How much does stump grinding cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does stump grinding cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does stump grinding cost?

$120 – $400average cost to grind the first stump
+$30 – $60average cost per each additional stump
$2 – $6stump grinding cost per inch
$100 – $200grinding service cost per hour

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$120 – $400 average cost to grind the first stump

+$30 – $60 average cost per each additional stump

$2 – $6 stump grinding cost per inch

$100 – $200 grinding service cost per hour

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Stump grinding cost

Stump grinding costs $120 to $400 for one stump and $30 to $60 per additional stump on average. Grinding extra-large stumps costs $300 to $800 each. Tree stump grinding prices are $2 to $6 per inch or $100 to $200 hourly, with minimum fees of $80 to $160.

Stump griding cost by diameter - chart
Stump griding cost by diameter - chart
Stump grinding cost
Stump diameter Average cost to grind
Up to 12” $30 – $70
24” $50 – $150
36” $70 – $220
48” $100 – $290
60” $120 – $360
72” $150 – $430

*Minimum service fees are $80 to $160.

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Average cost for stump grinding

The average cost of tree stump grinding is $120 to $400 or up to $800 for an extra-large hardwood-tree stump in difficult working conditions. Contractors charge per stump size or per hour according to the job type.

Average cost for stump grinding
Price rates Average cost
Per inch of stump diameter $2 – $6
Per stump (first) $120 – $400
Per stump (each additional) $30 – $60
Per hour $100 – $200
Per day $800 – $1,600

*Minimum service fees are $80 to $160.

Stump griding cost per inch

Stump grinding costs $2 to $6 per inch on average. Contractors measure the diameter of the tree trunk’s base, and not just the cut surface, to estimate the grinding price.

How To Measure A Tree Stump For Grinding
How To Measure A Tree Stump For Grinding

Stump grinding cost per stump

Stump grinding costs $120 to $400 per stump for the first one and $30 to $60 for each additional stump. Grinding extra-large or wide stumps costs $300 to $800 on average. Hardwood stumps have higher rates than young softwood stumps.

Tree Stump Grinding In Action on Residential Front Lawn
Tree Stump Grinding In Action on Residential Front Lawn

Cost to grind a stump per hour

Stump grinding costs $100 to $200 per hour. Tree services and arborists charge per hour only when grinding many stumps on large land plots with a heavy-duty grinder. Hourly rates sometimes also apply to highly difficult jobs.

Alternative costs to grind a stump

Alternative stump removal costs include digging, chemical rotting, and burning.

Alternative costs to grind & remove a stump
Method Cost per stump
Digging up* $80 – $190
Chemical rotting $100 – $200
Burning out $50 – $200

*Contractors charge a $150 to $350 minimum to operate a backhoe.

Stump grinding price factors

The total cost of stump grinding depends on the following factors:

  • Tree type – Old hardwood tree stumps take longer to grind and require bigger equipment than young, rotted, or softwood stumps.

  • Size – Larger stumps and trunks with complex root systems take longer to remove and require larger equipment.

  • Number of stumps – Reduced rates typically apply for grinding multiple stumps.

  • Grinding depth – Standard service grinds down 4” to 6” below ground level. Complete grinding out of the whole stump and large roots up to 18” deep is labor-intensive and costs more.

  • Labor – Extra travel fees apply outside of standard service areas.

  • Accessibility – Stumps near a home’s foundation, in a city, or on property with limited access for lawn equipment have higher labor rates.

  • Terrain condition – Extra time is necessary to handle grinding equipment on sloped or rocky soil.

  • Debris removal – Cleanup and disposal costs an extra $2 to $4 per inch of the stump’s diameter. Some companies include this fee as part of the labor cost or charge an extra flat fee.

  • Extra services – Combining stump grinding with related lawn services gives cheaper overall costs.

  • Permits – Tree removal permits cost $75 to $450 and typically include stump grinding. Removing trees on private property doesn’t always need a permit, so check with the local city council.

