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B&B Outdoor Service LLC

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Hi my name is Travis, and I’ve been been taking care of a variety of outdoor services (lawn care, landscaping, fences, yard restoration, ect.) for 17 years. I started my own business in April of 2019. The “B&B” comes from my children, Bryanna 14 and Brendan 12. They were my inspiration to start my own business and continue to help and support me. You may see Brendan out there helping out every now and then. I enjoy working outdoors as well as helping homeowners or property owners mange all there seasonal maintenance. Also I enjoy converting their yards into something that they envisioned but couldn’t quite do it by themselves. My job is to take care of all your outdoor needs so that you can enjoy them with your family!


Hired 11 times
4 employees
9 years in business
Serves St Paul , MN

Payment methods

Credit Card, Cash, Check, Apple Pay, Google Pay


Land size in acres

Less than 1 acre, 1 – 10 acres, 11 – 20 acres, 21 – 30 acres

Land's zoning type

Residential, Commercial, Agricultural

Excess soil materials removal needed

I will haul any excess soil or debris, I work with customers who want to dispose of debris themselves

Existing obstructions

No obstructions, Trees, Tree stumps, Buildings, Fences, Boulders, Holes and ditches, Other obstructions

Desired state of land

Flat, Multi-level, Slightly sloped, Steeply sloped, I will make recommendations to customers

Current state of land

Flat, Rolling, Slightly sloped, Steeply sloped, I will work with other topographies

Grading reason

Landscaping, Drainage, Farming or gardening, I will work with other projects not listed here

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    Gary T.

    Very professional. Good communication between us. Knowledgeable about my problems.
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    November 22, 2021
    Hired on HomeGuide


    Scott S.

    I didnt set a time frame for completion, Travis finished my lawn redo today and could not be happier on the out come, excited for next summer to have real grass instead of weeds. Have him lined up for next year to fertilize and weed out control. Being a very small company you get the Im number 1 feeling instead of just a number and give me my money company. If your looking for a small or large job done give Travis a chance, I think you will like the price but more importantly the outcome of the job. I highly recommend him to everyone.
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    October 20, 2020
    Hired on HomeGuide


    Sandy D.

    I liked that Travis is a local small business owner eager to build his clientele. The final outcome of sod installation and seeding was done well. I did not appreciate his poor communication re: when he would arrive and notification when he wasnt coming.
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    September 28, 2020
    Hired on HomeGuide


    Sara J.

    I needed a a big make over an I was referred too B&B outdoor services. The quote that was given was a great one an the work they did was totally above my expectations. Definitely will call them again.
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    August 18, 2020


    Rebecca A.

    Travis is a great experience. He knows what he is doing an he doesn’t let any problem take him off the goal. He is very polite an his coworkers Answer any questions that are brought up
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    August 18, 2020


    Stephanie H.

    The employees were great. They were very nice easy too talk too and bring up questions I had during the process. Made the work easy an at a decent speed. Definitely would refer them
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    August 13, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    When we recieve a request for a quote or estimate we like to talk to the customer over the phone to let them know we recieved there request. Next, we like to visit the site if where the customer would like the work to be preformed so everyone is on the same page. So no miscommunication happens and we get the best accurate price to the customer.

    I have been doing outdoor services for about 15 years. I've worked with some great people that have taught me things that I couldnt learn from school, only by first hand experience. I still have a good amount of mentor's/ friends that I can call if I ever need help or another great lesson on do and dont do things related to specific projects.

    I Charge hourly rates that are competitive in this industry. I may be a little higher then some of the bigger companies out there these days but I'm the one doing the work. I dont have crews. I talk with the customers and the customer draws there picture that they envision  so I can do my absolute best to create what they want to the littles details.

    It started as a summer job when I was 16 years old. I wanted a new truck and I needed to make it happen. Now I have a few trucks and alot of equitment. But my reasons have changed. Now I do it for the statifaction of knowing I made someone's dream yard or project happen. I also work to give my children( Bryanna 11 & Brendan 9) the life they deserve .

    I've worked with many different types of customers. The objective of me job is to make any customer happy by making there project/ job is exactly the way they imagined it or better down to the very littlest details at a cost that Competitive. 

    Services offered

    Masonry Construction Services
    Play Equipment Construction
    Water Feature Installation
    Landscaping Design
    Boulder Placement
    Patio Addition
    Pesticide Application
    Shrub Removal
    Concrete Removal
    Fence Painting
    Sod Installation
    Asphalt Repair And Maintenance
    Multi Service Lawn Care
    Fence Repair
    Pressure Washing
    Land Leveling And Grading
    Fence Installation
    Snow Removal
    Tree Planting
    Tree Removal
    Sand, Gravel & Rock Delivery
    Soil, Sand & Fill Dirt Delivery
    Lawn Mowing And Trimming