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The Thrasher difference is that we will go the extra mile just to see our customers smile! We appreciate every customer whether their project is big or small; so we take the time to listen to the customers' wishes, and offer suggestions if they are unsure of exactly what they need. To begin our relationship with each customer, we schedule appointments at their convenience, even if that means meeting with them very early in the morning or late in the evening.

We enjoy transforming the average into the extra-ordinary, and creating beautiul spaces through our landscape designs and installs.


Hired 1 time
5 employees
Serves Lithonia , GA


Land size in acres

Less than 1 acre, 1 – 10 acres, 11 – 20 acres, 21 – 30 acres

Land's zoning type

Residential, Commercial, Agricultural

Excess soil materials removal needed

I will haul any excess soil or debris, I work with customers who want to dispose of debris themselves

Existing obstructions

No obstructions, Trees, Tree stumps, Buildings, Fences, Boulders, Holes and ditches, Other obstructions

Desired state of land

Flat, Multi-level, Slightly sloped, Steeply sloped, I will make recommendations to customers

Current state of land

Flat, Rolling, Slightly sloped, Steeply sloped, I will work with other topographies

Grading reason

New construction, Landscaping, Drainage, I will work with other projects not listed here

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Frequently asked questions

Once contact is established, we typically schedule an appointment at the customer's convenience, to meet at the property to discuss the proposed project. After the customer explains their needs, we discuss the requirements to meet those needs, projected costs and time frame.  If the customer is satisfied with the verbal quote and is interested in pursuing the project with our company, we then submit a written estimate and establish a timeline to begin the project.

Our landscaping crew has over 15 years experience performing a very wide range of landscaping and landscape maintenance services.  The combined knowledge and skills of the team include: installs, softscapes, plant transfers, hardscapes, retaining walls, driveways, fences, just to name a few.

Our pricing varies depending on a number of factors such as: customers' needs, customers' budgets, materials desired/chosen, etc.

I started as a teenager wanting to earn some cash, and after working for a while, developed a passion for transforming plain areas into beautiful scenery.  I later realized that if I excelled at this skill I could have my own business.

We have worked with a wide range of customers ranging from small business property owners, apartment complexes, to private homeowners. Our private homeowner customers are married, single, elderly, mixed ethnicities, and many more.

One of our most recent projects carried out in the City of Decatur had very stringent code requirements, due to the fact that the residence is located in a historic area. We met the coding requirements and delivered a finished project that included property clean-up, sod install, building a 2 tier wall, and steps. The home-owner, the City Council, and the neighbourhood were all well pleased. We received several other project offers resulting from this project.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Even though we ask customers to leave reviews, we understand that they have busy lives and sometimes might forget or simply not have the time.  We do not pester our customers for reviews, although we hope that they do leave some, but we try to keep our project gallery updated with our recent work, so that new prospective customers can have an opportunity to see the transformations we create. We suggest that customers always ask to see photos of past work.

Am I ready to get the project done, or am I just in the dreaming phase?

Am I ready to commit to a professional contractor, or am I shopping around?

Have I done some general reseach to determine a "rough estimate cost" for my intended project?

Do I have a reasonable budget ready to carry out this project?

Services offered

Landscaping Design
Boulder Placement
Sod Installation
Sprinkler System Installation
Multi Service Lawn Care
Land Leveling And Grading
Carpet Cleaning
Tree Planting