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For 23 years, we have provided start to finish architectural consulting for our clients. We are your advocate throughout the entire process. We will give you outstanding design that is both functional and aesthetically appropriate. We are good listeners. We'll take your visions and turn them into a space you desire to be in.

Our creative design is intended to positively impact the client . A successful project is measured by how a space makes life easier for the users


Serves Medford, MA

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Frequently asked questions

I prefer to meet at the project site and discuss the goals of the client.  In order to determine the best path of success in achieving the design and functional requirements, it's best to observe the context and environment where the project will take place.

I have "hands on" construction experience.  I've actually built homes, apartments, done electrical work, wood siding, shingles, roofing and framing. I can build what I design.  My understanding of how a project is constructed from start to finish, is integral to a successful project result.

Our pricing is dependent on the project, it's complexity, location, size, and many other factors.  There is no one size fits all approach to design.  For residential design, you can expect to pay between 10% - 18% of the total construction costs for architectural fees.  The smaller the project, the higher the percentage.  That fee would include a start to finish approach, from schematic design through construction completion.

I wanted to become an architect since I was a freshman in high school.  I've never wavered from that goal.  Picking up construction experience has been the most valuable experience for me at an early age.  I think it's a huge advantage over other architects that spend most of their time in the office.

I've designed all types of projects, from small additions and remodels, to 7,000+ SF luxury homes.  I also do quite a bit of commercial design.

When you work with an Architect, check their references.  An 
Architect will add value to your investment, that will be realized over time.  Ones inclination to choose the cheapest designer or draftsman, just to save money, often leads to an unsatisfying result.  I will note to my clients, you wouldn't hire an attorney to defend you in court, and then let his administrative assistant present your case.  Hire a professional if you want a professional result.  If you find an Architect that's providing services for far less than the industry standard, then you will ultimately get what you pay for.

Is my budget realistic?  If so, have I figured in architectural fees, survey fees, structural fees, Zoning and/or Variance costs?  Clients often forget these important costs in their total budget.  It's better to be prepared for the entire cost structure.

Have you done your homework on what Architects cost, based on your type of project?

Is the site capable of handling the project?

Is there subsoil conditions, such as ledge or a high water table, that will potentially add costs to a project?

Have you included a 10% contingency fee as part of the total budget, for the unknowns, and for those "while you are at-it" costs that you may want to add to the job?

Are your timing expectations for project completion realistic?

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Balcony Addition
Interior Wall Removal
Patio Addition
Architectural Services
Attic Remodel
Construction Services
Interior Wall Addition
Deck Or Porch Addition
Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom Remodel