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15 year Master plumber done all aspects of plumbing sewer water gas residential commercial work the union there's nothing that cannot be done by me no. No job too big no job too small guaranteed work on anyting I fix I guarantee minimum one year on anything I touch. More than reasonable I started out at $75 an hour if you're too far out charge for gasother than that if I get the job with you then I roll that into the price and also depends on the job I made bid the job entirely instead of that hourly rate. I treat all my customers as if they are my family my best attribute is my work I do very clean and great work my best advertisement is word-of-mouth.uncertified and every product there is with plumbing who is with the Union as well there is nothing I am not certified in there's nothing I cannot do you give me a call and I can get it fixed guaranteed no job too big no job too small again I am a master plumber

I enjoy giving service because it's rewarding for me I accomplished something for somebody else that is stressed out not only that I get paid for it and it lets me use my brain I do a lot of troubleshooting so it just makes you feel good as a person not only is it a service and then I get paid for it but at the end of the day and make somebody happy


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    Frequently asked questions

    Well first find out what their needs are discuss what options they have and what's the best way they want to fix it and also what their budget is if they want to repair replace or upgrade and then come to an agreed price and fix that problem so there is no more issue and also warranty work for at least a year or anyting touched by .

    I have trained at my local union 525 Hall I've had many certifications and so many products I can't name them all it's 15 years of training products on job training everything from building casinos houses from underground top out finish all aspects of plumbing I built hospitals and built jails I've worked in many states as well

    I started 75 per hour it's a trip is farther than 20 minutes from my house I charge $20 for gas if they go if the job goes with me  then I roll that into the price sometimes the job may just be a certain price because it's easier to price it out and get a better quality price for the work being done other than that I'm always willing to work with people I'm also willing to do trade if people are in need or are you know financial trouble I am more than willing to do trade for certain things. not even opposed to if the job is so simple as a simple nice home-cooked meal is great.

    My best friend started to teach me when I was 18 to do plumbing and from then on I've been doing it ever since started out as the lackey and now I'm at the point where I be on journeyman and I'm a master plumber now I could actually teach school but there's not many teaching jobs for teaching service plumbing and plumbing in general

    there is no customer that I have not worked with I will not name drop of being in Vegas you work with a lot of famous people and I have a confidentiality that I stick to and I won't name those people let's just say the rich well off and they do shows here in town regularly. Everything from baseball players to celebrities to entertainers so the regular Joe to the everyday person to my family to my best friends I treat them all the same I do the best work I possibly can and I do it right the first time or not at all I do not do anything half butted

    One of the most recent events that I'm fond of is that my oldest godson just graduated army sniper school who I did not encourage him to join as I had joined and he himself took it upon himself to do so and the vs night or as well I take great fondness in this that I was the one and his father they gave him the skills as a youngin to be a warrior always at heart and everything in life at school and everything you do be a warrior what you do attack everything you do with all you got don't leave anything behind always do your best

    I always say get at least three different estimates listen to what the person is saying you can tell whether or not they know what they're talkin about and always don't ever go with the most expensive or the cheapest it's never the correct thing go with what your gut says go with what you know you feel inside is the best thing to do somebody who is sitting explain to you exactly what's what go it's probably your best bet I am the type of plumber that if you aren't even by theparts I would just install them and charge you for the labor most Farmers would not do that a lot of the plumbers in this town are very shady and don't know what they're talkin about pretend to be a plumber not only that a lot of companies are all about sales this is one reason why I'm not have a company that does that anymore and I'm currently going to school to work in more of a managerial role where I am a construction management I'm getting too old and 41 to be doing this on a daily basis where I do eight plumbing calls a day I'm looking to do a few calls a week and that's all I enjoy my work and I take pride in it if you are not happy with your job I would give you your money back guarantee that's how confident I am

    The questions the customers should be talking to the pros about are what are the necessary steps how much is it going to be the lowball highball what's it going to incur and also the scope of work in other words what the job would incur that way when you talk to another plumbing company if you get more than one did you can see how far they are off or if they're charging you other things which is called padng the job which is getting more money for the company and themand somebody reads this and they're curious I am always open to discuss plumbing questions for free

    Services offered

    Water Treatment Repair Or Maintenance
    Plumbing Pipe Installation
    Sump Pump Installation Or Replacement
    Water Treatment System Installation
    Plumbing Pipe Repair
    Shower And Bathtub Installation
    Sink And Faucet Repair
    Shower And Bathtub Repair
    Toilet Installation
    Garbage Disposal Installation
    Water Heater Installation
    Garbage Disposal Repair
    Toilet Repair
    Water Heater Repair Or Maintenance
    Plumbing Inspection