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Wet Work Plumbing & Irrigation

Offers online services
Offers online services


Repairing and diagnosing issues with plumbing is amazing in how water pressure and gas works. I enjoy the power of water in that it is essential to life. Water is life and what better way to pay homage to your vitality then working with the one thing that truly makes us liquid. We strive to maintain and provide our customers with reasonable prices and guarantees to assure you the best fit for your lifestyle.

Installing or repairing plumbing issues for customers is quite an experience. Most people don't understand the concept behind the application of the fixtures in plumbing. It can be a pain and a joy to inform my customers the inner workings of plumbing along with what may or may not happen to their existing plumbing systems. I love this line of work being it deals with our most valuable resource. Water, this nourishing life sustaining element is the most versatile and amazing thing in the world. To give anyone the opportunity to use and apply this in their home is my pleasure to grant.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    All rates are measured through our standard median process of all occupational plumbers throughout the region. Included but not limited to budgeting and owner income or affordability. Our work is guaranteed for a limited time. If you want it we will do it reserving the fact of our limitations as man. We check all factors in regards to our craftsmanship after the work is completed to assure operation. The customer is expected to agree upon inspection that our company nor technician is at fault for any damages that are prior or during inspection. To proceed work it is agreed that the third party or owner allows us to start process at either an agreed price or otherwise allow for change due to extenuating circumstances during repair or installation to prevent any complications for proper installation. After work completed customer agrees to satisfaction of jobs rendered and a guarantee is provided if any. All contracts between Wet Works and the customer are subject to change and negotiable to meet both parties needs upon request.

    I have over 15 years in the plumbing industry with license in 2 states California and Wisconsin which by standards are the strictest in plumbing codes. Due to this notion my knowledge exceeds scope of area in most states. In this fact my work is built by a standard of excellence that should meet any work alloted to the company. I understand dynamics of fluidics and volumetric that adhere to the understanding or operations of plumbing needs. I have over 12 certificates in safety training Osha certs, S.A.F.E. start,  4hrs confined space, plumbers appliance license, Master Plumbing Cal./Wis., forklift, backhoe, etc.(due to annual continuation of irrigation services most irrigation license are null) should not be issue for any irrigation services acquired though. In Louisiana I have over 3 years of residential and commercial work yet require was for transfer of license, coming soon but not to dismay everything I do is professional and all proper paper work is resolved for any concerns you might have. Thank you for your time in reading this and stay blessed. 

    Most pricing is based upon the national average via online resources and divided to get the mean. Usually upon this mean average I reduce the overall cost depending upon material prices at market value. Depending upon the type of job I evaluate the customers expenses income and budget( if provided by customer) I will usually negotiate costs and defer the discount and keep the original price on the invoice and claim it as charity provided for tax purposes of this service that is not always feasible for some customers. I believe in working with my customers at any rate to help establish a cleaner environment and sustainability for all residents and businesses. So don't be discouraged at a number given to you for any job just ask me and I will gladly work with you on lower costs effectively to get the job done. 

    Oddly enough I use to do Irrigation and landscaping I saw the wages of a plumber and set out to establish a trade and gain knowledge in the industry. Living the proponents of water I asked a local owner for a job. He asked if I knew anything I told him no. He looked at my eagerness and sincerity to give it my all. So he asked if I could come to his house and install a sprinkler system in his yard. He said if I could complete this task and perform a good job then I was hired. So the next couple of days I promptly showed up to install the system and proved my worth at my word. So he did as well, we shook hands he paid me for the job and hired me on his company. I continued to work for Danny for the next 5 years till I got injured then took leave and ended up working in other states broadening my knowledge and gaining certificates around the country including Wisconsin, California, Missouri and Louisiana. I study fluidics and any material I can about the properties of water and dynamics of plumbing due to its valuable asset to individuals and businesses that need this viable resource to continue operating and living in comfort. 

    *laughs* every type you can think of... (rolls eyes)

    Not all technicians have answers for you if hand, must plumbers I know can't describe the work they do even though they can do it like there's no tomorrow and be great at it. Don't get discouraged with the vocabulary of a person rendering the service just ask how long they have been in the trade if they are certified even then I know plumbers across the US that are bad test takers so they are scared to fail. So they keep a journeyman. That doesn't mean they aren't as good as a master plumber. Years in the trade and a fair pricing should give you an idea of they're experience in the field. If someone quotes you too low they're trying to bait you if they're too high then they might not know the trade all it takes is a little research online to see the ranges of work performed. And although plumbing prices are high don't forget we're dealing with your toilets and places that you wash and dispose your unwanted things. 

    Does it involve tools I don't have, and do I know plumbers math. Google plumbers math, especially if your doing anything related with water pressure.  Then if you can calculate those parameters to the fittings and guidelines to proper tightening and relations to the threads on your pvc or other pipe material then enjoy reducing costs. Yet I also could do online consultation for a fee and live video for diy enthusiasts at a cost. If you needed assistance after you did it yourself I could charge a service fee and check your work and list problems and fix minor issues upon these inspections. 

