How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

$185 Local – $1,000 Long Distance

Moving an upright piano locally costs as little as $100 or around $250 depending if stairs are involved. Moving a grand piano long distance costs $3 per mile plus a $50 base rate with most people spending an average of $1,050. Prices typically increase $40 to $100 per each flight of stairs. Get free estimates from piano movers near you.

Piano Moving Cost

Moving an upright piano locally costs as little as $100 or around $250 depending if stairs are involved. Moving a grand piano long distance costs $3 per mile plus a $50 base rate with most people spending an average of $1,050. Prices typically increase $40 to $100 per each flight of stairs.

Piano Moving Cost
National Average Cost $185
Minimum Cost $100
Maximum Cost $800
Average Range $185 to $260

Specifics of your location and your piano will vary those prices. Moving a piano is a delicate job. It is heavy, bulky, hard to hold onto, and full of thousands of moving parts. In this guide, we’ll explore all the different aspects and the price of moving your piano.

Table Of Contents

  1. Piano Moving Cost
  2. What Affects the Cost of Piano Moving?
  3. How Do Piano Movers Charge?
  4. Piano Moving Equipment Required
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Hiring Piano Moving Services
  7. Piano Movers Near Me

Piano Moving Cost By Type

Different kinds and styles of piano require different handling and equipment; therefore, the cost varies. Heavier pianos require more men and equipment, so they cost more to move. The shape difference between an upright piano and a grand piano can create differences in pricing as more or less padding, more moving blankets, more employees, and larger crating materials are used. Prices are typically quoted based on type and size of piano.

Prices below are for local average-sized pianos being moved from a first or second floor:

Local Piano Moving Cost
Type of Piano Moving Cost
Spinet or Console Piano $100–$310
Studio Piano $100–$250
Upright Piano $100–$295
Baby Grand Piano $250–$350
Grand Piano $350–$450
Concert Grand Piano $450 and up

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Piano Moving Cost By Size

Here are the average local piano moving costs by piano size:

Type Size Average Cost
Upright Pianos up to 47" (tall)
Grand Pianos ~6'
$210 to $395
$210 to $395
Organs Spinet
$85 to $310

Moving a Piano From Church Wrapped In Blankets Ready To Move

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Piano Moving Cost Calculator

The easiest way to move a piano, as well as the most economical way, is in a straight line from A to Z, with no obstacles in between. That situation almost never happens. Pianos are in rooms, which are in homes. Many times pianos must go down hallways and turn corners into other hallways, and all those tricky places add to the cost of moving a piano. Pianos sometimes must go down or upstairs, or come out of storage units. Each obstacle raises the price.

Local Piano Moving Cost
Item Average Cost
Base Rate $50
Cost per mile $1.20 – $1.50 (local)
$2.00 – $10.00 (long distance)
Cost per fight of stairs $40 – $100
Cost per stairway turn $60 – $80
(steep driveway, gravel road)
$40 – $240 each
Insurance Free up to $5,000
$15 per $1,000 of coverage over $5,000
Storage $60 per month
Rush Fee $300 (local)
$400 – $700 (long distance)
Reschedule or cancellation fee $100 – $400.00

Piano Tuning Costs After Moving

Hiring a piano tuner after moving your piano should be considered part of the cost of moving it. Internal parts may get a little shaken or loose during transit. The average cost of hiring a piano tuner is $100 an hour. It can take from an hour to an hour and a half to properly tune a piano.

Additional Piano Moving Costs

If you have a large piano or require crating for long distance shipping, additional costs will apply.

Additional Charges Average Cost
Player Pianos fee $25
Grand piano breakdown and setup fee $100
Grand piano crating fee $800
$1200 for heat treated
Extra fee for grand's 6' to 8' $125 – $200 (local)
$300+ (long distance)
Extra fee for grand's larger than 8' $200 – $400 (local)
$400 – $600 (long distance)
Climate Controlled Shipping $1,000 and up
Fuel Surcharge (long distance) $100+ for moves under 1,000 miles
$150 for moves over 1,000 miles

In-house Room To Room Moving

On-site Moving Costs[2]
Piano Type Room To Room Out and Back
Upright / Vertical Piano $85 $170
Grand / Baby Grand $150–$225 $300–$450

Extra Cost Per Stair

Piano Size Price Per Stair Turn or Landing in Stairs
Upright Piano Under 48" Tall $5 $25
Upright Piano Over 48" Tall $5 $25
5' Grand Piano $5 $25
6' Grand Piano $10 $50
7' Grand Piano $15 $50
9' Grand Piano $20 $75

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What Affects the Cost of Piano Moving?

Size & Weight

A small upright piano is cheaper to move than a grand piano because it takes fewer men to lift and carry it. Pianos weighing upwards of 1,000 lbs. will require more men and equipment to safely move it. An upright piano will cost less to move than a grand piano. The grand piano takes up more space and is heavier. For example, the cost to move a baby grand piano is $180–$1,000 while the cost to move an upright piano is only $100–$295.


The distance the piano must travel to its new home. Piano movers might have specially-equipped trucks with ramps, hydraulic lifts, and several rings and clips to secure the piano properly during transport. How far does your piano need to go? Across country or across town? The longer the distance, the more it will cost.