Tree removal

Tree removal costs $300 to $2,000 per tree on average, depending on the tree type, height, and location. This price typically includes cutting, cleanup, hauling, and disposal without stump removal. Excavators and tractors are best for pushing over a tree and its roots simultaneously.

Tree roots removal

Tree root removal costs $75 to $150 per hour. Stump grinding does not include root removal. This process involves digging up and cutting all underground roots.

Extra costs apply for:

  • Filling the hole with mulch, topsoil, and new sod

  • Repairing underground pipes damaged by roots

  • Repaving over damaged asphalt or concrete where the roots were

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Excavation Equipment Tree Root System Removal By Digging
Excavation Equipment Tree Root System Removal By Digging

DIY cost of stump grinding

Renting a stump grinder for removing a few stumps often costs more than hiring a professional. Stump grinding is a labor-intensive job that requires safety precautions.

Renting a stump grinder

Stump grinder rentals cost $100 to $400 per day or up to $1,000 per week. Total costs depend on the grinder type, size, and rental company. In comparison, stump grinder prices are $1,600 to $10,500 per machine for buying a new unit.

Stump grinder FAQs

Should I grind or remove a stump?

The pros and cons of grinding or removing a tree stump are:

Stump grinding vs. removal
Grinding Removal by digging and excavation
  • Fastest way to remove a stump
  • Smaller hole in the ground to fill
  • Budget-friendly
  • Less property damage risks
  • Grind 6” to 8” down to plant grass
  • Can’t replant a new tree over it
  • Doesn’t stop sprouting of some hardy underground roots
  • Attracts pests with decaying roots or excess leftover sawdust
  • Most time-consuming removal
  • Holes up to 12’ wide or more to fill
  • More fees for heavy equipment
  • Larger damage risks
  • Takes lots of topsoil to level yard
  • Allows space for a new tree
  • Permanent plant removal
  • No dying roots leftover to attract pests

How long does it take to grind a stump?

Grinding a stump takes 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the tree size, the wood hardness, and its location. Landscapers grind 3” to 15” diameter stumps from young trees the quickest. Older and larger hardwood trees take the most time.

What happens if you don't grind a tree stump?

If you don’t grind a tree stump, it will rot and attract pests and fungi. Stumps take 3 to 10 years to rot completely. The roots may also keep growing underground in some tree species. Old stumps are a tripping hazard and mowing obstacle.

What to do after stump grinding?

After stump grinding, fill the area with wood chips, topsoil, or sod to grow new grass. Don’t replant a new tree in the same spot unless all roots are gone and both new soil and fertilizer are in place.

What happens to roots after stump grinding?

Get free estimates from stump removal services near you.

Roots remain in the ground after stump grinding, and not all tree roots die until years later. A stump grinder alone cannot remove all the tree roots underground. Only a stump-remover drill machine or excavator can extract all roots.

Getting quotes from stump grinding services

Before hiring a stump removal service near you, be sure to:

  • Compare multiple bids.

  • Request detailed estimates of all labor, material, and equipment fees.

  • Read their HomeGuide and Google reviews and references.

  • Pick a licensed, bonded, and insured company with years of experience.

  • Check if your state requires contractors to have an arborist license.

  • Beware of the cheapest quotes that can signal low-quality work.

  • Don’t make full payments upfront.

Questions to ask

  • How long have you been grinding stumps?

  • Which tree types do you typically remove?

  • How big is your grinder, and will I need to make space for it?

  • Do you have to cut my stump down further to grind it?

  • Will you wear protective gear while working?

  • Do you call the utility company to locate underground lines first?

  • What will you do to protect the surrounding area?

  • How far down will you grind the stump, and can you plant grass over it?

  • Will you save the wood chips for my garden?

  • Do cleanup and debris disposal cost extra?

  • How long will it take to remove the stump?

  • What incidental fees typically apply that aren’t in my estimate?