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Maine Multipest

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We identify the problem,listen to your concerns and develop a treatment plan to eradicate the pest issue. We live what we do,and truly enjoy helping our customers

We enjoy everything from identifying the pest itself,inspecting for activity,developing a plan,and mainly getting the utmost successful results possible to satisfy you as our customer. Everyday we get to meet new people,and encounter unique pest situations. Occasionally we even get to help a customer with something besides a pest problem,which can be just as gratifying.


1 employee
10 years in business
Serves Acton, ME


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Bill R.

Betty did an incredible job. She got rid of our mice and found how they were getting in. She sealed up all the holes. We are now mouse free and very happy!
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February 12, 2018

Mary H.

Very professional and very knowledgeable. Easy to work with. I would definitely hire again and reccomend to others.
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February 12, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Talk with customer about what they've seen for activity. Inspect the home/business where the problem is. Identify the pest. Develop a treatment plan to remedy the issue. Discuss the plan and our findings with the customer for approval.

Hold a Master's License in pest control through the state of Maine. Constantly continuing my education through classes,seminars and further training 

Pricing varies depending on pest type 

Always had a fascination and interest in insects and rodents. Including their habits,life cycles and cohabitation with people.

All types! Residential, commercial,homeowners, landlords,renters, old, young etc.

A recently widowed customer was having a problem with mice getting into her kitchen drawers and food pantry. This was particularly upsetting because her husband had always dealt with these type of issues.

We located and old pipe hole which had never been sealed properly,as well as a crack in the top of the foundation which had eroded enough to create an opening. We sealed both holes, trapped the remaining mice and cleaned all the kitchen drawers and pantry. She was so kind and thankful that we ended up coming back on after day to help clean out her basement! It was a fun a gratifying day.

Meet with the person. Be sure to express your concerns and ask as many questions as you need to. Choose someone you are comfortable with,after all this person will be working in your home.

What are their expectations. What are they prepared to spend. Is their a certain time frame you need it done by. Do they have any health issues or concerns regarding treatment.

Services offered

Termite Treatment
Pesticide Application
Bed Bug Extermination
Junk Removal
Pest Control
Animal And Rodent Removal
Fire Ant Treatment
Mosquito Control