Properly trained movers will charge a base rate of $50 and then add mileage as part of their fee. The average is $1.20–$2.50 per mile for a local move. Long distance moves charge from $2–$10 a mile with an average of $2.75 per mile. Moving a piano locally can cost between $200–$600. Moving long distance can run from $450–$2,000. Prices depend on the type of piano you have and its weight and size.


It may need to spend time in storage, and sometimes that’s a free benefit from your piano mover, but not always. You might have to pay $50–$75/month to keep it in a humidity controlled unit of 38% and 52% and a long-term temperature range between 50° and 70° F.

Difficult Terrain

A steep driveway, a gravel road where the truck must park, spiral staircases, steps, crane lifts, hilly terrain and more all contribute to a higher cost. You can expect to pay around $40–$240 per each problematic turn.[1]

Moving a piano up or down stairs is very difficult. It requires 2–3 strong people with the correct equipment. Some moving companies will charge by the number of stairs between your home and their truck. Piano movers charge $2–$24 per step (average $5) or $40–$100 per staircase. If you live on the fifth floor of an apartment with no freight elevator, those five flights of stairs will add significantly to your bill. For example, 20 steps per floor x 4 floors at $5 per step = $400 additional cost

Piano Moving With Crane From Second Story Window

Additional Cost Factors

  • The time frame – If you have a rush job, this can cost more. Most of us try to plan these things, but emergencies do occur. It might cost double or triple the regular price for this service.
  • No-show or last-minute cancellation – If no one is at home when the piano movers arrive, they may very well charge you a fee for this. $100–$400
  • Additional Items – A piano bench moved with the piano might not be included in the moving quote. If not, it (and additional items) might cost $1 per pound or $7 per cubic foot, with a $20 minimum on each.[2]
  • Piano Shipping – If your piano needs crating or taking apart for shipping, this will affect the cost of moving your piano. A grand piano crating fee starts at $800, while a heat treated crating fee is $1,200 and up.
  • Piano Removalists Cost – When throwing away or getting rid of your piano costs will be much cheaper. You can expect junk removal prices for piano removal to be around $50 to $100.

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How Much Do Piano Movers Charge?

Because there are so many different types of pianos and moving situations, there is a fee structure. Most companies start with a base rate of at least $50 plus $1.50 to $4.00 per mile, then the additional costs of stairs and hardships. After that, the variables come into play—the weight of the piano, its size, and its location. Add those factors to its destination and the total price comes out of that equation. There are two ways charges are figured.

  • An hourly rate – most general moving companies will charge the hourly rate, and many have minimums; for instance, a 3-hour minimum starts your bill at $150.
  • A flat rate – companies specializing in moving pianos will most often quote a flat rate. Piano moving specialists have done this long enough that they can figure the cost of moving your piano at a flat rate fee once they factor in all the additional features of your piano and move.

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Piano Moving Equipment Required

To safely move your piano, special moving equipment is required. This accomplishes two things—it keeps both your piano and the movers safe. The following equipment is necessary to safely move your piano and included in the quote given:

  • A 4-wheel dolly: $125
  • Hump strap: $25
  • Locking piano belt: $25
  • Piano skid board: $125
  • Blankets and padding
  • Truck with a ramp

The requirement of other equipment for more difficult moves, such as stair-jockey, cranes, genie lifts, etc. starts at $500.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tuning a piano cost after a move?

Hiring a piano tuner after your piano is safely in its new home should be considered part of the cost of moving it. The average cost of hiring a piano tuner is $100 an hour. It can take from an hour to an hour and a half to properly tune a piano. The temperature and humidity of each location will affect your piano. Let your piano acclimate to its new home for about two weeks and then schedule an appointment with the piano tuner.

Should I tip my piano movers?

Tipping is always at the customer's discretion. If you’ve been supremely satisfied with the job your piano movers did, go ahead and tip them; it will be much appreciated. The going rate for tips is $20–$40 per mover. Some movers will go out of their way to take care of your piano and make your experience with their company an excellent one. They should be tipped. You can gauge the amount of your tip on a few factors: Were they friendly and personable? Did they take extra care not to damage your walls or woodwork? Were they professional?

How much does an upright or grand piano weigh?

On average, a typical upright home piano weights between 400 and 1,000 pounds while grand and baby grand pianos weigh between 650 and 1,400 pounds.

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Hiring Piano Moving Services

Read about your rights when moving your personal property here.

  • Get at least three quotes from piano movers from HomeGuide or by asking friends.
  • Verify each company with the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau
  • Do the movers have great reviews on HomeGuide and Google?
  • Have the phone numbers of the moving crew on hand so you can keep in touch.
  • Be sure you tell the moving crew about every obstacle between your piano and where the truck will be parked.
  • Be sure you get a receipt, in this case, called a Bill of Lading.
  • Do they have insurance? They should have three different kinds of insurance and offer it free up to $5,000.
    • Commercial automotive insurance – this covers transporting your piano to its new location.
    • Cartage insurance – this covers your piano should any damage happen during the trip.
    • Workers compensation – this covers the workers who will be moving your piano, in case of injury.

Whether you own a piano for your children or for performing at Carnegie Hall, you’ve invested good money into your piano. When it needs to be moved, don’t choose the cheapest; choose the best piano moving company. The well-being of your piano depends on it. Do a little research, get free quotes on HomeGuide, make a few phone calls, or talk to some friends about their experiences. Make sure you feel right about your decision.

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