    Services offered

    Water Treatment Repair Or Maintenance
    Home Modification For Disabled Persons
    Masonry Construction Services
    Masonry Repair And Maintenance
    Indoor Air Quality Testing
    Play Equipment Construction
    Plumbing Pipe Installation
    Sump Pump Installation Or Replacement
    Water Treatment System Installation
    Roof Repair Or Maintenance
    Drywall Installation And Hanging
    Custom Cabinet Making
    Termite Treatment
    Packing And Unpacking
    Drywall Repair And Texturing
    Switch And Outlet Repair
    Fitness Equipment Assembly
    Home Theater System Repair Or Service
    Mold Inspection And Removal
    Plumbing Pipe Repair
    Circuit Breaker Panel Or Fuse Box Repair
    Window Ac Maintenance
    Well Water Inspection
    Duct And Vent Cleaning
    Landscaping Design
    Gazebo Installation
    Patio Cover Installation
    General Carpentry
    Water Dock Services
    Window Treatment Installation Or Replacement
    Home Waterproofing
    Boulder Placement
    Patio Addition
    Circuit Breaker Panel Or Fuse Box Installation
    Switch And Outlet Installation
    Fan Repair
    Home Theater Construction
    Window Screen Installation Or Replacement
    Railing Installation Or Remodel
    Fan Installation
    Stair Installation
    Architectural Services
    Demolition Services
    Framing Carpentry
    Stucco Application
    Concrete Installation
    Countertop Repair Or Maintenance
    Garage Cleaning
    Solar Panel Cleaning Or Inspection
    Generator Installation
    Thermostat Installation
    Artificial Turf Installation
    Pool Table Moving
    Septic System Repair Or Maintenance
    Hot Tub And Spa Installation
    Wallpaper Installation
    General Contracting
    Deck Or Porch Repair
    Construction Services
    Cabinet Repair
    Concrete Removal
    Countertop Installation
    Furniture Assembly
    Lighting Installation
    Sink And Faucet Installation
    Picture Hanging And Art Installation
    Carpet Removal
    Pool Table Repair
    Septic System Installation
    Tile Repair
    Appliance Installation
    Tv Repair Services
    Piano Moving
    Shower And Bathtub Installation
    Sink And Faucet Repair
    Swimming Pool Repair
    Floor Cleaning
    Finish Carpentry - Trim - Crown Molding
    Generator Repair
    Local Moving
    Shower And Bathtub Repair
    Toilet Installation
    New Home Construction
    Garbage Disposal Installation
    Floor Polishing
    Asphalt Repair And Maintenance
    Residential Window Tinting
    Door Installation
    Door Repair
    Christmas Light Installation
    Basement Finishing
    Roof Cleaning
    Solar Panel Installation
    Tile Installation
    Sound Proofing
    Hot Tub And Spa Repair
    Deck Or Porch Addition
    Home Organizing
    Concrete Repair And Maintenance
    Upholstery Repair
    Fence Repair
    Water Heater Installation
    Garbage Disposal Repair
    Rug Cleaning
    Tile And Grout Cleaning
    Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration
    Home Staging
    Furniture Refinishing
    Gutter Repair
    Wallpaper Removal
    Garage Door Installation Or Replacement
    Gutter Installation
    Window Installation
    Asbestos Removal
    Hardwood Floor Refinishing
    Home Remodeling
    Land Leveling And Grading
    Fence Installation
    Toilet Repair
    Furniture Repair
    Bed Bug Extermination
    Water Heater Repair Or Maintenance
    Window Cleaning
    Duct And Vent Issues
    Carpet Installation
    House Cleaning
    Junk Removal
    Gutter Cleaning
    Upholstery And Furniture Cleaning
    Window Repair
    Kitchen Remodel
    Tv Mounting
    Home Inspection
    Lawn Mower Repair
    Bathroom Remodel
    Interior Design
    Garage Door Repair
    Property Management
    Pest Control
    Appliance Repair
    Carpet Cleaning
    Animal And Rodent Removal
    Storage Units
    Mobile Car Wash & Detailing
    Flooring Installation
    Epoxy Floor Coating
    Floor Repair
    3d Design & Modeling
    Siding Installation
    Siding Repair
    Office Moving
    Stucco Repair
    Plumbing Drain Repair
    Wiring Installation
    Engineering And Technical Design
    Closet Addition
    Garage Addition
    Gas Line Installation
    Hot Tub Moving
    Swimming Pool Removal
    Plumbing Inspection
    Cabinet Installation
    Pest Inspection
    Oil, Fuel & Water Tank Installation
    Cabinet Painting
    Well Pump Installation
    Termite Inspection