Find a asbestos tester in Jersey City, NJ

Find asbestos testers in Jersey City, NJ

Find asbestos testers in Jersey City, NJ

Share a few details and we'll show you the best asbestos testing & inspection services in your area.
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Specific air testing required

Find asbestos testers in Jersey City, NJ

Share a few details and we'll show you the best asbestos testing & inspection services in your area.
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Specific air testing required

Top 10 asbestos testing & inspection services in Jersey City, NJ

Homeowners agree: these Jersey City asbestos testers are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Azone Comfort Air & Refrigeration

Azone Comfort Air & Refrigeration

1 hire on HomeGuide
35+ years in business
Serves Jersey City, NJ
Walter B. says, "they were pretty good....did good job, very professional i would recommend to anybody, you wont regret it" Read more


2 hires on HomeGuide
6+ years in business
Serves Jersey City, NJ
Faye S. says, "I highly recommend this company. They were very easy to work with . Efficient, responsible Explain everything they had to do and when they finished the job everything was very clean" Read more
Tello Group LLC

Tello Group LLC

4 hires on HomeGuide
6+ years in business
Serves Jersey City, NJ
Yudelki L. says, "All good" Read more
Inspect This, Home Inspections LLC

Inspect This, Home Inspections LLC

15+ years in business
Serves Jersey City, NJ
Ariana N. says, "Great! Lou accommodated us on very short notice, arrived on time and did an extensive inspection of the house which we believe has saved us a lot of money. He was professional, thorough, and even expedited our report- turning it around the same day! Well worth the money. I will add this is a brand new construction and that many people advised us against the additional inspection, claiming it was a waste. They couldn't have been more wrong. In the end, the sponsor agreed to cover all the damages including but not limited to; water polling on the roof, a plumbing line preventing the oven from meeting the wall, replacing locks, and refinishing the floors. Thanks Lou!" Read more


New on HomeGuide
8+ years in business
Serves Jersey City, NJ
Our service stands out in our work, and attention to detail. Providing custormers with a learning experience of the service, offer recommendations that actually work to prevent re-occurance, or early detection methods.
Cano Heating &cooling

Cano Heating &cooling

New on HomeGuide
Serves Jersey City, NJ
We are a company specialized in repairs, new installations of air conditioning systems, our priority is that our customers are satisfied with our work by giving them a good functioning of their system for good comfort in their home

Your Asbestos Testing questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on HomeGuide.

How much does asbestos testing cost?

Asbestos testing costs $250 to $850 on average. The visual inspection alone costs $100 to $500 and testing costs about $20 to $80 per sample, so the size of the area and the number of materials being tested have a big impact on the cost. A certified inspector visually assesses the area, takes samples for testing, and provides a report with the results. If the report finds asbestos, the inspector will also provide recommendations for how to move forward.

An asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey costs $600 to $1,500+ and is required before any renovation or demolition projects. This survey tests all potential asbestos-containing materials in space.

There are several types of asbestos tests:

  • Physical sample testing costs $250 to $850+ and is the most common test type.
  • Air testing costs $300 to $1,000+ and is often done both before and after a construction project.
  • Dust sample testing costs $150 to $250+. Dust collection methods include scraping, wiping, tape-lift, and micro-vacuuming.
  • Water testing costs $100 to $300, not counting the sample collection.

When should you test for asbestos?

Strongly consider testing for asbestos in the following situations:

  • You are planning to buy an older home or building.
  • You are planning to renovate or demolish a structure, regardless of whether it is new or old.
  • You suspect your home may have asbestos-containing materials.
  • Your home sustained structural damage in a flood or other disaster.

Undamaged and undisturbed asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are not dangerous. However, when the ACM is disturbed, hazardous fibers become airborne and dangerous. If you suspect your home contains ACM, leave it alone and contact a certified asbestos contractor to inspect and test it safely.

How is asbestos tested?

Asbestos is tested in a lab using methods that detect the fibers microscopically. Sample requirements differ depending on the laboratory, but most labs request a 1" to 2" square for materials like ceiling tiles, drywall pieces, or flooring material. For dust and other materials, labs typically ask for about 1 tablespoon or a quarter size amount.

The most common methods for asbestos testing are:

  • Phase contrast microscopy (PCM)
  • Polarized light microscopy (PLM)
  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

Can I test for asbestos myself?

You can collect samples for testing yourself with DIY kits that cost $50 to $250, depending on the number of samples. However, due to the dangers and serious health risks associated with asbestos-containing material (ACM), it's best to hire a certified professional to inspect, test, and report.

Do home inspections include asbestos testing?

Most home inspectors do not test for asbestos, but they typically will alert you if they see suspected asbestos-containing materials in the house. Some home inspectors may offer asbestos testing as an extra service for an additional cost if they are also trained and certified to provide asbestos inspections.

How long does asbestos testing take?

Asbestos testing takes one day to several weeks for the lab testing. Most labs offer tiered pricing based on how quickly you need the results. An asbestos inspector typically spends 30 minutes to 3+ hours collecting samples, depending on the area size and the number of materials being tested.

How do I choose an asbestos inspection company near me?

Due to its associated health risks, asbestos is highly regulated, and testing should be conducted by a qualified professional. Follow these guidelines when looking for an asbestos testing company near you:

  • Check with your state asbestos contacts for asbestos inspection and testing requirements specific to your state.
  • Hire an 3rd party asbestos inspector not affilicated with an asbestos abatement company.
  • Get at least 3 estimates from licensed, bonded, and insured asbestos testing companies.
  • Confirm the inspector is AHERA certified, and the company adheres to all EPA and OSHA standards.
  • Verify the inspector's licensing and asbestos inspection credentials.
  • Get written confirmation that all EPA guidelines and OSHA standards are followed.

What questions should I ask when getting estimates for an asbestos inspection?

Ask the following questions to help you choose a qualified asbestos inspector:

  • Are you AHERA certified to inspect and test for asbestos in this state?
  • Does the quote cover visual inspection, all sample testing, and a report of the results?
  • How many samples do you need to collect?
  • How quickly do the lab test results come back?
  • Do you go over the test results with me and provide recommendations if asbestos is found?
  • Are there legal requirements for how to proceed if the tests confirm asbestos is present?
  • How much do you charge to do an inspection after asbestos has been removed?

Reviews for Jersey City asbestos testing & inspection services

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April H.
Excellent job would recommend this to my friends.
Samuil U.
Everything was done timely and very well.
Tello Group LLC
Jiya C.
It went great, Lou is very specific and professional on his inspections, he caught a lot of thing that i didnt really pay much attention to (im no inspector) such as concrete floors, how to look at boilers and many others. i had learn a lot from his inspection.
Inspect This, Home Inspections LLC
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