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We strive to give 110% on every job and every client is treated just as respectfully and as important as all clients. We dont have fancy ads or a huge marketing budget and never will because to me its not about quantity of customers its quality. Taking the time to give each homeowner the time and attention they deserve. We may not be the cheapest but pricing is fair and upfront.  We're not the most costly either we manage to keep prices low by not spending huge amounts or any amount on ads or marketing all of our business is word of mouth or referral via home insurance and warranty companies.  We like it that way. The world has changed but our values here remain the same as if papa was doing business. Its personal and like working with a old friend. And that type of service can not be purchased through massive ad campaigns its built on a relationship and trust, my name is frank mark lets shake on it and get this project done. What can we do for you today?

Not all tradesmen are created equal. Some beleive in the quantity of customers is the key to success, Im a little old fashion born and raised to work with my hands and if your going to do something do it right, dont cut corners, be humble but take great pride in your craft. If its repairing a faucet, building a deck, building a new home or renovating a 100 year old home I take the same care and pride in my craft just the same as if im restoring a old car. My passion is restoring and building clasic cars and trucks. That's how i unwind after a long week of serving my customers. I spend hundreds of hours on them scrutinizing every detail of my own work until im satisfied. Im just the same with a client. What looks professional to most people is good enough for the big box store tradesmen but for me it always can be better. When the engineer designs a product for example a kitchen sink faucet theres two types, there's economy and theres quality economy is great on a budget and if care is taken during installation it can look good and funtion well for a while. On the other hand theres quality the high end faucet made of solid brass, the manufacturer took the time to smooth the casting lines and produce a ultra high quality finish made to last a lifetime. This faucet installed in haste using plumbers putty and essentially thrown in will not last, the plumbers putty will tend to accelerate corrosion and staining most finishes. However a quality minded tradesman will install this faucet using high grade silicone as per most manufacturer specs ie. Danze and kohler. He will set the faucet, snug it down allow the silicone to "flash" (semi cure) then tighten to proper tightness. He will use steel braded supply lines of higher quality that use silicone rubber seals to prevent any chemical reaction from the two different metals of the supply lines and the faucet and of the shut off valve. He will have made sure the area he worked in is spotless when done and have taken measures to protect your cabinets while working in them. He will leave with confidence having taken the extra few minutes to ensure there is no leaks. And you as the customer will rest easy knowing you chose the right tradesman. This is what i enjoy the most. Anyone can change a faucet but not everyone takes pride in quality work. Have you ever looked in your tradesmans vehicle ?? Is it well kept neat and organized ? Are his tools organized? Does he seem to have everything in its place? Or is it a van with what looks to be a flea market in the back of unorganized chaos? If your tradesman spends 30 minutesof your time looking for that part or tool he knows is somewhere in there thats unacceptable. Your hard earned money is now paying him to be sloppy and if he is that sloppy with his way of making a living how will he be with your home? Notice i did not mention tradeswomen or her. This is because in the 23 plus years ive been in the skilled trades ive never seen a sloppy tradeswoman. Just facts, in fact ive gathered with several on new ways to organize our rigs and have picked up valuable storage and organization idea as well as shared them. The skilled trades community is a great community and its easy to spot the good ones. Pride in quality, humble in community willing to learn new ways tips and tricks and  Comaraderie with other tradesman and women not only shows their values but shows to you if they cant get along with others in the same trade how can they get along with you. Its hard to choose a tradesman these days with google reviews that may or may not be true, the best way to gauge is to see with your eyes. Set up a free estimate (some charge and apply to repairs if work is done) ask to see inside their work vehicle. ... do you see quality ? Does it look professional? Do they actually have tools in it? (Your looking for more than a bucket with some random tools.) Look for multiple tools that seem organized and well kept. Your looking for cigarette butts on the floor boards and trash all about. Your looking for how their paperwork is organized is it neat or thrown all over the dash. A vehicle that does not have company name on it is not necessarily a bad thing or red flag especially if its a newer vehicle. Work truck cost. The average new work truck fitted out to be a contractors truck can range from 50 to $80,000.00 and a lot of us trade in every few years so we can stay reliable. Here in the carolinas the sun will discolor a truck with vinyl graphics in as little as a year and this greatly reduces trade in or resale value so dont take that as a bad sign or red flag. Older vehicles..... if the contractor is using a older truck this is not a red flag however theres red flags to look for. I often especially on nice days enjoy using our 1946 chevy truck. Its a pleasure to drive and everyone loves to look it over and at the same time i can show off my skills and attention to detail. However if said contractors older model truck is looking like its in grave despair thats a red flag.if his tires are slick and it sounds like its a ticking time bomb thats a red flag. Quality contractors ALLWAYS maintain their work vehicles this is a cardinal rule. If we cant get there we cant work and loosing a job or potential job because we are broken down is one thing we all strive to avoid. a contactors truck is his or hers calling card its our biggest tool that we invest in and there is no quality contractor that neglects that tool. Hopefully this helps many perspective clients in the future and i was able to teach some tips on spotting a good contractor. And thats what it's all  about. Educating the customer and providing above and beyond service and workmanship 

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  • Chiquita J Crotts

    It was great! I got a quick reply, Frank was prompt, price was right. He showed us things that were not properly installed but he was not pushy to correct it to charge us more.


What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Step one is review the scope of work required,

Obtain a realistic budget

I like to give options if at all possible.

Constant communication is key.

Completion is when you the home owner is completely satified. 

Next time its the same process, this never changes and this way of being has proven the best way to be on every job every time

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