Find a hot tub repair service near you

Find hot tub repair services near me

Find hot tub repair services near me

Share a few details and we'll show you the best hot tub repair services in Ashburn.
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Find hot tub repair services near me

Share a few details and we'll show you the best hot tub repair services in Ashburn.
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Top 10 hot tub repair services near you

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Southern Home Improvements & Beyond, LLC

Southern Home Improvements & Beyond, LLC

4 hires on HomeGuide
14+ years in business
Tina B. says, "Great communication! James is was prepared and quickly installed the garbage disposal. He cleaned up the area after the work was finished. " Read more


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5 hires on HomeGuide
14+ years in business
TECH LEGENDS’ motto is “Built with Strength, Pride & Dedication”... This mantra is Our mandatory state-of-being practiced by each of our skilled tradesmen and services technicians and is afforded to all of our individual clients. TECH LEGENDS LLC possesses over 25 years of experience in the residential, commercial and government contracting construction marketplace. TECH LEGENDS is licensed and insured in State of VA Class A BLD License and DC Class A License. TECH LEGENDS is also VA SWAM certified as a minority, woman-owned business. Our projects range from $5,000 to $1,000,000 per contract budget. At TECH LEGENDS, we take pride
Residential Pool Service LLC

Residential Pool Service LLC

Sasa J. says, "had a wonderful experience with Residential pool service. Very fair prices and amazing stuff. pleasure to work with. Highlly recomended." Read more

Your Hot Tub and Spa Repair questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on HomeGuide.

How much does hot tub repair near me cost?

Hot tub repair costs $100 to $500 for basic repairs such as fixing a leak or replacing a filter. More complex repairs like replacing the heater or pump cost $1,000 or more. The most common hot tub problems include a spa that won't heat, weak or erratic jets, a noisy pump, cloudy water, or power supply issues.

The spa repairman will troubleshoot the issue to determine the problem and replace or repair the damaged parts. They can also give the spa a complete cleaning, including flushing any dirt or biofilm from the plumbing, refilling it with fresh water, and balancing the chemicals. A complete overhaul after a repair ensures your hot tub will run effectively for longer.

Is it worth repairing a hot tub?

When deciding if a repair is worth it, a good rule of thumb is to make repairs if the total fix costs less than half the price of a new hot tub. An above-ground hot tub costs $3,000 to $10,000, so most minor hot tub repairs are usually worth it. However, if the hot tub is getting old or the repair is major, you may want to reconsider a repair.

A hot tub lasts up to 20 years, so if the hot tub is more than 10 years old you may be better off replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient unit. An old unit will likely need constant repairs and often those old replacement parts are hard to find, increasing the repair costs.

Who repairs hot tubs?

Spa dealers, hot tub repair companies, and handymen perform most hot tub repairs. You may need to schedule a service call with an electrician costing $100 to $200 for the first hour if you have a blown fuse, wiring problem, or faulty electrical cord.

There are many working parts on a hot tub including thermostats, pumps, heaters, and digital control panels. Seek the help of a trained spa repair technician to avoid more costly damage from a botched repair job.

Can a cracked hot tub be repaired?

Yes, a cracked hot tub can be repaired, depending on the size and location of the crack. Small cracks are repaired with epoxy or fiberglass resin, while larger cracks need a more extensive repair and may require replacement to ensure the hot tub is safe to use.

Cracks should be repaired immediately because even a small crack in the surface of a fiberglass hot tub can allow water to leak and cause more damage. Over time, small cracks tend to increase in size to the point where they can no longer be repaired.

Can a hot tub cover be repaired?

Yes, a hot tub cover can be repaired. Small tears are often repaired with a simple patch kit, but large tears are best repaired by a qualified hot tub repair company that will ensure the cover is watertight. If the cover is not watertight, water trapped in the foam will grow harmful mold and mildew.

A hot tub cover is meant to last about 5 years with proper care. If your old cover is letting heat escape, is sagging in the middle, has broken hinges or straps, is gaining weight, or begins to smell it is time to replace the cover.

What questions should I ask when hiring a hot tub repair company?

When choosing a spa repair company, it's important to find a trained professional you can trust. Be sure to ask these important questions to find the best repair company for your repair:

  • Is the business licensed, bonded, and insured against property damage and injuries?
  • Will you provide a list of previous customers with contact information?
  • What hours are you available to make repairs?
  • What is your warranty policy for repair parts and labor?
  • Do you offer a payment schedule?
  • What happens if my spa can't be repaired?

How do I choose a hot tub or spa repair professional?

Choosing a trained and experienced hot tub repair professional can mean the difference between an affordable repair or a costly mistake. Follow these guidelines to help you make the right decision:

  • Compare several estimates from insured and bonded spa repair professionals.
  • Read reviews of their previous work on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Avoid selecting the lowest estimates that may indicate poor quality work.
  • Request an itemized contract and warranty in writing before the repair begins.
  • Don't make large payments upfront. Make the final payment when the repair is complete

Reviews for Ashburn hot tub repair services

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Chris S.
Southern Home Improvements & Beyond, LLC
Lisa A.
Hands-down the best pool service in the area. They provide exceptional service and have the most knowledgeable employees in the area. Wouldn’t trust our pools to anyone else.
Residential Pool Service LLC
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