, I answer your calls, I listen to you explain your move and needs and I will create the plan to execute and carry out your move.
The Second Best job I was good at, was Foreman in the field. The one who comes to your home with the crew, the one who directs the movers, Captain of the team. That is still me Today.
I Work on the job, hand to hand with my crew. And my crew are not just anybody. This group of movers have been with me since the beginning. Many others have come and gone, but this group have been learning, growing and stable for all these years. When I say we are experienced, I mean it. We have been through every situation a mover can find himself in. And this experience is important. It means we can think our way out of a situation quicker than most our competition. There are very few crews like mine, that have been together for so long, that work so well together, and have a well of experience to draw from. And I enjoy it. I enjoy all of it, as do my guys.

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
The process is as follows : I need to know from where is the move coming from and where it is going to. Are there stairs involved, long distances to carry. What is the inventory we will be moving. Will we be asked to pack, what will we be packing and approximately how much packing. All of this is necessary in order that I can quote the move properly. 
These days a cell phone can take pictures, and these pictures can be send by text message. If the move sounds large, or the customer needs some specific packing needed, like the kitchen, I'll ask for a couple of pictures to be texted to my cell phone. 
In order that I keep my rates low and reasonable, I am not always able to make a home visit before the move. However, in the case of a large move, or a full packing move, I will make a home visit before the move to better asses the situation. 
I will then put everything into writing ( My estimate of time needed, amount the move could cost, if there are any fuel and tolls charges, etc . . . ) and E-mail this to my customer for review. Upon review and confirmation we will secure a date and time for the move. I'll put this into our schedule and send a confirmation E-Mail.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
As I have shared above, I have been involved in the moving business my entire adult life. Starting as a helper on a truck, becoming the truck driver, graduating to foreman running a crew, in charge of the moving jobs. Then an office person, answering telephones as a customer service agent, graduating to sales associate. Spending part time in the office and part time going from home to home performing on sight examinations and estimations. 
I helped a number of companies hire and train new moving employees, sales people, and managers. 
I had done it all before gaining my own New York State licensing in 2005.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.
Our Standard pricing is as follows :    Our Normal pricing is $40 per man - per hour. Normally a moving job will consist of a 3 man crew. 3 men at $40 per hour, per man, makes $120 per hour.
HOWEVER, we are running a special : We are giving the same crew at $30 per man - per hour.
Our Special discounted hourly rate is $90.00 per hour for a 3 man team.
For a 4 man team, we are offering another special. The 4th man is not $30 per hour, rather we are giving him for $20 more per hour.  $110.00 per hour for a team of 4 moving professionals.
Our Minimum move time is 3 hours. 2 hours for the labor / moving time, plus 1 hour for the travel time to and from the move locations. Then we charge in 15 minute increments. You only pay for the time we work.
If any tolls and fuel are associated with your move, you will have been told this from the beginning and it will have been written in the quote you will receive via E-Mail.
As stated previously, all materials needed for your move will be included and NEVER will you pay extra for anything of the sort. Boxes, TV, Picture, Mirror, book boxes, linen boxes, china boxes, wardrobe boxes, etc . . . cardboard shielding, shrink wrap, mattress covers, tape, etc . . .  ALL INCLUDED.

How did you get started in this business?
I moved to the East Coast, from the West Coast, a man in his twenties. Looking for work while I followed my passion, Music, I found a job as a movers helper. Being young a strong, I was instructed to run boxes up and down stairs in New York city buildings. After a while I noticed many buildings had elevators, but I was never on those jobs, only the jobs where the buildings had stairs. Then I was taught how to carry furniture up and down stair wells. I was stunned by all the techniques and ways to situated the different furniture pieces while working with a partner and handling the large, heavy, 2 man furniture items. 
From this I learned to wrap the furniture items, pack/protect the glass and marble, TV's, mirrors, pictures, paintings, china cabinets, curio cabinets, bedroom sets, living room sets, dinning room sets, etc . . .etc . . .
Eventually, I drove the truck, 26 foot trucks down narrow roads, China town, Midtown, Brooklyn, Queens, Upstate, New Jersey. I learned all the highways, through ways, bridges and tunnels. All this long before GPS. 
I enjoyed, the work. I enjoyed the people I worked with. I enjoyed working for a different customer everyday, and meeting new people all the time.
Over the course of many years, I worked for many different moving companies.
Eventually, I started working in the office part time. Part time in the office, part time on the truck. I answered telephone and became a sales associate.
I just continued learning different aspects of the moving business and never left it. 
And I am still working in Moving Today. 

What types of customers have you worked with?
I have worked for every type of customer there is. Some are easy to work with and some are not so easy to work with. Some are generous, some not so much so. Some are Happy and some are not so Happy.
Whomever I am working with, I am always the same. I am always trying to understand how best to deal with whomever I am dealing with. When I am spoken to harshly, I speak back gently. When I am spoken to gently, I speak back gently, I am always the same. 
I was taught 5 values to always guide my actions by one of my pervious moving mentors. They still guide me today.
They are :    INTEGRITY  /  HONOR  /  HONESTY  /  CARE  &  JOY. 
I always work with the highest levels of INTEGRITY.
I work with HONOR.
I work with CARE.
AND,  I work with JOY.